9-11 Inside Job

World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 & 7

Fell on Footprint in Free Fall Time (as if with no resistance)


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  • Webmaster's Opinion Regarding Obama's Election
    Of course, not having four more years of John (George Bush) McCain is a very good result. The fact that the neocons could not or did not hack the election is also very good news.

    With that said, I do not consider myself to be cynical but only a realistic skeptic. If I know that:
    1. there are gaping holes in the 9/11 official conspiracy theory and if anyone looked at, not only what happened on that day, but the political landscape leading up to that day, they would know that 9/11 was an inside job,
    2. the only way to be sure that our votes are counted as they are cast is by using a paper ballot and at the current electronic voting machines are completely hackable and the transmission of the vote count from each precinct to the central tabulator is completely hackable,
    4. the last two presidential elections was stolen by a voter suppression and computer fraud,
    5. the Federal Reserve Bank is a private cartel of banks that operate as any other corporation with a profit motive, that every dollar that they print is lent to this government and in return the Federal Reserve Bank receives a US treasury bond which is a debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank,
    6. that George Bush and his administration intentionally lied to the Congress and the people of this country in order to attack Iraq to control its oil and the oil supply in the Middle East by US military continued presence,

    Then the U.S. Congress knows this or is turning its back on this because at this point they are almost all complicit with the Bush administration and its agenda. It is my opinion that "the powers that be" are not the President and the U.S. Congress but the Secret Government talked about by Bill Moyers in his 1987 documentary that was aired on PBS. You can watch this video on the homepage of my website. This Secret Government is in bed with the military-industrial oil private central banking complex.

    This Bush administration appointed many members of this Secret Government to positions of power. This Secret Government has grown, in conjunction with the military-industrial oil Central banking complex, since the creation of the CIA in the 1940s. This Secret Government planned and orchestrated 9/11 and the rest of the fascist takeover, under the cover of fear of terrorists, is there to be seen if anyone is willing to look at it.

    The "powers that be" will never let the truth be told about 9/11, the Federal Reserve Bank, the stealing of elections by computer fraud end the lies told by the Bush administration to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

    History supports my contention. The truth has never been disseminated by the "powers that be", which now includes the mainstream media, about the Gulf of Tonkin lie to compel the US to attack Vietnam, FDR allowing Pearl Harbor to occur so the US would enter World War II, the CIA's overthrow and/or political assassination of any countries leader who would not succumb to the takeover of that country's resources by multinational corporations with the assistance of the World Bank and the international monetary fund, George HW Bush's lies to start the first Gulf War, George HW Bush's involvement in the Iran Contra affair, the assassinations John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Paul Wellstone, John F. Kennedy Jr., the political assassinations of President Clinton (although he is part of the "powers that be")Eliot Spitzer, Gary Hart and Ross Perot.

    Obama will not promote any criminal prosecution of George Bush and his criminal administration. That is probably part of the deal that he made to become president. Just like Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush were let off the hook by their successors, Obama will do the same. Obama has said many things that clearly indicate that he believes in the validity of the war against terror.

    I do not believe any significant changes will be made by Obama. Real change can only occur if it is not based and built upon lies that have never been officially admitted to. Presidents only have as much power as the “powers that be” permit them to have. If they overstep their permitted boundaries, they will be assassinated just like John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy or politically assassinated like Eliot Spitzer, Gary Hart and Ross Perot, to name a few.

    With all of that said, the people in this country need to wake up and demand that Obama tell the truth and act in accordance with that truth.