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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Election Could Have Been Thrown, Says Fraud Expert


Beverly Harris considers Token Victory for Democrats

Fixed to Quell Dissent on mass Voting Fraud,  liberal bloggers

begin to attack anyone who doesn't jump on the Pelosi bandwagon



         OR WE ARE BACK TO SQUARE ONE, IN 08' !!!


Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet - Thursday, November 9, 2006

Voting rights activist Bev Harris

Fears the mid-term elections may have been thrown in order to

Quell Suspicions about Vote Fraud in anticipation of a major 2008 coup. >>


Liberal blog sites are already naively telling WhistleBlowers and "Conspiracy

Theorists" to "Keep Quiet" now that the Left Arm of the Establishment, the Democrats, have re-emerged.


"I think it's gonna be interesting to see which election reform groups

decide that it's not such a bad problem after all now that they have

Democrats in there because I think that some of them are actually closet partisans,"

Harris told the Alex Jones Show.

"The issue here is not change in the last 24 hours -- voting machines can't be

authenticated, they're not necessarily accurate, they're tamper friendly -

- nothing has changed about that in 24 hours." "We shouldn't really try to say

'Well some Democrats are in there, so now it's OK'

                     - It's NOT."

However, that's exactly what a lot of left-leaning

establishment types are parroting, claiming a Democrat victory

proves "American democracy still works," and that

- Questions about electronic voting machines should be tossed aside.-

          <<<<<<<( NEVER )>>>>>>>>

Glenn Greenwald, an attorney and highly regarded liberal blogger,

today went on the attack against those who many in the estab.

left had previously allied with, in order to take on the Neo-Cons.

      "Chronic defeatists and conspiracy theorists -

- well-intentioned though they may be - need to re-evaluate

   their defeatism and conspiracy theories in light of this

     rather compelling evidence which undermines them,"

                       states Greenwald,  

"Republicans don't possess the power to dictate the outcome

of elections with secret Diebold software. They can't magically

produce Osama bin Laden the day before the election."

Greenwald's naivety is rivaled only by his arrogance and we are

already beginning to have flashbacks to the Bill Clinton era,

when liberals associated their authority with the Democrats

and defended their every action without recourse.

Greenwald seems to have had a memory by-pass

that prevents him recalling anything from over two years ago.

The fact is that the Republicans did produce Osama bin Laden

before the 2004 election and Republicans have been caught

engaging on vote fraud across the board, including via

Diebold systems. Diebold's own Chief Executive,

      Walden O'Dell, committed himself to

"helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president,"

        before the 2004 election.

Ludicrously, Greenwald claims that six years

of repeated Bush administration assaults on the Constitution,

imperial jaunts that have killed and maimed hundreds of thousands

of innocents, the degradation of how America is viewed abroad,

and the very integrity of the country, has all been reversed by the

empowerment of a party rhetorically led by - Nancy Pelosi, a pro-torture, pro-war,

mobbed-up establishment sycophant who has already agreed

 to protect Bush and his cronies from criminal investigations.

 "All of the hurdles and problems  that are unquestionably present and serious 

- a dysfunctional and corrupt national media,   apathy on the part of Americans,

  the potent use of propaganda by the Bush administration,   voter suppression

and election fraud tactics,  gerrymandering and fundraising games -- can all be overcome.

They just were,"  smarts Greenwald.

Harris encouraged people to take a look at which Democrats

got voted in and what their stance was on the issues

that were supposedly the root of voter discontent in the first place.

"I keep seeing reports on how these are the people

who everyone can get along with, so what does that mean?"

Harris is absolutely right in identifying the fact that yesterday's

charade was nothing more than re-arranging deck chairs,

and this is proven again by the fact that likely speaker

of the House Nancy Pelosi has already Vowed to Protect Bush from Criminal

Impeachment and the two have agreed to work together on advancing common

cause agendas, such as the mass amnesty of illegal aliens

that Bush couldn't get through under a Republican controlled House,

an issue even Rush Limbaugh is now screaming bloody murder about.

Harris called for the temporary bias of favoritism

for either the Republicans or the Democrats to be set aside

 -- in favor of the pursuit of trustworthy voting systems

and the integrity of the electoral process in the long-term. --

Indicating that she had received more substantive complaints

about vote fraud than in any other election,

       Harris said the possibility remained strong

       that this Election had been Thrown in order to re-invest

      Artificial Trust in Electronic Voting Machines

    and stop the Momentum of voting rights activists.

"Supposing I was really wanting to make sure that I could

control elections through voting machines," said Harris,

"I would probably Throw a Fight Now and Then

because right now we have so much momentum

going to get real change and then if you make it look like

<< 'Well there's nothing to look at here, move along,' >>

           then we won't get it fixed by 2008."

Will liberals continue to frolic around totally oblivious to the fact that

 the Battle has Just Begun, or will they finally wake up and realize that it takes

more than the re-election of Team B to stop the juggernaut of tyranny driven by

both parties that has steamrollered America  since the assassination of JFK in November 1963? >>