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  • Four-Point Storm Warning Alert: Make Preparations Now,
    or Face Becoming A Pauper Overnight!

    Four-Point Storm Warning Alert: Make Preparations Now,
    or Face Becoming A Pauper Overnight!

    National bankruptcy and financial chaos are here. The politicians are preparing a draconian emergency response which will loot your assets and seriously undermine your freedom...

    You need a plan. Yesterday.

    Dear Fellow Concerned American:

    We are in the early stages of a financial implosion of the American Dream on a scale that truly dwarfs the gas shock and out-of-control inflation of the 70s...

    ...the Savings and Loan failures of the 80s and 90s...

    ...or any other financial crisis our nation has faced since the Great Depression itself!

    Many Americans are becoming paralyzed by fear—or simply don't have the slightest idea of even the most basic ways to protect their assets and their way of life from the unfolding chaos and its lasting after-effects.

    Let me explain.

    This crisis is only in its early stages, and it's rooted in fundamental problems that cannot possibly be fixed with a few federal bailouts and cash injections.

    You know BIG trouble is brewing when top federal Comptroller General (David Walker) recently quit in frustration because as our government's top accountant had warned in vain—the nation's finances are going over a cliff and no one is acting to stop it...

    ...or a recent finding by the Congressional Budget Office that the federal insolvency crisis is so deep every U.S. household would have to cough up half-a-million dollars each just to save the federal government from bankruptcy! (And, as I show you shortly, the financial debt leverage of U.S. consumers themselves is even more scary.)

    Financially the US is not an independent country... the US is bankrupt

    Now the word "Depression" is a strong term. But the "D-word" is exactly what's being bandied about by a surprising number of experts. Ignore these warnings at your own peril!

    Make no mistake—the unfolding situation is extremely dangerous and will have devastating consequences for investors, savers, job-providers, and the general public. But there are key moves that you can, in fact MUST, make.

    There isn't a moment to lose.

    My name is Lee Bellinger, publisher of the monthly financial, health, and taxation intelligence advisory Independent Living. In my two decades of publishing discreet information about government threats to your liberty, health, and prosperity, never have we produced as important a document as my best-selling new mega-manual, The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Invest Wisely, Live Comfortably, and Retire Worry-Free During the Coming Inflationary Depression.

    I want to send it to you FREE because it is my understanding you are a think-outside-the-box," "keep-out-of-the-herd" thinking individual. I know for a fact you absolutely need its MUST-READ red-hot information on how to protect yourself. PLUS, you are eligible to get THREE GREAT BONUS REPORTS, including:

    The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide
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    More about all this at the end of this letter. For now, though, let me get straight into crucially-important information you need immediately if you are to avoid the fate of millions of honest Americans who work hard and play by the rules. These innocents are in the process of getting financially slaughtered in what respected financial analyst George Whitehurst-Berry describes as "the terminal stages of the world's most gigantic pyramid scheme..."

    To put it mildly, we have a scary "unwinding" of history's largest debt bubble and an accelerating melt-down of the U.S. dollar under the weight of national bankruptcy. It is no accident that savvy investors such as Warren Buffett, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, and even Vice President Dick Cheney have all evacuated major assets out of harm's way.

    If that "little-voice-in-your-head" has been telling you things are going horribly wrong but you need practical guidance about what to do, then you have gotten this urgent briefing just in the nick of time!

    These Emergency Financial Rescue Actions
    May Buy Congress A Little More Time—
    But Get Ready!

    Here's why immediate action is critical: To get the economy through this year's elections, a panicky Congress, Treasury, and the Federal Reserve Bank have implemented a series of emergency actions. In addition to artificially (and temporarily) suppressing the price of gold and silver with tools like the super-secret government mechanism known as the Exchange Stabilization Fund (and tools like the President's "Plunge Protection Team"), they have already printed and pumped over a trillion more inflationary, funny money dollars into the U.S. financial system. When its "simulative" effect wears off, the "you-know-what" is going to hit the fan—Big Time.

    Alan Greenspan just confessed the unfolding liquidity crisis is a "once-in-century event," while former Treasury official (and now columnist) Paul Craig Roberts recently noted "Financially the U.S. is not an independent country... the U.S. is bankrupt."

    A recent edition of Safe Money Report adds: "For the first time since the Great Depression, the Fed has bailed out a major broker-dealer and opened the Fed's emergency lending facility to primary dealers." Put another way, the central bank is desperately printing money like there is no tomorrow to desperately buy up bad debts from large numbers of banks that would otherwise be insolvent.

