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  • President Obama: All Options Are On The Table,
    Including False Flags And Nuclear War
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    President Obama: All Options Are On The Table, Including False Flags And Nuclear War
    Source: David Dees Illustration.

    The Joker: [over the PA] Tonight you're all gonna be part of a social experiment. Through the magic of diesel fuel and ammonium nitrate, I'm ready right now to blow you all sky high. (The Dark Knight. 2008. Director Christopher Nolan. Screenwriters Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, and Jonathan Nolan).

    A war of words between nations eventually leads to a real war. The war can be fought either by proxy or for real; it can happen by accident or on purpose. The point is that irresponsible rhetoric is a precursor to irresponsible action. Fear-based talking points used by the media and politicians prepare the public mind for unnecessary wars and catastrophic bloodshed.

    In America and the West, the mind owners in the media are holding the public hostage through their constant use of fear-based narratives, totalitarian lies, and pseudo-patriotism tricks. This endless war propaganda is repeated to drum up support for future attacks by Washington and Israel against Persia. The same formula works against any country that is marked as an "evil enemy."

    Kurt Nimmo says in his article, "War Propaganda Corporate Media Steers World Toward Disaster," that the American people are awake, but they are battling a powerful political and media machine that repeats lies and false narratives to legitimize tyranny at home and criminal wars abroad. The fascist terrorists in Washington and Israel are winning on both fronts. Nimmo writes:
    "It’s not that we didn’t learn from the propaganda campaign and invasion of Iraq almost a decade ago. Most Americans now realize that the war was cooked up under false pretense, but there is little they can do because the political system is so corrupted and captured by the military-intelligence-bankster complex."

    This military-financial complex has acquired its god-like dominance over the world by creating rituals of mass death and mass murder. It lives on war and debt. And it has a genius for creating enemies and inventing excuses to invade innocent nations and murder their people.

    Destroying countries like Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies and then rebuilding them in the name of democracy and humanitarianism is big business. Stopping this business of mass death and sheep slaughter is considered a sin in Washington.

    For the business of war to continue, the show of farce must go on. And right now Barack Obama is the star of the show. When President Obama says all options are on the table vis-a-vis Persia he means it. All options include staging false flag operations to start a war with Iran and nuking a couple of Iranian cities to make the Iranian people submit to America's will, as exercised by the Satanic globalists in Washington, not the American people.

    The false flag ops may take place in the Persian Gulf or in an American city like Chicago at the site of the Sears/Willis Tower.

    American actor and patriot Ed Asner told Alex Jones last week that U.S. Navy Seals warned him that Washington may stage a false flag attack to be blamed on Iran before the launch of a joint U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran.

    We must remain on guard against Washington's propaganda and not be fooled by the simplistic narrative pumped out by the White House that Israel's leaders will not inform America when they start bombing the Iranian people. Top Obama Administration officials also want a war with Persia, probably more so than the Zionists. They're just not up-front about it because the political ramifications of selling another war to the American people are too great and too risky.

    The White House's propaganda strategy is to make Israel the fall guy, to let it be the one to start the most disastrous and destructive war in human history. Israel will take the blame for the sins of Obama and his Illuminati masters in Washington and London.

    Another White House propaganda strategy is letting Obama stand in the background of the theatre of war rather than put him on the stage as a main actor calling for a war with Iran. He is being advised to play the role of the aloof stranger in the house of war who is caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Obama is not running ahead of the war propaganda and calling for war with a bullhorn as President Bush did on the ashes of his victims at the Twin Towers site. Instead, he's letting the war propagandists in the neocon press and Israel set the pace, allowing the war with Iran to run away from him and go down history's course in a hurry. Then the desired point in this political drama will be reached when Obama will have no choice but to wrestle with the bull and bomb the Persians, or else he'll be seen as the guy who let the Jews die because he didn't have the stomach for war.

    This question will be put before President Obama by the Neocons and Zionists: Will you save the Jews, or will you look on as the Persians wipe them out? Obama will have no choice but to "save the Jews" from those "evil Persians." And that means dropping nukes on Persia. Bet on it. This is where the war with Persia will lead: absolute destruction and devastation. There is no other endgame if Israel and the United States attack Persia.

    Washington and Israel have created very clever propaganda. Evil, but very artful.

