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  • Will Obama “Change” The Bush Police State Or Expand It?

    Will Obama “Change” The Bush Police State Or Expand It?

    Prison Planet
    November 5, 2008

    Will liberals go back to sleep now the “messiah” has arrived?

    Paul Joseph Watson
    [1] Prison Planet.com
    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Now that Barack Obama has become the 44th President of the United States we offer a challenge - will those who elected him be able to progress past their fawning idolatry and actually pressure Obama to deliver on his mandate of “change,” or will the architecture of the Bush police state remain in place while the American empire expands?

    Obama’s acceptance speech assertion that “change has come to America” is likely to signal the beginning and end of the “change” that millions of Americans naively thought they were voting for.

    That’s it folks, the puppet has been rotated. Sorry to be so cynical, but the “change” you thought you were electing is already over and done with. The color of his skin matters about as much as whether he has an R or a D next to his name. The egregious spending will continue, government will balloon in size, American soldiers will be used as cannon fodder for more interventionist wars of the military-industrial complex, U.S. citizens will continue to have their phone calls tapped and their rights curtailed, and the Federal Reserve will continue to rule the financial system with an iron fist while the middle class is squeezed out of existence.

    How can Obama claim that “change has come to America” when he hasn’t even set foot in the White House? What specifically has Obama promised to change beside his plan to redecorate the White House?

    It seems that a lot of the truthers and activists, as well as the liberal left, seem to have forgotten that the responsibility to “change” America rests with the American people. As Gandhi said, we have to be the change we want to see in the world.

    Obama is no messiah, he is a representative, a public servant, for those that elected him into office. Will those that voted for him in the name of changing eight years of Bush administration malfeasance hold his feet to the fire and demand the repeal of the American police state that Bush has crafted, or will they simply go back to sleep and consider their work done simply because another Democrat is in office?

    The majority of liberals gleefully supported or simply ignored the bombing of Serbia and the genocidal sanctions against Iraq because of the cult of personality built up around Bill Clinton. Will Obama be another ideologue for the left to associate their power with or will they actually demand that he restore America to the Constitution? Will the left ninny and obsess about non-issues like gay marriage and welfare programs while allowing the Bush police state to remain in place?

    Remember, the Democrats were handed the Congress and the Senate in 2006 with a mandate for change. What has changed since that time? Nothing whatsoever. American troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act is still in place, phone calls are still being tapped and war criminals who committed impeachable offences still go free.

    But in an attempt to avoid being labeled “right-wing racists” and all manner of spurious labels now being carelessly heaped upon anyone who doesn’t follow the herd and bow down at the feet of Lord Obama, we’re going to remain constructive and set Obama, and by extension those that voted for him, some challenges to bring real “change” to America and restore the country to the Constitution and the ideals of the Founders that Obama mentioned in his speech last night.

    Let’s be generous and give Obama the whole four years of his initial term to make significant progress on the following issues. Here are some questions about “change” that we are going to be keeping track of until 2012.

    - Will Obama repeal Patriot Acts I and II as well as reversing Bush’s signing statement and acknowledging the repeal of the John Warner Defense Authorization Act?

    - Will Obama support Dennis Kucinich’s efforts to bring war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and others for deceiving the country into a war or will he protect them against such charges like Nancy Pelosi has done?

    - Will Obama bring war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and others for authorizing torture and will the torture of suspects under U.S. detention, a complete violation of both the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions, cease under an Obama administration?

    - Will Obama withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan without sending them away again to bomb another broken-backed third world country in the name of a UN-supported “humanitarian” war?

    - Will Obama end the warrantless secret surveillance and phone-taps of American citizens?

    - Will Obama follow through on his rhetorical support for the second amendment or will he seek to ban guns [3] as he did in Illinois?

    - Will Obama cease his support for the Bush-administration backed banker bailouts, [4] hated by the majority of Americans, and target the real cause of the problem - the Federal Reserve - or will he continue to give taxpayers’ money to banks who are merely [5] hoarding it all for themselves?

    - Will Obama seek to continue the militarization of America and preparations for martial law through Northcom and the secret government or will he dismantle the police state that has been constructed over the last eight years by the Bush administration?

    There can be no excuses - either Obama will be proven to be a liar or he will, backed by Democratic control of Congress and the Senate, follow through on his mandate for “change”.

    People like Congressman Ron Paul are too long in the tooth and have watched too many political campaigns to glibly jump on the bandwagon of political platitudes.

    Those caught up in Obama fever who would have otherwise voted for Ron Paul should heed the warnings of Dr. No.

    As the coming of the new messiah drew closer, Paul had some sobering reminders for a CNN audience last night, pointing out that Obama will not cut spending, government will get bigger and more intrusive, foreign policy will remain the same and unpopular financial bailouts will continue.

    We hope we are wrong, but forgive us for our cynicism, because whatever has emerged from the two-party monopoly in the past has always proven to be the problem - not the solution.

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