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Supreme Court Won't Review Bush's Terrorism Powers

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government
03 April 2006

Supreme Court won't review Bush's terrorism powers 03 Apr 2006 A divided Supreme Court declined on Monday to decide whether President [sic] George W. Bush has the power in the war on terrorism to order American citizens captured in the United States held in military jails without any criminal charges or a trial. By a 6-3 vote, the court sided with the Bush dictatorship and refused to hear an appeal by Jose Padilla, who was confined in a military brig in South Carolina for more than three years after Bush designated him an "enemy combatant."

Padilla Rejected by Supreme Court on Combatant Status 03 Apr 2006 The U.S. Supreme Court turned away an appeal from accused terrorism supporter Jose Padilla, refusing to question the Bush regime's authority to capture American citizens on domestic soil and hold them as "enemy combatants."