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  • Karl Rove & Mike Connell GWB43.com Election Theft 2004
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    Karl Rove & Mike Connell GWB43.com Election Theft 2004 2008 Missing White House Emails - MIKE CONNELL DIES IN PLANE CRASH 12/19/08!!!

    UPDATE: 12/20/08
    Karl Roves Computer IT Guru was Mike Connell. Connell worked for McCain. Connell was an expert at setting up websites for the RNC.




    Condolences to Mrs. Connell and their family. This death should be fully investigated.

    Connell built the website for Jeb Bush for his gubernatorial campaign, Jeb.org. In 2000 Connell did special projects for GWB on georgewbush.com for the 2000 election.

    Mike Connell owned New Media Communications, SMARTech Solutions and GovTech Solutions.

    In 2004 Connell designed and managed the election results for the former Ohio Sec. of State Kenneth Blackwell for the November 2004 elections. Funny thing, instead of the computer results tabulated directly in Ohio on the Sec. of State website, they were FIRST tabulated on SMARTech servers in Chattanooga, TN and THEN sent back to the Ohio Sec. of State website. Cyber expert Stephen Spoonamore says there is a great possibility that data was intercepted and changed before returning to the Ohio SOS website. The Man In The Middle scenario (MITM).

    Connell hosted the infamous GWB43.com domain on SMARTech servers in the old bank vault in Chattanooga, TN. GWB43.com was used by Karl Rove and others in the White House and the Bush Administration to send emails that bypassed the mandated regular archiving program at the White House. Thus, violating the Presidential Records Act, which mandates archiving such data.

    On Oct. 11, 2006 Connell met with cyber expert Stephen Spoonamore and asked advice on data destruction technology, which he hoped to use on White House systems. Spoonamore refused to assist in advising Connell on illegal destruction of such data.

    Now everyone wants to see those 5 million (possibly 10 million) missing emails, but the only person who might know what happened to them because they were on his servers was Mike Connell. Rove hopes that people will get tired of waiting for the missing emails and give up. However, the Judiciary Committee still wants to see those emails and there was a subpoena out for Mike Connell to reveal what he knew about the 2004 election and unexplained electronic phenomena regarding the Connally Anomaly in Ohios 2004 election.

    The CONNALLY ANOMALY is statistically impossible as cyber security expert Stephen Spoonamore states:

    As incoming heavily democratic precincts reported how much Kerry was ahead on those precincts, a number of counties would then flip. The total number of voters ended up nearly correct or approximately correct.

    Basically they would just flip Bush and Kerry votes but only in a place where Bush was already winning. So a place where Bush would have won by 54% or 56% he ends up winning by 66% or 67%.

    Meanwhile, a bizarre down ballot event [happened]. You have this woman [Ellen Connally, retired African-American Judge] 7 pages into the ballot who never campaigned in Southern Ohio who never assumed a black democrat from Cleveland ends up getting more votes than Kerry does because they werent flipping her votes! So a person who voted a straight democratic ticket -- that number she has -- I just simply dont believe there were literally tens of thousands of Bush voters in Southern Ohio who also wanted to support an extremely liberal Black Judge from Cleveland. It just boggles the mind that these two numbers would line up!

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