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  • To Avoid Armageddon, Let's Open The Pages of The Hidden History Between The West And Iran
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    To Avoid Armageddon, Let's Open The Pages of The Hidden History Between The West And Iran

    "Don't you hear the truth
    as it whispers to you?
    Our trust has been abused
    decide if you need their fright
    What do you want?

    They come for our life
    when we sleep"
    - Junius: Betray The Grave.

    "The central theme of history is not the domination of one civilisation over another, the momentary hegemony of one single region or group or even idea, be it European or Roman, Near Eastern or Ottoman, Communist or Islamic. Instead there is a continual, on-going ebb and flow of ideas that pass from one area to another, undergoing modifications by different cultures all the time. To force all cultures, peoples, civilisations into some preconceived 'east-west' mould is not only confrontational, it simply flies in the face of historical fact. Most of all, if we have any regard at all for our own European civilisation, we must strip aside blithe assumptions rooted in prejudice and understand it in its fullest, riches and broadest sense. Not to do this is to belittle it." - Warwick Ball, "Towards One World: Ancient Persia and the West." 2010. East & West Publishing: London. Pg. 11 - 12.

    There is an official history of the conflicting relationship between America and Iran, and an unofficial one which is kept hidden from the world by the freemasonic leaders of both countries who are dedicated to an occult agenda which is Luciferian in nature.

    As I documented before, Iranian's Islamic revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini was put into power by the Bush-led faction in the CIA and their cousins in the MI6, who have been working to establish a tyrannical global government for over a hundred years.

    For more information, analysis, and links to sources, read: The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979; A Rigged Revolution: How The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power; Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise; and America, Persia, And Israel Are Being Sacrificed For A One World Order.

    Alternative historians and researchers have laid out both hard and soft evidence that World War I and World War II were staged conflicts whose ultimate aim was a tyrannical global government. People are shocked by this historical truth because it means that American, British, and Canadian soldiers didn't die for freedom and democracy but to make the world safe for private banking usury and political domination by elite ruling families.

    The occult ruling elites view heroic soldiers, and the middle class and lower class families they come from, as mindless cattle and sacrificial lambs who should be slaughtered in mass wars. As David Icke says, wars are ritual "mass sacrifices." Icke:
    "When they do their terrorist events to blame on someone else, they are very ritualistic in nature. In terms of when they're done, where they're done, and how they're done. And so 9/11. What do you dial for an emergency in America? 9-1-1.

    And you find this so often in these events that they engineer. The thing is that when I started researching this my bloody jaw was dropping. Not just at the ritualistic and symbolic nature of what they did, but the scale and detail of it. It's almost like someone created a computer program to give you the perfect symbolic, ritualistic background to the latest horrific event."

    Since we know that World War I and World War II were ritual mass sacrifices that led to the creation of a world political union, it is natural and right for us to assume that World War III between Iran/Islam and the West/Israel is also a ritual mass sacrifice to achieve the same goal: a one wold order.

    The myth of Iranian independence is sweet and heart-warming, but it is a myth. The same occult Illuminati elites that control America, the West, and Israel, also control the Islamic Republic of Iran and the fundamentalist forces of political Islam throughout the Islamic world.

    Fundamentalist Islam was not a big movement in Iran in the 1960s and 1970s. It had a die-hard following and foreign support from the CIA, MI6, and other Western intelligence agencies, but it did not have middle class loyalty and political legitimacy. But that changed in the late 1970s when fundamentalist Muslims, at the behest of the CIA and MI6, dressed up as government agents of the Shah and staged false flag attacks to turn Iranian public opinion against the Shah. The plan worked.

    By 1979, the Shah was a dreaded ruler who was losing public support by the day. The shadow CIA (George H. W. Bush/NWO faction) abandoned the Shah after stabbing him in the back. CIA operatives loyal to Bush and Reagan worked with Khomeini's most trusted political henchmen to raise him to the status of Iran's sole revolutionary voice with a mass following.

    The MI6 helped out by offering BBC's propaganda services to Khomeini, allowing him to spread his message of political Islam into the Iranian heartland. Khomeini relationship's with the shadow MI6 and shadow CIA went back to the 1950s and 1960s.

    In 1963, the Shah could have gotten rid of this plague with one bullet but he was declared an "Ayatollah" by a religious cleric who was connected to the CIA and MI6, which meant the Shah couldn't kill him. Instead, he was driven to exile and allowed to live. This was a case of history's hidden hand intervening in a sovereign country's political affairs to guarantee that one of their secret agents was not harmed.

    While in exile, Khomeini was groomed to be a totalitarian religious leader of Iran by the MI6 and CIA to replace their despot the Shah when his rule had come to an end. By the time last days of the Shah came around Khomeini was ready for prime time. When he came to power, Khomeini said:
    "Our people, what they have elected is an Islamic Republic. Islam is our opinion. Today there are segments that want to get rid of Islam, through writing, speaking, through gatherings. . . That a people vote in the Islamic Republic 99.5%, it means we want Islam. If it was a mere Republic there would be not such an election. If it was for a mere Democratic Republic there would not be such a turnout. . .