    Warren Brussee, author of The Second Great Depression, has been warning as early as 2004 of the coming housing crash and what it portends for the American economy. In grim confirmation of Brussee's full-scale depression scenario, the FDIC, a federal bank bailout agency, has quietly issued an emergency recall to retired auditors to gear up for a massive wave of bank failures coming in 2009.

    We Have Been Warned And Most
    People Still Aren't Listening

    I really do believe future historians will read about such warning signs and shake their head that so few Americans listened and acted to protect themselves. (As I show you how to do later in this letter.)

    I am writing you today because there is no precedent for the deep magnitude of the financial mess the government and the Federal Reserve has landed us in. None. Zero.

    Unless of course you count the Great Depression which started in 1929. (As one of my old Hillsdale College professors once noted, on average there's a depression about every 75 years - because that's about how long it takes for the afflicted generation and its children to forget the catastrophic mega-mistakes of politicians and central bankers.)

    America's Reckless Spending and Consumption Are Finally Catching Up With Us

    Emergency election-year cash injections by the Federal Reserve Board to prop up failing banks is among the many quick fixes being tried to stabilize markets right now. Congress is using its own gimmicks to placate voters more directly, which includes sending out millions of election year "stimulus" checks.

    Unfortunately, desperation tactics like handing out "free" money to banks and consumers only deepens the ultimate problem. Worse, these inflationary cash-creation fixes are less and less effective with each use—much like a drug addict who demands larger and larger doses for shorter-lasting highs.

    None of the frightening financial shenanigans roiling U.S. markets today would have been a surprise to America's Framers like Thomas Jefferson. His timeless wisdom warned against the ruinous money creation that has led us to the brink:

    "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent they conquered."

    The Government's Bag of Emergency
    Tricks is Almost Empty

    Quite simply, I am giving you valuable advance warning that the government's bag of emergency financing tricks is running out. What's remarkable is absolutely no one disputes this, not the Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. Comptroller General or wily, ahead-of-the-herd billionaire investors like Warren Buffett. It just doesn't make the news; that's all.

    Wall Street and the Feds may have no more rabbits left to pull out of their hat. The main thing barely holding the system together is the residual confidence created by the accomplishments of past generations' savings, self-reliant nature, and can-do productive mindset.

    In short, all that stands between us and a depression-level economic collapse is a "triggering event" (OPEC or China bailing out of the weakening dollar, an energy shock, or another major unexpected bank failure are among many other possibilities).

    Worse, a massive and sudden run on the dollar looms as a distinct danger. That's because major holders of U.S. dollars -- including OPEC nations, India, and China—are actively considering dumping the dollar. If that happens, the decade long slump of the greenback could turn into a panicked avalanche overnight—as capital is transferred out of the U.S. and dollar-denominated assets at the speed of light.

    Millions of People Are Going to Get Caught
    Flat-Footed and Clueless

    What matters is this: America's collision with reality has been a long time in coming, yet is going to catch millions of middle class people hopelessly unprepared and frankly desperate. At least during the Great Depression and inflationary 1970s, people had substantial personal savings to fall back on.

    But thrift and personal savings have been in the tank for two decades. In only 10 years, private credit card debt has doubled. And housing mortgage line-of-credit ATMs are being shut off by scared lenders as housing values continue to sink.

    The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies notes that a record number of Americans have resorted to debit card raids of their already shrinking 401(k)s and IRAs to pay rising grocery and fuel bills. So it goes without saying this last round of consumption borrowing won't last much longer.

    U.S. consumers and federal, state, and local governments are tapped out, it is as simple as that.

    There's Danger in Numbers, Not Safety in Numbers

    Recent events are finally leading to a realization by the masses that all is not well. A national housing bust with no bottom in sight. A sick financial sector now nearly totally dependent on injections of inflationary Monopoly money from the Federal Reserve Board. And now, a Congress borrowing more money for helicopter drops of fiscal stimulus in an effort to inflate its way out of financial Armageddon.

    I started work on The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide well over a year ago because I saw these storm clouds gathering and I didn't want a single Independent Living subscriber to be among the casualties when the you-know-what hits the fan. You absolutely don't have to take the fall if you make basic financial and personal preparations now. That's why it is so important you read through this briefing and act on the information I provide.

    It's vital you begin making steps to prepare yourself now, while there is still time.

    What has not yet sunk in with the general public is millions of bedrock American companies are facing an end to the cheap oil and easy credit on which our entire economy was built and is still based.

