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  • Easily Understood Explanation of Current Banking Crisis

    Today's banking crisis is the THIRD trillion dollar plus
    US-caused financial meltdown in the last twenty years.

    Each one of these crises came into being through the same basic
    mechanism...the fraudulent over-valuing of financial assets by
    Wall Street - with a "wink and a nod" (and sometimes a lot more)
    from the White House and Congress.

    The fraudulently valued assets stimulate the economy, impart
    the illusion of health and then, inevitably, the fraud goes
    too far and the whole house of card comes painfully crashing
    back to earth.

    The three trillion dollar plus frauds were:

    Fraud #1: The so-called "Savings and Loan Crisis" of the late 80s

    Fraud #2: The so-called "Tech Bubble" of the late 90s

    Fraud #3: The so-called "Credit Crisis" of today

    *** How the scam works

    The mechanism of these frauds is simplicity itself...

    ...Take a shaky financial asset and blow up its value
    and then sell as much of it as you can.

    In the "Savings and Loan Crisis," the instrument was junk bonds.

    In the "Tech Bubble" it was Internet stocks.

    In the "Credit Crisis" it was individual mortgages collected
    into pools and then re-sold to investors.

    In each case, normal, well established "bread and butter"
    financial principles were consciously thrown away by Wall Street
    with no hint of protest from federal regulators.

    ***The "Savings and Loan Crisis" dissected

    Junk bonds caused the Saving and Loan crisis which
    resulted in the US taking over the assets of hundreds of
    banks and selling them back over time to the marketplace
    at fire sale prices.

    Junk bonds, which caused the "Savings and Loan Crisis" were
    shaky bonds that were pumped up by deliberate misrepresentation
    and what I call "staged dealing."

    Bonds get their value from two things: the amount of interest
    they pay and how safe they are.

    "Junk" bonds have to pay higher interest because they are less
    safe. Therefore, until the "Savings and Loan Crisis," savings
    and loan banks banks were not allowed by law to buy them and call
    them assets.

    Reagan/Bush changed all this and then a group of Wall Street
    fraudsters used the new loophole to kick off an orgy of junk
    bond creation and junk bond selling to banks and insurance

    The crooks would deal the junk bonds back and forth
    amongst themselves thereby establishing their "value"
    and then they'd sell them to outsiders. The bonds
    then became "assets" which could be borrowed against
    and leveraged to buy even more bonds.

    When the bonds failed, the banks failed and in stepped the
    US government to "fix" the problem that it created at the cost
    of at least one trillion dollars to US tax payers.

    Deja vu, eh?

    ***The "Tech Bubble" dissected

    The instrument of fraud in the "Tech Bubble" was Internet
    stocks, start ups in particular.

    A stock gets its value from the underlying company's sales,
    its growth and its overall prospects for the future.

    Pre-tech bubble, companies used to have to prove themselves
    by being in existence for several years before they could
    be sold on major exchanges. That standard was thrown away
    during the tech bubble.

    To pump of their values, the companies engaged in
    "staged dealing" just like the junk bond crooks.

    Company #1 would "sell" 20 million dollars in banner
    ads to Company #2 which would in turn "sell" 20 million
    in banner ads to Company #1.

    In fact, nobody sold anybody anything. Company #2 ran
    ads for Company #1 and billed it for them. Company #1
    ran ads for Company #2 and billed for an equal amount.

    These should have been called media trades not sales, but
    Wall Street was happy to claim them as legitimate cash sales
    and then use the sales numbers to fraudulently value these
    companies - many of them totally worthless - in the
    hundreds of millions and sometimes even the billions.

    ***The "Credit Crisis" dissected

    By now, you see how the scheme works.

    It's not complicated at all.

    You take near worthless pieces of paper (junk bonds, stock
    of start up Internet companies, etc.) and declare them to
    be good as gold.

    Then you create as many junk bonds and Internet start up
    stocks as you get and sell them as fast as you can.

    In the case of our current crisis, the instrument of fraud
    was so-called sub-prime mortgages.

    Previously, sub-prime mortgages had very little trading value.
    Only people in the sub-prime industry itself dealt in them and for
    good reason. They're tricky to value and packed with financial

    But Wall Street changed all that.

    Wall Street said: "If we take LOTS of these mortgages and assemble
    them into large pools and then slice and dice the pools in various
    ways, we can sell the slices to banks and other investors as AAA

    It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

    If the underlying pieces of paper are garbage, how does assembling
    a whole bunch of garbage into one place make it "better?"

    It doesn't, of course, and this is a principle even a three year
    old child can understand.

    But greed and the need to pump up a shaky economy for propaganda
    purposes are two very strong motivators.

    Banks created these mortgage pools, sold them to each other,
    and they by virtue of these "staged sales" declared them valuable.

    Do you recognize the pattern now?

    If you do, then you are now smarter than all the assembled j@ck@sses
    who do financial reporting because they apparently can't - or

    This is the THIRD trillion-dollar plus fraud driven financial
    meltdown in twenty years and apparently no one in the financial
    news media can see how it happened.

    ***But there's more...

    Junk bonds were mass manufactured as fast as the crooks could
    invent them. Ditto for Internet stocks.

    But how did hundreds of billions of dollars worth of "toxic"
    mortgages suddenly come into being?

    Why did the mortgage industry change its lending standards so
    radically and so suddenly to make their creation possible?

    And why did real estate lending regulators in all 50 states -
    because real estate lending is a STATE-level issue not a federal
    - go along with it?

    Here's where it gets very interesting...

    The fact is state-level lending regulators were VERY concerned
    about what was going on. They have been for years.

    And they not only expressed their concern clearly, they also
    took SERIOUS concerted legal action to stop lenders from making
    bad real estate loans to their citizens.

    (Most of the sub-prime loans in the news so much today were
    designed to screw the people who borrowed the money and can
    rightly be called "predatory" loans.)

    Guess who stopped the states from enforcing their own time-proven
    real estate lending laws and thus created the raw material that
    made the current "Credit Crisis" possible?

    *** The trillion dollar plus question

    If you're a US taxpayer, you're going to pay for this fraud
    so you might as well know who did it to you.

    His initials are GB.

    You know him well.

    But perhaps more interesting is the name of the person who
    single-handedly rallied first state attorneys general and then
    fellow governors to fight the creation of these loans and who
    in the process became Public Enemy #1 to the Bush Administration...

    His initials are ES.

    If you follow "silly" US political scandals, you'll recognize
    his name instantly when you hear it.

    And you will *finally* understand why he was quickly and
    permanently assassinated politically earlier this year.

    Had ES been allowed to "live," he would have been in position to
    remind everyone every day of who made the current meltdown

    Instead, he was silenced very effectively. Not with a bullet
    in the back of the head, but the net effect was just the same.

    So effective was his assassination that no one can even
    mention his name in connection with today's crisis without
    risking ridicule, or worse.

    Last note:

    The crisis this fraud has created is *exponentially* bigger
    than the S & L and Tech Bubble combined.

    It's not going to be resolved by a quick "patch up" and will
    likely have the same impact on the current generation that the
    depression of the 1930s had on its parents, grandparents and
    great grandparents.

    On that cheerful note, here's the big story everyone missed
    this year and now you'll finally know what REALLY happened
    and why: