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Bush surrounds Louisiana with armed Mexican troops

Total Information Analysis | September 9 2005

As the White House unsuccessfully insists on seizing control of the Louisiana National Guard to institute full-blown martial law in New Orleans , it has brought in foreign troops moving on the Western and Eastern borders of the state.


Armed Mexican Troops on US Soil

Washington Post/AP Thursday, September 8, 2005; 4:31 PM is peddling the government line that the soldiers are unarmed, but does note that the Mexican Navy has brought hardware to the Mississippi Gulf Coast:
LAREDO, Texas -- A Mexican army convoy of nearly 200 people crossed the border into the United States on Thursday to bring aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina, becoming the first Mexican military unit to operate on U.S. soil since 1846.

Mexico 's first disaster aid mission to the United States was greeted at the border by dignitaries from both countries.

The Mexican government already was planning another 12-vehicle aid convoy for this week. It has sent a Mexican navy ship toward the Mississippi coast with rescue vehicles and helicopters.

But Alex Jones is reporting from several sources the troops in Texas are armed! From :

Two separate credible sources known to Alex Jones have reported that armed combat ready Mexican troops have entered Texas .

The Associated Press reported today that unarmed Mexican troops were being escorted by the US army to help relief efforts for hurricane Katrina.

However, the report was only specific to one convoy. The convoys reported to Alex Jones are said to be fully armed with Heckler & Koch German assault rifles.

The first sighting occurred at 12:30 on Highway 183 traveling towards Austin . The eyewitness described at least ten vehicles, four jeeps (other witnesses described them as Humvees) and six combat trucks brimming with armed Mexican troops wearing body armor, helmets and rifles. The troops riding in the jeeps were wearing holstered hand guns.

The vehicles were not being escorted by the US army or any other government vehicles and the vehicles were festooned with insignia reading 'Mexico MP's' and the Mexican flag.

The second sighting of a similar nature occurred north of Austin on I35 near Georgetown Texas .
The following Louisiana authorities must be alerted about the threat of armed foreign troops brought into the country by the Bush Administration.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco: 1-866.310.7617, (225) 342-0991, (225) 342-7015 or (225) 925-1938.

Louisiana State Police: (225) 925-4755, (225) 925-6118,

Louisiana National Guard: 225-925-7524.

Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness: 225-925-7500