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     Bully Tactics In Full Swing Against Iran
    Saturday, 28 November 2009

    UK, November 28, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - Five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have now joined forces against Iran. China and Russia had previously resisted taking action against Iran have now joined forces with Britain, France, Germany and the United States.

    This looks so much like the build up to the invasion of Iraq with harder sanctions on the horizon and followed with what could inevitably be military action.

    Doesn't it appear strange that we also saw this same build up in Pakistan and India with the US spearheading pressure to stop both those nations from gaining Nuclear Weapons? What gives these elite five the right to dictate what another country should or should not do and yet is continues to turn a blind eye on the Israeli Nuclear Programme that already has its own nuclear arsenal.

    We have the two leaders of the pack highlighting their concerns in respective press releases with the following headlines: "Brown says sanctions next if Iran doesn't respond" and "Obama warns Iran of consequences." It is obvious that both the US and UK are heading for a showdown and really do want a conflict with Iran. I guess its time for the price of oil to go up and for the US to increase its arms sale.

    Last year the The London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has affirmed in a report that Israel has a 'sizeable' nuclear arsenal. The report stated that Israel was considered to be a "de facto nuclear power with an advanced and sizeable arsenal," even though the regime had never itself acknowledged openly its nuclear-weapons status. I continue to ask the same question over and over again, why doesn't the Security Council impose sanctions on Israel? Why doesn't the Security Council make the same threats of possible military action against Israel? It is obvious that Israel represents an informal extension to NATO and that the US needs such a major military presence right in the heart of the Arab League.

    It is so important to the US to have such a well equipped ally sitting between Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. One could also assume that secretly the US supports Israel in breaking up what is left of the original Palestinian territory.

    Obama said that he wanted the world to agree to a ban on nuclear weapons and all Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). He has made it clear that Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. So why does Obama and Brown use WMD's in all their current theatres of war? Who are these supreme beings allowed to contaminate vast tracts of land with DU/EU that are certainly WMD's in the real sense of the word. We have seen all the war zones encounter the terrible consequences of these weapons and they have the audacity to tell Iran they must not produce such weapons.

    The US and Israel both have stockpiles of weapons containing uranium components ready to go should an attack on Iran be required. Environmentally speaking should such an attack take place the combination of DU/EU weapons being used on nuclear facilities would be catastrophic not only for the entire Middle East but also the World.

    At the moment Obama is having a rough ride in his new appointment since his promise of change that never came. Brown on the other hand has never instilled any hope in the hearts of the British people.....on the contrary his appeal is zero!

    The other issue is that both countries are in a financial mess and the price of oil is low. Therefore, one can see three scenarios's playing out here.

    • When leaders generally hit an all time low they go to war.

    • In going to war the price of oil goes through the roof.

    • Export of arms sales increases to very high levels

    We keep seeing the same aggressive establishment and protection of existing or proposed pipeline routes to ensure their drive to secure future world energy markets. The war in the Balkans was all over the establishment of pipelines and their security, Iraq was all about taking over and securing the source of supply, Afghanistan was all about the TAPI pipeline, Georgia was all about an energy pipeline route and Gaza was all about trying to take the offshore Gas reserves from the Palestinians. Iran is also part of this same situation in that it is the only country the west really has no control over. Iran has the ability to threaten the western dominance as a source of supply.

    I sincerely believe the US will allow Israel to eliminate or totally disintegrate the people of Palestine so they can no longer function as a unified body. This tactic would then allow Israel to rape the natural resources of Gaza.

    Brown_As I have already pointed out, if Iran is a potential future nuclear threat to Israel and the West, then surely Israel is also an existing nuclear threat to the Islamic Countries of the Middle East. What gives the west the right to push this Iranian nuclear issue through the UN and yet the Middle East is not allowed the same privilege? It is obvious that the wests economic greed to control the worlds natural resources and their distinct pro Israeli support makes world politics totally corrupt. There exists a profound Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora at all levels of government in the US, UK and EU rendering those countries incapable of offering a fair and balanced government to its respective peoples. Many of the most senior positions are held or either controlled by these groups.

    Iran is truly a victim of big brother tactics and Palestine is also a victim to the same aggressive leaders. The Goldstone report is a perfect example of Israeli propaganda at its best. In actual fact the Goldstone Report was terribly flawed and fell short of accusing the Israeli's of using WMD's. Their actions in Lebanon (2006) and their more recent conflict if Gaza has no doubt effectively damaged the DNA of the Lebanese and the Palestinians but in doing so they have also done the same to the residents of Israel. This has the potential to create mass genocide in all of these countries and other countries downwind. This is truly a modern day holocaust that has the full support of the US, UK, EU, NATO, Israel and of course the United Nations.

    Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant
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