    Our people were resurrected for Islam, and determined the path for Islam's sake. Our people gave their blood for Islam. There are segments that want to get rid of Islam and want a mere Republic. They fear Islam. . . Muslims pay attention, the political parties that do not speak of Islam but of Democracy. Segments that have nothing to do with Islam, what do they have to do with freedom? They want freedom indeed, freedom outside of Islam's realms. Our people must pay attention that they at least do not cooperate with them. . . Put aside your individual urges and cravings, it is the time for us to nurture Islam. Let all stakeholders be awakened. Workers, farmers, the Bazaari's, university students. . . Be awakened. . .

    They say we want freedom, democracy, independence. What about Islam? Not Islam. Islam what has brought you freedom and to the squares. Do not rally against Islam. My sisters, my beloved ones. My brothers, my beloved ones, be awakened, conspirators are at work. Great conspirators are at work. Many conspirators are at work. Segments that have turned their backs on Islam and from the start didn't care work together now. They must change their opinions. . . The people cannot tolerate such conspiracies. We will not tolerate it. There are conspiracies against Islam, a conspiracy against the people. There is freedom but no place for conspiracies. Freedom does not mean sitting and speaking against Islam."
    In this speech we can see how Khomeini positioned himself to be the cult dictator of Iran. He repeated the words "be awakened," in connection with Islam, falsely implying that those who do not accept Islam are not awakened but asleep and soulless slaves.

    Khomeini also deceptively referred to democratic protests and debates in opposition to an ideological Islamic state as proof of "conspiracies." And he falsely said that these were conspiracies against the Iranian people. It is clear that Khomeini was brainwashing the Iranian nation with these ludicrous statements that were designed to divide the people of Iran and subdue them. He was not a savior, but a false prophet and an angel of death.

    But Khomeini did make one truthful comment. He said: "Many conspirators are at work." There was no doubt about that. But the biggest conspirator of all was Khomeini himself. With the help of his Illuminati friends in the shadow CIA and shadow MI6, Khomeini was waging a ruthless conspiracy against the Iranian nation, the ancient Iranian culture, and the Iranian people. This conspiracy included the politically staged and ritualistic hostage crisis that marked the ideological and political separation between America and Iran.

    Iranian dissident and researcher Fara Mansoor said that Khomeini's gang of thieves and the Bush-led fascist cabal in the CIA worked together in 1979 to consolidate power by devising the Iranian hostage crisis. From the very beginning, the Bush-Reagan presidential campaign and the NWO forces in the CIA knew that the hostage crisis was a politically staged event because it was their plan to initiate it.

    The hostage crisis secured political legitimacy and popular approval for Khomeini, while making President Carter appear weak on national security and allowing Reagan and Bush to take the White House.

    This event was supremely important because of its symbolic nature. In the aftermath, Khomeini appeared as the great anti-Satan crusader who gave America a black eye, while Reagan appeared as the great savior of America who rescued American hostages from the hands of Islamic savages. It was a truly win-win effort for both fascist teams. The Islamic Republic of Iran's totalitarian founders and the shadow CIA beautifully played a game of deceit and treason against the people of America and Iran.

    It is scary that our historical memory of fundamental world events are shaped and cultivated by totalitarian cult dictators, but it is the truth. The power of controlling a society's memories is almost god-like, and the totalitarian leaders of the West and Iran have used this state power to enslave the people and brainwash their minds for their own political motives.

    How we remember the Iranian hostage crisis is important because it defines U.S.-Iranian relations in the post-Shah era. If we scratch beneath the surface of this explosive event we can see that it was staged by both sides to advance their evil political aims. Iran and America were both played, and continued to be played, by their secretive fascist totalitarian rulers who want to create a clash of civilizations and bring about World War III.

    In September 2011, I wrote an article called, "The Matrix of Macro-Memory Masks The Machiavellian Murderers on 9/11: How Manufactured Memories Make Masses of Men Into Mud For The Masters of Myth" about how totalitarian regimes manufacture public memories and construct social reality with mind control techniques to direct the destiny of society. Here is an important excerpt:
    "The ways in which a people remembers its founding event," says Cochran, "are vital to a regime's politics." The Iran-Iraq war was the big event that secured the Islamic regime's power over Iranian society and gave it popular legitimacy.

    By comparison, the 9/11 attacks was the event that gave greater power to the U.S. shadow government and America's treacherous rulers. How we remember both events is significant because Iran and America are on a collision course with each other, and an apocalyptic war is not out of the question.
    We need to radically re-examine the tensions that exist between both countries and re-open the pages of history.
    I'll repeat the last sentence: We need to radically re-examine the tensions that exist between both countries and re-open the pages of history. Truth is our ticket out of this crisis.


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