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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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From Armed Madhouse, the new book by Greg Palast
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Hear Larry David, auteur of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and principal 
writer of the "Seinfeld" series reading Palast's new book, Armed 
Madhouse, Chapter 4: The Con-Kerry Won at
Read the excerpt here:
Kerry Won. Now Get Over It . . .
..because they're putting '08 in their pocket. Republicans just seem to 
have that winning spirit. They also have caging lists, felons of the 
future, rotting ballots, snuffed canaries, and a lock on the votes of 
Kissinger-Americans and the undead.
WARNING! There are cranks and kooks and crazies out there on the 
Internet who say that George Bush lost the 2004 election, like one titled, 
"Kerry Won" published on the web site two days after the 
election. I wrote it.
On November 11, a week after published it, I received an 
e-mail from The New York Times Washington Bureau. Hot on the investigation of 
theveracity of the vote, The Times reporter asked me pointed questions:
Question #1: Are you a "sore loser"?
Question #2: Are you a "conspiracy nut"?
There was no third question. Investigation of the vote was, for The 
Times at any rate, complete. The next day, the paper's thorough analysis of the 
evidence yielded this front-page story, "VOTE FRAUD THEORIES, SPREAD BY 
As America's self-proclaimed Paper of Record had no space for the 
facts, I thought I'd share some with you here.
"Kerry Won" was not a two-day inquiry Ó la Times. It was the latest in 
a series of investigative reports coming out of a four-year team 
examination, begun for BBC Television's Newsnight, Britain's Guardian papers and 
Harper's Magazine, dissecting that greasy sausage called American electoral 
And, by the way, the answer to Question #1: I didn't lose, so I'm not 
sore. This investigation isn't about John Kerry. As a journalist, I don't 
give a toss which rich white kid won the game. But I'm not so blasÚ that I 
don't care about the disappearance of American democracy. And I really wanted 
to know how the Bushes swallowed the sausage.
How'd they do it? Again. And how will they do it in '08? The answer 
arrived just after midnight on October 8, 2004, three weeks before the official 
voting, in a series of extraordinary e-mails. The e-mails were intended 
for the chieftains of the President's re-election campaign in Washington. 
Strangely enough, they were misaddressed and ended up in my mailbox. 
Such things happen.
How to Disappear Three Million Votes
But the e-mails and their technical attachments won't mean a thing 
unless you understand some arcane facts about elections American-style.
First, consider CNN's Ohio exit polls broadcast just after midnight 
after the voting ended on Election Day. They show John Kerry defeated George 
Bush among women voters by 53% to 47%. And among men voters, Kerry defeated 
Bush 51% to 49%.
So here's your question, class: What third sex put George Bush over the 
top in Ohio and gave him the White House?
Answer: The Uncounted.
In Ohio, there were 153,237 ballots simply thrown away, more than the 
Bush "victory" margin. In New Mexico the uncounted vote was fives times the 
Bush alleged victory margin of 5,988. In Iowa, Bush's triumph of 13,498 was 
overwhelmed by 36,811 votes rejected. In all, over three million votes 
were cast but never counted in the 2004 presidential election. The official 
number is bad enough-1,855,827 ballots cast not counted, reported to 
the federal government's Election's Assistance Commission. But the feds are 
missing data from several cities and entire states too embarrassed to 
report the votes they failed to count. Correcting for the under-reporting of 
the undercount, the number of ballots cast but never counted goes to 
3,600,380. And there are certainly more we couldn't locate to tote up.
Why doesn't your government tell you this? Hey, they do. It's right 
there in black-and-white on a U.S. Census Bureau announcement released seven 
months after the election -- in a footnote to the report on voter turn -- out. 
The Census tabulation of voters voting "differs," from ballots tallied by 
the Clerk of the House of Representatives for the 2004 presidential race by 3.4 
million votes.
This is the hidden presidential count which, excepting the Census' 
whispered footnote, has not been reported.
Unfortunately, that's not all. In addition to the 3 million ballots 
uncounted due to technical "glitches," millions more were lost because the 
voters were prevented from casting their ballots in the first place. 
This group of un-votes includes voters illegally denied registration or 
wrongly purged from the registries.
In the voting biz, most of these lost votes are called "spoilage." 
Spoilage, not the voters, picked our president for us.
Joe Stalin, the story goes, said, "It's not the people who vote that 
count; it's the people who count the votes." That may have been true in the 
old Soviet Union, but in the U.S.A, the game is much, much subtler: He who 
sure votes don't get counted decides our winners.
In the lead-up to the 2004 race, millions of Americans were, not 
unreasonably, panicked about computer voting machines, "black boxes," 
that could flip your vote from John Kerry to George Bush. Images abounded of 
an evil hacker-genius in Dick Cheney's bunker rewriting code and zapping 
the totals. But that's not how it went down. The computer scare was the 
McGuffin, the fake detail used by magicians to keep your eye off their 
hands. The new black boxes played their role, albeit minor, but the 
principal means of the election heist-voiding ballots, overwhelmingly 
of the poor and Black-went unexposed, unreported and most importantly, 
uncorrected and ready to roll out on a grander scale in 2008.
I went to sleep election night with the exit polls showing Kerry ahead 
in swing states. But between 1:05 am and 6:41 am the next morning, goblins 
went to work. By dawn, the network's exit poll for Ohio showed Kerry dead even 
with Bush among women, and down by five percentage points among men.
What happened? Were thousands of Bush voters locked in the voting 
booths, released at 2am, then queried about their choices? Not quite. The 
network's polling company applied a fancy "algorithm," a mathematical magic wand, 
to slowly transform the exit polls to match the official count.
And that's bad. By deliberately contaminating the exit polls, the 
networks snuffed the canary that would signal that something was deeply wrong 
about the vote count.
Hunting for a Democrat to defend the Twilight Zone between the exit 
polls and the "official" polls, media grabbed on Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's 
old advisor. An expert at walking that fine line between minor criminality 
and psychopathic ambition, Morris knows which way his next client's wind 
Morris said:
"Exit polls are almost never wrong. So reliable are the surveys that 
actually tap voters as they leave the polling places that they're used 
as guides to the relative honesty of elections in Third World Countries. 
To screw up one exit poll is unheard of. To miss six of them is 
His opening was promising, but then he switches into full Morris:
"It boggles the imagination how pollsters could be that incompetent and 
invites speculation that more than honest error was at play here."
So, Dick, you're telling us there was an evil cabal among six 
pollsters, competitors who don't even like each other, conspiring one dark night 
to make George Bush look like a vote thief.
There's another explanation: Kerry won.
We've got the body (the wounded elections), we've got the bullet holes 
(the missing votes), now where are the smoking guns? How does the GOP 
disappear the vote? And why do Democratic ballots spoil so much more readily than 
Republican ballots? How's it done?
But that little Bill O'Reilly in your head is screaming, Get over it; 
let's move on already.  What they tested in 2000 and practiced in 2004, they 
are preparing to roll out in 2008 big time.
Get the rest of the nasty truth about the election of 2004 and the 
program to steal '08 -- from Republican "caging lists," the "disappearing 
Democrats of Area 51," 50 illustrations and even weirder stuff in ARMED MADHOUSE: 
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"No one has uncovered more about the Bush Dynasty than Greg Palast ... 
and lived to write about it." - Baltimore Chronicle