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Diebold Machines -Threat To National Security












Don't askThis week has demonstrated that Diebold e-vote machines are not simply bad for democracy but also constitute a real threat to national security. First, one of our sources contacted us to tell us that there is a security flaw in Diebold Touch Screen machines that would allow a person to install a virus into the machines through a manipulated voter card that could then infect the entire system within a state and rig the vote in favor of a particular candidate. This source, who is a security expert in international corporate espionage, stated that the main concern is not the GOP, WH or RNC rigging the vote, but rather foreign governments that do not want a Democrat in the White House. We have a lot more info in this regard which we are pursuing and will keep you informed as we are able.

Second, as was fully reported Friday on The Brad Blog, the state of Pennsylvania locked down all of its Diebold touch screen machines due to a newly discovered threat which it describes as a "major national security risk." In short, officials found a flaw in the firmware that cannot be corrected with a software patch and that flaw allows entry into the system where manipulation can occur over and over.

VR will be issuing a press release nationwide on Monday May 7, 2006 to alert the country about these threats. Last month there was a storm of controversy about foreign countries running our national ports. Well, now we face the possibility of a clandestine security service deciding who wins elections in the United States because it prefers the foreign policy decisions of a particular party. And there doesnít have to even be any collusion with US officials. Now thatís scary.