    My Earlier Warnings Have Come True
    and Continue to Unfold

    Many Independent Living subscribers have been kind enough to thank me for warning them in advance and suggesting strategies to protect themselves from the continuing financial and dollar collapse. Others have sent heart-warming notes of appreciation because they positioned themselves to profit from rising fuel prices that totally caught Wall Street off guard.

    For example, back in April 2007 when financial "experts" on popular investment TV shows were urging people to sink their money into "Goldilocks" banking stocks, Independent Living readers were encouraged to get out. Even as key financial sector ETFs tanked by more than 50% so far, readers who heeded my warning avoided a major reduction in their net worth!

    In November 2007 Independent Living defied so-called conventional wisdom to warn of a major Chinese stock market downward correction—which turned into a whopping 60% rout.

    It's great a handful of people are taking precautions. But it is more than a little disturbing that all of the negative developments documented in this letter have occurred even though political leftists aren't even completely running the show—yet.

    The Worst is Yet to Come

    What's truly sad about our current situation is this: Responsible people, just like you and me—who live within their means and put money away in the most "conservative" savings instruments are headed off a cliff as the central bankers prepare to sacrifice the dollar to bail out the unfolding financial implosion. (Again, ignore any talk of a meaningful election year "rally" of the dollar—it is all smoke and mirrors.)

    Almost as troubling as the financial crisis facing this country is official Washington's knee-jerk reaction to the unfolding mess it has spawned. The political establishment's "blame-investors-first" mindset for the ongoing melt-down of the credit markets, looming capital controls, and the beginning of the end for the nation's deadly debt pyramid, is downright ominous.

    Recently, for example, Senator Joe Lieberman (a close ally of John McCain and widely considered to be a "moderate") publicly advocated a plan to punish Americans who are attempting to flee the dollar by investing in commodities (wow, what subversives!). In June, beleaguered Republicans barely beat back a new law essentially making it a crime to shift investments out of the dollar (as so much of America's smart money has been doing).

    Believe-you-me, Lieberman is not the only one in Congress spewing discredited and failed economic dogma. Left-wing financier and billionaire speculator George Soros recently appeared before an enthusiastic Congressional panel and advocated the same nutty destructive "solutions" being advanced by the new emerging "powers that be" (Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama).

    Congressional Calls for Nationalizing
    Oil Production Are Already Here

    Oil company executives are being hauled up before hostile congressional committees almost weekly, the July 2008 issue of Forbes magazine noted. Sentiment in Congress is building for large-scale hearings to place blame for skyrocketing food and energy prices on the few private citizens who have been smart enough to invest heavily in energy and other commodities.

    Some Congressional Democrats are even calling for a direct government take-over of oil production as a way to lower gas prices at the pump—an unthinkable option until very recently.

    Barack Obama and many top Democrats are already pushing capital controls to prevent people from evacuating their assets out of dangerous investments (hence all the attacks against "speculators" you are now hearing—it's all part of Washington's emerging war against small investors who are smart enough to get their life-savings out of harm's way).

    The upshot of all this is that business-bashing by Congress is coming back into style in a big way. Lots of innocent people are going to take the fall, and I do not want you or me to be among them. That's why I am writing you today.

    Survival Rule #1: Don't Go Down With The Ship!
    You Do Not Need to be Punished
    for the General Public's Stupidity

    You and I do not have to be among the millions who have put their faith blindly in the stock market and U.S. economy. Those unfortunates are in for a rude, life-changing awakening.

    I foresee armies of elderly janitors and maids among "retirees" who worked hard and saved all their life—their only mistake being they staked their future on lying politicians, stayed in a dollar collapsing under the weight of national bankruptcy, and blindly trusted the integrity of their mainstream investments.

    It sickens me to watch the lying political scum in Washington continuing to get away with shearing an all-too-obedient and accepting public like sheep.

    I have resolved not to become a sucker or victim in the emerging financial chaos. I am planning to be one step ahead of the general public. And at least three long steps ahead of the rip-off artists in the political class who always manage to find ways to fleece the public during a crisis. (I hope you'll be with me.)

    You Don't Have To Be A Victim.
    You Can Be A Winner in the Coming Chaos

    In fact, despite my gloomy tone, rest assured you can make a fortune in a major recession or depression with just a bit of planning and foresight. Which is among the many, many reasons you quite simply cannot afford to be without the information in this carefully-researched, totally comprehensive National Bankruptcy Survival Guide.

    Now part of me feels sorry for the unprepared—because they are the first in line to get clobbered. Another part of me is angry at the U.S. electorate for being so led-by-the-nose gullible. How many lies and deceptions do the politicians have to tell before people catch on? The political class has caused these problems by their actions (and inaction) and has led this country and its middle class to utter ruination and destitution. Now they tell unbelievably naive voters they are going to "step in" and "fix" things. How can anyone still believe them?

