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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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The news media is reporting, with much theo-praise, that the new Iraqi MPs have appointed people to several cabinet posts, ending months of fighting. The New York Times reported: "Almost three months after the January elections, Iraq 's national assembly...created the first elected government in Iraqi history."

ENDGAME: The most important cabinet position in Iraq , the Oil Ministry, is now filled by a spy, an embezzler, a liar and a fraud named Ahmad Chalabi. Our fraud, I should clarify.


Bush has made it clear to the world that Chalabi is his man. Chalabi was Rumsfeld's leader-in-waiting of Iraq as early as 1997. A personal friend of Rumsfeld (what a concept!), Chalabi was once head of a supposedly 'dissident' group fighting Saddam. The dissident group was later revealed to be a creation of the CIA during Bush Sr's term.


Chalabi worked with the Pentagon to spread the fiction to the media that Iraq was covered with weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda terrorists. He was convicted of 32 counts of bank fraud and sentenced to 22 years' imprisonment by a Jordanian court in 1992. Chalabi did not serve a day of the term, however, having fled the country. Additionally, the CIA has reported that Chalabi was passing secrets to Iran .


Is the fix on Chalabi already in? Will he "win" the election to run Iraq , in the same pre-engineered way Bush "won" his elections? What's your take?