9-11 Inside Job

World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 & 7

Fell on Footprint in Free Fall Time (as if with no resistance)


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  • Boycott the Election- It Will Be Stolen Anyway

    The important politicians are owned by the elite bankers.
    Without a massive campaign budget, a candidate cannot afford massive advertising. Without massive advertising, the media will not give a candidate much attention during their election coverage. The media outlets support their biggest patrons like any other business.

    The big election campaign contributors and fundraisers own the politicians. Obama and McCain have massive election campaign budgets because they each bow to the same group of wealthy interests that almost all successful politicians bow to.

    That is why, in the federal arena, there is little to nothing to distinguish the ACTIONS of politicians from each of the two major parties. They may SAY they stand for different things. But would you bet the farm on the word of a politician? I hope not. They have no obligation to be genuine, honest or righteous. Their only obligation is to the interests of the people who fund their political campaigns. Ask yourself this: If some people had just spent several hundred million dollars promoting you for a job, who would you feel an obligation to?

    We are subjects in a system that is not run by politicians but rather by the richest of the rich: the elite bankers.

    And what is the result? If you’re a baby boomer, you’re about to the live the result. You’re about to spend your golden years in a savage economic depression. If you’re in a younger generation, you’re about to be given the burden of supporting the retirement of the biggest generation in known history. And that’s just the broad economics. Wars remain profitable for those that own the politicians. Poisoning children with “psychiatric medication” and vaccines remains profitable for those that own the politicians. Imprisoning people for non-violent offenses remains profitable for those that own the politicians. And keeping you locked in an economic system that eats you up with taxes, inflation and insurance premiums remains extremely profitable for those that own the politicians.

    The problem can be solved. But it will NOT be solved by scampering out to the polls to vote for some political actor, no matter how wonderful their words, no matter how big their smile.

    If you vote for anyone on Election Day you are supporting a system that is NOT run for the benefit of all the people. Your will be supporting a government that is run for the benefit of those who have shown themselves to exploit the people. Voting for ANYONE on Election Day will validate the power of whoever is the winner.
    If a very small minority showed up to vote, the winner of the election would have NO legitimate claim to power or authority.

    I guarantee you this: unless you are among the super-wealthy power brokers that orchestrate or attend big campaign fundraisers, the winner of the election will not feel any obligation at all to you or your family.

    Still feel compelled to vote in the hope you will get the lesser of evils in power? Consider the most righteous personality that you can think of, whoever that may be for you, and ask yourself: would that person show any kind of support for corrupt and decadent leaders, regardless of the apparent options?

    If they are anything like my heroes, they would not compromise. They would find other options that truly support freedom rather than merely talk about it. Social Viability exists to offer options other than the corrupt, juvenile politicians you will find on your voting ballots.
    Don't fight the system: Replace it.

    Boycott the election and buy the book, Social Viability: Founding Policy.