    Obama, the Dark Joker of Terror And Tyranny, is a very good actor. He has played the part of the President beautifully. He probably was inspired to run for President after watching Morgan Freeman act as President in the 1998 film 'Deep Impact.' The film made a deep impression on Obama.

    Upon watching the movie, Obama thought to himself: "If he can act like a President, why can't I? I mean, I've got the acting chops to pull it off. I can look in the camera and appear authentic. Hell, I've been doing it all my life. There is nothing to it. Yes, yes, I should run for President, and then the precious ring of power will be mine. It will be Armageddon, and I will be the first black president of America. It will be like a real life movie, staring me in the lead role. Wow, I'm super smart. This is going to be super fun."

    Obama's CIA handlers were excited at the thought of having a black actor as president during the age of Apocalypse. It's movie and political magic. Who can resist? It had to be done.

    But America does not need actors like Obama in political office. America needs real leaders like Ron Paul who can speak honestly to the American people.

    Obama's lack of leadership is causing America to drift into a war with Persia. Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett write in their article called, "How, By Not Leading, Obama Will Lead Us To War With Iran":
    "On Iran, Obama has come to a crossroads. He will soon be called on to refute accusations of weakness by an explosive demonstration of “strength.” If things get to that point, there is no doubt that he will do what the war party expects him to do. He will do it to win the election, but he will work hard to convince himself that he does it to save Israel, America, the cause of democracy in Asia, and the future of humanity. The path has been made all the more tempting by the discovery — a surprise perhaps to the president himself — that he is not averse to war. His favored mode of killing is the drone strike. There, the man who shoots the missile is far behind the scenes and the president’s command of the killing is behind the man behind the scenes. Stealth, secrecy, and aloofness from accountability all make drone attacks non-confrontational, in a way well-adapted to Obama’s temperament."

    The biggest problem that Obama will face after attacking Persia is the PR problem. The Obama brand will be further discredited if he declaratively and triumphantly states that he will take America to war with an innocent nation for a third time in this short century.

    Bush could get away with selling the Iraq War like it was Christmas and he was Santa Claus bearing the gift of victory and redemption. But Obama is not a cowboy or Santa Claus like Bush. He has sold himself as the only adult in the room, and as the cautious peacemaker who would deliver America from the evil of "stupid wars."

    Bush posed as the Decider. Obama posed as the Uniter. But that image will be destroyed. For the President of Peace to start a bold new war on Persia without cause or provocation would be a 360-degree turn around.

    But this is an image problem, not a policy problem, which means there is a way to get around it. When there is a will, there is a way. And since there is a spiritual will for world war III, there will be a political way to bring it about.

    The political dimension of this drama can be easily manufactured. Satan's kingdom is the political realm, and he has a vice grip on this realm, so he can masterfully lie and accuse to start wars. But there is also the spiritual realm and in this realm, Satan and his slaves like Obama are weak. At the end of the day, this is spiritual warfare. The battle for men's souls is never-ending, and the battlefield is your soul. Satan and Obama cannot rule your soul if you do not let them. If we stand with God and on the side of justice, we will win.

    Obama will retain the brainwashed minds and totalitarian slaves on his side, but he cannot convert the spiritually and morally righteous to his cause and support his demonic war with Iran. Obama can only sell a war against Iran by using the propaganda shock value of a new and massive false flag attack in an American city.

    Obama's war with Iran must be a war that falls out of the heavenly sky onto his lap, which he must reluctantly take on in order to defend America and Israel from the "barbarians."

    Obama will cover up his blood lust by saying that he is acting to resolve a long-coming international crisis with Iran. His decision to go to war will be sold as necessary and just.

    The image that will be presented to the world will be the image of Obama the mortal battling fate, not Obama the warmonger and saber-rattler. "Obama is in the conflict-resolution business," his brainwashed supporters and fascist defenders will say, "not in the start-a-war-based-on-lies business."

    And the easiest way of resolving a conflict with an enemy is by killing him. So Obama will kill the Persians. Conflict resolved. Time Magazine's cover page will read: Messiah Obama saves world from nuclear Iran. He will be awarded a second Nobel Peace Prize, and the zombies will call him the greatest peacemaker to ever have been born.

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