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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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1. Not To Cover Vote Fraud By Peter Coyote 11-13-2004

There is a bumper sticker I saw months ago that sums up the current state

of affairs in our country regarding what is the biggest news story you’ll never

see on the General Media reported. It said "IF YOUR NOT OUTRAGED,


On Friday I received a phone call from a good friend who works at CBS--

I’ve known her for years and she is a Producer for some of the news programs,

one well known one in particular. She tipped me off that the news media is in a

"lock-down" and that there is to be no TV coverage of the real problems with

voting on Nov. 2nd. She said similar "lock-down orders" had come down last year

 after the invasion of Iraq , but this is far worse--far scarier. She said the majority

of their journalists at CBS and elsewhere in NYC are pretty horrified--every one

is worried about their jobs and retribution Dan Rather style or worse. My source

said they’ve also been forbidden to talk about it even on their own time but she

 was pissed and her journalistic and moral integrity as what she considers to be a

gov’t watchdog requires her to speak out, while be it covert and she therefore

asked me to "spread" the word... She said that journalism and the truth is at stake.

 She said another friend of hers, a producer at MSNBC, said that an anchor by the

 name of Keith Olbermann had brought it up on his show on Friday eve and the

axe came down. He’s at least fighting back and talking about it on his "Blog", but

she said that people there are worried that he’s going to be fired by higher ups.

She said at this point the only way that the "real news" was going to be if the

people started talking about it and made a big enough stink about it to our elected

officials, the FEC, and "noise" to the international media, that our own media

won’t have any choice but to cover it. (Yes, this is really happening in the good

ole’ supposed "democratic" free press of the US of A). The only place you’ll see

this talked about right now is on the internet and on AirAmericaRadio.

Everyone--this is serious....I can’t emphasize it any more than saying if there was

 ever a time to speak up and take action it is NOW. If you are feeling sick to your

 stomach (like me) about the possibility of 4 more years under Bush and the

future of our country, and yet you feel helpless, here’s your opportunity to take

action. Imagine if you saw a loved one drowning--what do you do? Well, our

country’s democracy is drowning and she needs us. In an email I sent you last

night, I used the F-word--FRAUD and mentioned to you that I felt strongly that

there is a lot of mounting evidence that this election was not clean. I say that not

only out of a result of my observations while out in the field as a poll watcher in

the key battleground state of Ohio , I say it with the knowledge and information of

reports that have been circulating around the country in various voting precincts

involving irregularities and problems with the voting machines and numbers not

matching up with the exit polls or actual numbers of registered voters in various

precincts. I’ve been busy researching this issue and compiling for you below some

details of these reports and where you can get more info:

To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe:

1- That the exit polls were WRONG...(remember--they have been used for over a

decade and considered reliable)

2- That Zogby’s 5pm election day calls for Kerry winning OH, FL were WRONG.

He was within a less than 1/2 % point margin of error in his 2000 final poll and

previous polls for other elections.

3- That Harris Poll last minute polling for Kerry was WRONG. They were also

within a 1/2% point margin of error in their 2000 final poll.

4- The Incumbent Rule I (that undecideds primarily break at the end for the

challenger)was WRONG.

5- The 50% Rule was WRONG (that an incumbent doesn’t do better than his

final polling)

6- The Approval Rating Rule was WRONG (that an incumbent with less than

50% approval will most likely lose the election)

7- That Journalist Greg Palast was WRONG when he said that even before the

election, 1 million votes were stolen from Kerry. He was the ONLY reporter to

break the fact that 90,000 Florida blacks were disenfranchised in 2000.

8- That it was just a COINCIDENCE that the exit polls were CORRECT where

 there WAS a PAPER TRAIL and INCORRECT (+5% for Bush) where there was


9- That the surge in new young voters had NO positive effect for Kerry, even

though it was the largest number of youth voters 18-29 ever and a huge jump

from 2000 and they were over 55% in favor of Kerry. >> 10- That Bush BEAT

99 to 1 mathematical odds in winning the election.

11- That Kerry did WORSE than Gore against an opponent who LOST the

support of SCORES of Republican newspapers who were for Bush in 2000.

12- That Bush did better than an 18 national poll average which showed him tied

with Kerry at 47. In other words, Bush got 80% of the undecided vote to end up

with a 51-48 majority--when ALL professional pollsters agree that the undecided

vote ALWAYS goes to the challenger.

13- That Voting machines made by Republicans with no paper trail and with no

software publication, which have been proven by thousands of computer

scientists to be vulnerable in scores of ways, were NOT tampered with in this


Some Examples: (There are many more, but I won’t list them all here--this is to

give you an idea)

-  The City of Gahanna in Ohio discovered a discrepancy that gave 4,000 votes to

George Bush. After media scrutiny, city officials have admitted to an electronic

"glitch" that caused the problem.

-  In Broward County , FL , errors in software code caused a referendum on

gambling to be completely overturned. The error caused totals to count

backwards after reaching a ceiling of 32,500 votes. The problem existed in the

2002 election as well however the issue was never resolved by the manufacturer

of the electronic voting machine.

-  In North Carolina , a Craven County district logged 11,283 more votes than

voters and actually overturned the results of a regional race.

For more info, go to: <>


"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a friend of mine" 

Che Guevara