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     The Triumph of America's Supranational Emergency State
    Today marks the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the American Constitution. On October 26, 2001, the Bush administration and U.S. Congress passed the Patriot (Traitor) Act and used the false flag 9/11 attacks to sell it to the American people.

    The prediction that the Traitor Act would help the U.S. National Security State completely take over American society has come true. Useless government agencies like the TSA, FBI, IRS, DEA and CIA have been given carte blanche to spy on Americans and crush dissent.

    In the last few years, illegal TSA checkpoints have been set up across America to control the movement of people and create a false sense of security in the public mind. Their intent is to get Americans to slowly conform to the new totalitarian society in which government officials treat people like mindless cattle and monitor the individual's every move.

    It is wrong to call America's totalitarian beast "a National Security State." It does not provide security and it is not even national. A more fitting term is "Supranational Emergency State." Let me explain.

    America's Emergency State depends on national emergencies like the 9/11 attacks to strengthen its authority and justify its unconstitutional powers. America has been in a state of national emergency since September 23, 2001, when President Bush issued Executive Order 13224 to declare a national emergency.

    National Emergency rhetoric is Washington's version of the religious rhetoric used by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both types of rhetoric have the same function: keep the people dumb and afraid, which is what self-serving politicians, government officials and religious tyrants all desire.

    "National Emergency" conjures up feelings of panic and fear. The thought of Emergency signals to the survival instinct in us, "There is no time to think. Just listen to authority and follow the herd, and you will be safe."

    In this state of mass anxiety, the people can be easily manipulated and exploited by the psywar specialists in the U.S. shadow state. They regularly utilize the strategy of fear to whip up the American people into a highly emotional and warlike state.

    The tyrants in Tehran have a much easier time at achieving the same psychological effects in Iranian society because they use religion. Also, unlike America, Iran's national existence is truly threatened by foreign powers so they are more justified in employing mass psychology tactics against the people.

    But the U.S. Supranational Emergency State has no justification for what it is doing to the American people. The purpose of its national emergency rhetoric is to keep the American people in an unwarranted state of fear, justify the violation of individual rights, mobilize public support for military invasions of other countries, expand executive power, and defend state secrecy laws as well as the CIA's censorship of the truth.

    The rhetoric of national emergency also supports the dominant ideology of the day which is counter-terrorism.

    The ideology of counter-terrorism cannot be maintained without the periodic announcement by the federal government that it "foiled a dangerous terrorist plot against America," or that, "the FBI captured a group of terrorists." This government tactic helps to keep alive the fear of terrorism and reinforces the popular belief in the ideology of counter-terrorism.

    False Flag Terrorism is the most fundamental government strategy in the West's war of terror. For the Anglo-American shadow state, there is nothing like dead bodies on American soil. The mass murder of innocent people is a sight of much pleasure for the killers in the Israeli, British and American shadow governments.

    There are more peaceful ways to wield the psychological weapon that is national emergency rhetoric. For example, power-craving politicians, government officials and the state-run media use the threat of national disasters such as a hurricane to scare the American people beyond any reasonable measure and invoke their own authority which is totally illegitimate.

    But there is a rationale behind all the orchestrated madness. The state managers of terror in America, Israel and the West are not building a supranational emergency state for no reason. The shadow CIA, shadow MI6 and other state intelligence agencies are building a global police state to contain social unrest, popular uprisings and urban riots. They anticipated the global political awakening and movements like Occupy Wall Street, and planned ahead of time to destroy resistance to their policies.

    Their new global authoritarian regime won't be announced to the global public until it is completely constructed and ready to go. At which point, it will pretty much announce itself.

    Do you see the genius of not telling people about a world government until the point of no return has been reached? The sociopathic elite tower above mass reality. They are in tune with the cosmos, not CNN or football.

    There are deep philosophical reasons why Western governments and the establishment media treat the people like they are not even there. In their minds the people don't even exist. Informed media puppets and government officials obviously know that the deeper agenda includes the mass extermination of the global population.

    Since this is the global agenda, why bother telling the people about anything? They are going to die anyway, so let them enjoy their last few years on Earth. This attitude explains why there is so much entertainment on television while the truth is blacked out.

    There is a faint hope that an organized global resistance will emerge, but all the odds are set against us. A lot of so-called activists and reformers still avoid discussing 9/11 truth. Their activism is a joke. If they are afraid of a social taboo then they can't be counted on to resist tyranny.

    Resistance to the illegitimate supranational emergency state will be crushed with guns, concentration camps, torture, government thugs, mercenaries, bioweapons, state terror, military checkpoints, and media propaganda.

    The Occupy Wall Street protesters have yet to realize that the evil mass murderers who control Washington and Wall Street will not give up power easily. They want blood and violence. And they have a brainwashed army of goons who are ready to crack skulls and kill people who disobey government commands.

    They are also in the process of starting a third world war to distract the people of the world from the real struggle for economic justice, freedom and the future of mankind.

    The global chaos and dynamic instability that will result from a world war will be used by the satanic architects of the global regime to sell their nightmarish world government to the remaining world population.

    Before we reach that point, however, global martial law will be declared by governments. Read Paul Joseph Watson's 2010 article, "PDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power," about how this global policy will be implemented in America.

    I'll finish by reminding you that we are all in the middle of a total war that is being waged between the dark forces of Satan and the civilizing angels of God.

    The souls of men and women everywhere are up for grabs.

    So prepare for the epic mental and spiritual battle that is ahead, and fight back, or risk being slaughtered by Satan's new global dictatorship.


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