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     Corporate-financier dominated Western media attempts in vain to wish-away "Occupy the Fed" protests.
    by Tony Cartalucci

    October 7, 2011 - Even before its scheduled start this weekend, mention of the "Occupy the Fed" movement, which aims to bring attention to the real culprits behind America's economic plight, is spreading, not just across the United States, but overseas as well. The corporate-financier elite which dominates the Western media are attempting in vain to redirect the growing anger of the American people toward the middle class, with President Obama leading the way in a clumsy demagogic campaign of class warfare. Ironically, Obama's own administration is filled top to bottom with Wall Street bankers and Fortune 500 representatives eager to make sure the axe falls anywhere but upon their own necks. This fact regarding Obama's ties to Wall Street and even many of the GOP challengers for 2012 like Herman Cain, a former Federal Reserve chairman, makes such pandering farcical if not entirely offensive to the American people's intelligence. Not only are Americans calling this hubris-filled bluff, but so are foreign pundits overseas.

    Officially announced on October 3, 2011, the "Occupy the Federal Reserve" movement called for by pro-freedom pundit Alex Jones and augmented by "End the Fed" movements nationwide, is set to begin this weekend. Despite the implications of large crowds convening upon America's central bank, run by the very corporate-financier interests that have abused Wall Street and stirred up the "Occupy Wall Street" crowds in the first place, not a word of it has been spoken in the Western media - in fact a Google News search for "Occupy the Fed" retrieves the following, cartoonish headline: "Occupy Wall Street finds sympathy in the Fed."

    Abroad however, out from beneath the corporate-financier funded mainstream media and beyond Google's rigged algorithms, not only is the "Occupy the Fed" movement mentioned, but along with genuine protesters at "Occupy Wall Street" it is mentioned in a positive light. Even as far flung as Thailand, in the local English language newspaper The Nation, one is pleasantly surprised to see "Occupy the Fed" mentioned as well as a critical take on how the Western media is trying to cover it up, along with the genuine concerns of protesters taking part in "Occupy Wall Street."

    "Conveniently ignoring the truth," penned by The Nation's Thanong Khanthong, begins by stating:
    "The mainstream American media at first tried to pretend that Occupy Wall Street did not exist. They were forced to play up the story when New York police arrested 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters near the Brooklyn Bridge.

    The editorial line of the mainstream American media on the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has now branched out to "Occupy the Fed", remains obscure. For the media are part of the establishment, or the elite, which Occupy Wall Street is going after."

    And indeed this sums up almost entirely the current, growing unrest in America today. Even as the mainstream corporate media covers the protests, they do so only in a way that suits the elite, because as Thanong points out, the media is part of the establishment. Thanong's editorial goes on to compare the Western media's coverage of foreign-funded unrest in Thailand and across the Middle East with their current coverage of "Occupy Wall Street," and the acute hypocrisy exhibited between how protests are covered that are driven by and serve the elite verses those that that oppose the global elite's agenda.

    When word of "Occupy the Fed" spreads literally to the other side of the planet in less than a week, and editorials by foreign journalists sound "Ron Paul -esque," a real revolution is afoot, and the silence and isolation the corporate media attempts to paint the alternative media and protests like "End the Fed," and now "Occupy the Fed," with, is much like everything else the global elite deal in, absolute, utter, contrived theater. We are the majority, we are winning. Lies, deception, and cheating on the part of the global elite belie the strength they attempt to project across the planet.

    Two months after declaring victory in Libya, for example, NATO continues to carry out on average 30-40 strike sorties a day on cities that are mere specks on a map in a futile attempt to wring from the minute nation a victory for themselves and their vast network of corporate-financier sponsors. As the world slowly awakens and calls the globalists' bluff, we see what craven, back pedaling cowards they really are. The harder they try to portray strength, so the "Art of War" dictates, the weaker in reality they are. Their only advantage was and still is the ever-dwindling number of people that unquestionably accept what they see, hear, and read in the mainstream media, both in America and abroad.

    When foreign editorials begin pointing this out with astounding accuracy, as Thailand's The Nation has, the global awakening Zbigniew Brzezinski alluded to may be more than just a large scale CIA-backed destabilization. It may be a tangible realization across borders of just who really holds the power, and who just pretends to. It may also be a realization that globalization is a fraud, the disease of modern day imperialism driven by a not-so-secretive elite desperately trying to ward off anger in America, which as of this weekend, will be literally on their doorsteps - not on Wall Street, but at Federal Reserve branches across the United States.


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