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Thou Shalt Not Accuse!
(Regardless of the Evidence)

TvNewsLIES Challenges the Unwritten Commandment
July, 2005

What an inconceivable time we live in. It is now more sinful to expose
the crimes and lies of an American president and his administration,
than it is to commit them! The American media and most members of
Congress have sat silently by, blindfolding themselves with the
American flag, while the most criminal administration in history
continues to defecate on the soul of our nation.

In the America of today, the nexus between evidence and criminality is
almost non-existent. You can present the average, blindly trusting,
red state Bush worshiper with video evidence, a signed confession and
a convoy of witnesses to any one of the great number of crimes, lies
and outrages committed by this administration, and the typical
reaction would be "How can you say that?" There appears to be no
reality in the perceptions these people have of their president. Logic
and reason within the George W. Bush base have become inert. These
people actually believe that it is inappropriate to expose heinous
crimes and despicable actions even when there is no denial about them
by the perpetrators themselves.

These people choose, instead, to hear no evil, see no evil and never
speak of the evil around them. They prefer close their minds to what
is obvious, evident and indisputable. They live by an unwritten
commandment: Thou Shalt Not Accuse This President or Any of His
Cohorts of Their Lies regardless of the evidence! Breaking this
commandment has now become the ultimate sin. No matter what, Thou
Shalt Not Accuse George Bush!

Just consider the outright lies told by the Bush administration in the
form of a slew of vital reports whose conclusions were altered or
concealed from the public. Clear evidence exists that a series of very
critical scientific and economic reports were edited or hidden in
order support the lies Bush wanted the people to believe. We have
proof of instance after instance where the Bush administration changed
the results or the implied urgency of reports issued by authoritative
bodies because they contradicted false claims made by the White House.
We have the evidence, but there is no one willing to accuse the
criminals. The corporate media simply continue to lie by omission as
they support the most lying administration in US history.

Simply stated, numerous reports indicated in clear and concise terms
that the Bush administration was wrong or was lying about something
relevant to domestic or international policy. Summarily, the
information in the reports was changed to allow the lies to go on
unquestioned. The Bush administration went on to use the manipulated
reports to support their false claims. They have been doing this since
they got into office, brazenly and openly. What is even worse, even
when the distortions were exposed, the corporate media and the
Congress have done nothing about it. Many individuals and
organizations whose reports have been manipulated by the Bush
administration have publicly decried these outrages, even to the point
of raising public alarm.

However, because of today's nonexistent American news media, the
public remains largely unaware of the duplicity of their own
government. They don't have a clue about how they are being
manipulated on a regular basis. But even worse, half this nation would
pounce on the accuser for daring to reveal the lies. The sin is in
showing them the evidence. The crime is exposing the criminals. No
one may ever accuse.

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