    Trusting big government clowns to do the right thing isn't just stupid. It's suicidal. The sick notion that "government cares" and will step in to protect our interests is dangerous nonsense that millions of gullible people have fallen into. Didn't anyone learn from the Hurricane Katrina debacle just how dangerous government incompetence can be when you rely on bureaucrats to help you in a crisis?

    Smart people know we are all on our own and have good reason to fear the government's reaction to the financial crisis it has spawned. Personally I would rather take my chances being an ant at an Aardvark convention than trust my future to the liars, thieves, and freedom stealers in Washington.

    This Exclusive Manual is For A Select Group
    of Forward-Thinking Individualists Who Don't Want
    To Be VictimizedBy the Public's Gullibility

    Granted, showing contempt for the voting public is "bad form" in America—but that's just where I come down. It is a time to make preparations, not get caught up in political correctness and all the "we-are-all-in-this-together" crapola that Barack Obama and the Washington establishment are serving up to stubbornly gullible voters.

    Which is why I should warn you The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide isn't for everyone. If you think Uncle Sam is on your side I strongly recommend against getting this manual. I designed it for serious people — individualists who can look past the headlines and are willing to face hard realities. Self-reliant individuals who still value independence and appreciate the importance of obtaining an inexpensive, prudent, doable insurance policy to guide them through the difficult times ahead.

    The way I see it is you and I absolutely do not have to suffer for the foolishness of the American electorate who trust political pit-vipers to safeguard their interests. We are way past the point where trying to spread the word to voters about the evil designs of big-government liberalism can head off the coming crisis. I created The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide, in part, because there is no Ronald Reagan on the horizon—we are so completely on our own!

    Why This Manual Is Not For Everyone

    The bottom line: My new National Bankruptcy Survival Guide is decidedly NOT for people who have their head in the sand when it comes to the ill winds blowing in America's direction. So you will not find it anywhere else. Not in bookstores or newspapers. And certainly not from financial advisors and brokers who shill for Wall Street. I assiduously obey the law, but I still prefer a low profile in my personal financial planning and assume you do too.

    To develop this must-read work, we began by systematically researching what far-sighted individuals did to survive and prosper during the depression-ridden 1930s and inflationary 1970s.

    So instead of wasting time you really don't have for thousands of hours of highly-specialized financial research, you can get ALL of the best options at your fingertips right now. And at a very affordable cost!

    This manual goes far beyond complaining. It shows you how to prosper even as millions of Americans are devastated by the collapse of the U.S. dollar, the coming ugly inflation and the government's draconian countermeasures to "manage" the chaos. The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide is designed to help you without having to make radical changes to the way you live or invest. Quite simply it is the best insurance policy money can buy.

    You need a comprehensive plan to not get crushed like a bug when federal officials start making reactionary, destructive emergency policies out of desperation. Not a bunch of theories, or ineffective carping, but practical steps you can take right now so you will not be left holding the bag like millions of gullible Americans will be.

    I guarantee even if you are already making emergency preparations, there will be a great deal of useful information for you in my National Bankruptcy Survival Guide. To give you an idea of just how important the information in this great manual is, consider these highlights:

    Details of Barack Obama's shocking plans to punish investors who are fleeing from the dollar and the stock market.
    The untold story behind the government's desperate efforts to suppress gold prices and everything you need to know about a murky agency behind it: The Exchange Stabilization Fund.
    If Democrats sweep Congress and the White House as expected, here is a list of terrible freedom-crushing bills they will introduce for enactment right away.
    Investment successes from the 1930s and 1970s—Great material!
    10 popular but deadly investments during the inflationary 1970s—also MUST-READ!
    Why food co-ops are going to become a very popular money-saving option. Here's how to get in on the ground floor.
    Everything you need to know on how to save BIG money on food purchases.

    This is Information You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

    A listing of capital controls likely to be slapped on holders of precious metals.
    Bow-Wow Alert! The chances are very good your broker has loaded you up with these popular mutual funds packed with U.S. companies founded (and still dangerously dependent) on cheap gasoline, no-questions-asked credit, and Baby Boomer consumerism. This section ALONE is worth far in excess of the price of the manual I want to send you.
    This hidden trend shows the sad fall of American financial might—we now graduate 10 lawyers for every engineer.
    The all-powerful secret political group and their blueprint for gas rationing. This elite cabal of Washington insiders almost always gets its way—this is one of the most astonishing parts of my new manual.
    Yes, you can smile every time fuel prices go up. You can do this on a small or large scale and make money even as the public wrings its collective hands at the gas pumps.
    Food prices are just beginning to skyrocket. Let me show you how to cash in on this unfortunate trend. It's easy, safe, and profitable.
    Four categories of investment to run away from and four you should embrace immediately.
    In the past two years I have warned people away from major bank failures by naming names—this section of my manual shows you how U.S. banks must now resort to sneaky accounting practices just to create the appearance of being solvent when in fact they are not. This is absolutely must reading.

