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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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New Orleans -The Real Problem

I realize it is hard to focus on something other than the figurehead of George Bush, and he certainly deserves the criticism directed at him. But there is something that is much more important. The disaster in New Orleans is the product of a political and economic philosophy. George Bush is NOT solely responsible. Directing anger and blame at George Bush is not productive.

Trickle Down Conservative Compassion is responsible for the disaster in New Orleans !

George bush will be gone, hopefully before the rest of his term . It is MORE IMPORTANT to lay the responsibility for THIS disaster, the Disaster in Iraq , the Energy Disaster, and the Economic Disaster where it belongs...The Conservative Philosophy as personified by George bush and the REPUBLICANS!!!

The REPUBLICANS have been in TOTAL CONTROL of the US for over 5 years. The REPUBLICANS and Compassionate Conservatism IS the problem, not just George bush. The Republican Party and their friends in the CorpoMedia are beginning to realize that Bush* is a liability and are abandoning him like scurrying, frightened RATS.

Don't let the Republican Party scapegoat George Bush and distance themselves from him.
They WILL try to save themselves and the failed Conservative Philosophy by blaming George Bush in 2006.

*Starving Government until it can be drowned in a bathtub IS the problem!

*Tax Cuts for the RICH and Corporate Welfare for the RICHEST Corporations IS the problem!

*Redistributing money TO THE RICH instead of funding programs necessary for the National Security IS THE PROBLEM!

*Privatizing essential services and Utilities IS the problem!

*Dismantling our Social Services IS the problem!

*Consolidating Corporate Power into fewer hands IS the problem!

*the inherent RACISM and CLASSISM of the Republican philosophy IS the problem!

*The Dream of the RICH to PRIVATIZE the WORLD IS the problem!

*Faith Based initiatives that direct public money to Private Pockets IS the Problem!

*Control of the Media and Communication in the hands of a few MEGA RICH Corporations IS the problem!

*Wal-Mart (generic) destruction of the economic base for communities, towns, and neighborhoods IS the Problem!

*Corrupt politicians (BOTH Parties) with obvious and transparent Conflict of Interests IS the problem!

*Trade Organizations that exist Outside and Above National Governments and Borders that DO NOT ANSWER to the PEOPLE that is the problem!

*The LACK of a Political Party that represents Minorities, the Working American, and the POOR IS the problem!

*The RICH (top 1%) come first, FUCK everyone else IS the problem!

Don't just blame George.
Blame the Republican Party!
Trickle Down Conservative Compassion IS the PROBLEM!

The Republican Ownership Society

The Democratic Party is a BIG TENT, but there is NO ROOM for those who advance the agenda of THE RICH (Corporate Owners) at the EXPENSE of LABOR and the POOR.