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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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'Down and Dirty' News And Dark Side Of Bush Family Taboo In Washington Press; Neo Con Thugs Intimidate Publisher To Pull Plug On Book Exposing Corruption And Treason Within The Administration

Washington writer finds new publisher after neo cons try to silence his work linking the Bush family and the administration to drug smuggling, gun running and the illegal diamond trade. Further, he claims the Bush administration is turning a blind eye and condoning the illegal activity of Victor Bout, a well-known Russian arms dealer.

July 1, 2005

By Greg Szymanski

Not far from the White House, a man sits alone in a makeshift office, writing stories and covering the dirty side of Bush family politics. Itís a lonely, thankless job, a job most people wouldnít touch with a ten-foot pole, especially in todayís oppressive political climate.

But free lance writer and author Wayne Madsen likes news to be "down and dirty, " likes pushing political dirt aside in an attempt to get at the truth.

He canít work for the mainstream media anymore since anything close to bringing down the neo con stranglehold on Washington is taboo in papers like the Washington Post and New York Times.

So he punches out stories on the Internet, primarily at and looks for alternative publications or foreign papers not afraid to uncover "dirt" and take on the powerful Bush family name.

And in a town where major newspapers simply ignore President Bushís dark side, Madsen has more than enough shoveling to do every day but very few places to unload it.

In a healthy country where diverse views are accepted and freedom of speech honored, Madsenís story wouldnít even be a story. But in a "Bush America" where a strange evangelical stranglehold has silenced critical thinking and writing, a spotlight now shines on his solitary literary story, serving as a stark example just how far down the fascist road weíve traveled in such a short time.

After trying unsuccessfully to sell stories about 9/11 and other assorted neo con scandals and having lost a book publisher through intimidation by Bush political operatives, Madsen didnít quit or turn in his computer station into the local Gestapo unit.

He simply regrouped his journalistic forces, created his small "news shop" along side the big boys and set out on a personal mission, a mission dedicated to the old muck racking journalists like Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson, writers of the old and scandalous Washington Merry-Go-Round column

Madsen said these types of journalists, who made a living at digging dirt up on politicians and had a place to print it, have become dinosaurs since major news outlets seem to be protecting politicians instead of actively exposing their misdeeds.

And he claims papers like The Post, The Times and others have turned into nothing more than a government mouthpiece, slapping Bush on the hand every now and again but never giving him the body blows he truly deserves.

How can major newspapers remain oblivious to the glaring truth about a flawed government story about 9/11? How can they basically give the Bush family a free ride when it comes to their suspicious involvement with the bin Ladens and many other multi-national corporations and defense contractors cheating the American people?

How can papers ignore the illegal nature of the Iraqi war and ignore clear evidence showing Bush doctored WMD intelligence reports to justify the invasion? How can they continue to ignore mounting evidence that Bush stole the 2004 election by his operatives tampering with computers?

"Itís easy," said Madsen in a telephone conversation from Washington D.C. "When a total of seven corporations control all the major news outlets, all of them in the pocket of the neo cons, itís pretty easy to quickly get rid of any major dissenting opinions.

"Thatís what has happened and thatís why if you say anything contrary to Bush or the neo con agenda, you are immediately targeted, black balled and not allowed to publish or work. Itís similar to how it was done in Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union .

"I know because it happened to me. When I started breaking stories about the Israeli and Arab connection with the 9/11 hijackers, as well as solid stories that the FBI had prior knowledge of 9/11, most of my free lance writing outlets stopped mysteriously dried up and stopped carrying any of my stories.

"I know for a fact the Bush operatives applied pressure and intimidation since anything contrary to the official story put out by Dick Cheney and Karl Rove is off limits."

Madsen said not only where his stories suppressed in the mainstream publications, but the "Bush people" also applied pressure to his original book publisher about a year ago.

"When the administration received word I was working on a controversial book, linking the Bush family to acts of corruption and treason, using covert private, military and oil companies, my first publisher opted out of the project, bending to the political pressure," said Madsen who has since found another one.

His book in progress entitled "Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops and Brass Plates" is set to be on bookshelves in early 2006. That is, he says, if the neo cons donít get their "dirty hands on my work another time."

Madsen claims if all goes well, readers will get a highly detailed book tracing an intricate web of corporate corruption, including drug smuggling, gun running and money laundering, all condoned and leading back to the Bush family and other high-ranking administration officials.

"Obviously, itís not something they want to see," added Madsen. "These are vicious people, led by Karl Rove, who will do anything and everything to stay in power. This is really neo-McCarthyism all over again. And, whatís worse, if they are allowed to remain in power one more term, I donít give our country more than 20 years left before it breaks apart like the Soviet Union .

"To a lot of people this just sounds like "parlor talk" but there is a lot of truth behind these words if you look at the independent succession movements forming across the country in states like Vermont , the Pacific Northwest and on the Canadian borders

"You see, these evangelicals in power are guided by a destruction of the earth mentality in preparation of the second -coming of the messiah. 9/11 was like a wet dream to them and they want 7 billion people to die in order to realize their insane religious philosophies.

Commenting about 9/11, which he definitely feels was orchestrated by the U.S. government to further its empire-making agenda, Madsen claims the American people have been denied the truth by the administrationís underhanded but effective tactics in manipulating the news and then silencing the truth-tellers and critics afterwards.

"Iíve recently read the story about William Rodriguez, the WTC janitor and the other eye witnesses with him who have evidence that the WTC came down from explosives," said Madsen about a story that recently surfaced in the American Free Press revealing eye witness testimony categorically refuting the official version of the WTC collapse.

"Rove through his operatives get to the major publishers, convincing them to publish only stories in line with the official version of 9/11," said Madsen. "Anybody like Rodriguez who goes against Cheney, Rove and the official story is put out to pasture and never heard from again. And it doesnít matter if you are a high-ranking official, Dan Rather or William Rodriguez. If you talk against the neo cons, youíre simply out."

Regarding how he thinks 9/11 really occurred, he added:

"Oh, the neo cons definitely pushed the envelope, orchestrated it and allowed it to happen. But it doesnít surprise me if you look at the Bush family history and their willingness to negotiate with criminals. Prescott, the grandfather, had ties and negotiated with Hitler, George H. with Noreaga and George W. now with the Taliban and the Saudis."

Since Madsen enjoys following the "money trail" leading to corruption, asked what were some of the other most disturbing facets unique to the Bush administration besides the glaring problems of the Iraq war and 9/11, he said:

"When Bush first entered office one of the first things he did was change federal regulations, allowing defense contractors who bid on government contracts to be headquartered in offshore place like Bermuda . Haliburton is well-known but there now are many other Ďlittle Haliburtonsí operating under the radar screen difficult to uncover.

"Also, since Bush took over, the Department of Justice is turning a blind eye and not taking an aggressive approach at a network of criminal activity, going on in places like Iraq , by the Russian, Ukrainian and Israeli Mafia active in drug smuggling, gun running and the illegal diamond trade.

"I touch on this heavily in my book and remember the name of Victor Bout, well known by the administration as a worldwide Russian illegal arms dealer. Bout owns hundreds of aircraft companies, difficult to trace, but used to carry on his illegal war trade.

"I believe Bush and the neo cons are protecting Bout, allowing him to facilitate war, since recently only a small portion of his assets have been frozen, allowing him to continue his illegal activities."

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Greg Szymanski