    This is exactly the kind of information you are going to need, and very soon!

    A Must-Read Blueprint Created for
    My Own Personal Emergency Planning

    Each and every American family should have access to a copy of my National Bankruptcy Survival Guide. There is absolutely nothing on the market like it. It's a totally must-read document that I developed for my own personal planning to protect me, my family, my business, and my cherished subscribers.

    The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide is your first line of defense against the coming financial meltdown and the Washington establishment's harsh political witch hunt against productive people. It contains information on how to live and prosper in this inflationary environment where the value of your money is going right down the drain—just to save the government from its massive insolvency crisis.

    Even better, you can follow the blueprint it provides without radically changing your life. Its contents are not theoretical, but rooted in practical—but simple—action.

    The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide is Designed To Help You Without Having To Make Radical Changes To The Way You Live or Invest

    Needed Right Now: Your Own Customized
    Depression-Proofing Plan

    The best thing about The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide is it shows you how to design an Emergency Plan customized to your own situation. A critical checklist of basic preparations to make ahead of time. (One of my personal favorites is the placement of a decoy safe in your house, along with the dos and don'ts of hiding one correctly.)

    I worked very hard to develop The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide and am very proud to share its content-rich, practical, hands-on advice with my readers.

    Great tips on the latest ways to save BIG money on food, fuel, and other critical necessities that will be going through the roof. How not to get caught up in shortage panics, or runs on the bank, or be victimized by unruly circumstances.

    The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide's section on the politicians' frightening new financial controls over how you can and can't invest is absolutely critical reading. This information alone is well worth the modest cost for this critical work.

    This manual is ahead of the curve in other ways too. Rising crime is going to be a huge issue in the coming years. The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide shows you how to foil fuel thieves, avoid the newest financial scams, and even how to stop gangs cold who are now stealing things like catalytic converters from cars to obtain their platinum components.

    I'm going to show you how to bolster your home defenses without going to extremes. You do not have to turn your home into a fortress. In this manual, I will give you a step-by-step blueprint on how to improve your security situation for minimum cost by blending in and not attracting attention to the fact that you are prepared while the clueless are not.

    You need to take the prudent, measured precautions I've detailed in this exhaustive manual because the probability of a total meltdown of the U.S. financial system, capital flight, and the resulting pain and chaos is quite high.

    Be Prepared!
    Would You Play Russian Roulette
    With A Loaded Gun?

    Now if a typical Big Government cheerleader were to read this letter they might say I am "over reacting." So let me play devil's advocate for a moment. Let us suppose there is only a one-in-six chance of a worst-case-scenario Great Depression before us. Would you or any sane person actually play Russian Roulette with a one-bullet-loaded six-shooter?

    Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing theoretical about national bankruptcy. It is already here—although we have only seen the leading edge of the first squall line. And when the government runs out of its remaining few emergency, last-ditch tricks, millions of Americans are going to be completely impoverished as a result. You are one of only a few select Americans who have before you the means to not be one of those unfortunates.This blockbuster manual is fully guaranteed. You can cancel your subscription to Independent Living for up to a year, get a FULL refund and KEEP THE MANUAL, with my compliments!

    The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Invest Wisely, Live Comfortably, and Retire Worry-Free During the Coming Inflationary Depression shows you how to come out ahead of the coming financial and social chaos, just like smart people did in the 1970s—only better.

    So you have everything to gain and but to lose. You can get this important manual and must-read reports with a subscription—you can cancel your trial subscription to Independent Living for a full refund for up to a year (and KEEP the manual and bonus reports).

    But you must act now. Once the masses realize they have been had, it will be too late to protect your interests or benefit from the inside knowledge I want to send you.

    If you don't take certain steps, you are in severe danger of being fleeced along with most of the American people.

    Remember, with my iron-clad guarantee and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide: Everything You need to Invest Wisely, Live Comfortably, and Retire Worry-Free During the Coming Inflationary Depression.

    Yours in Freedom,
    Lee Bellinger
    Lee Bellinger,
    Publisher, Independent Living