9-11 Inside Job

World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 & 7

Fell on Footprint in Free Fall Time (as if with no resistance)


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  • Webmaster's E-mail to President Obama
    Webmaster's E-mail to President Obama
    Go to http://www.change.gov/ and tell him your vision of this country

    I am an attorney who is a realistic skeptic about any real change occurring in this country since the political system is completely corrupted and beyond repair. With that said, I am looking for the following from President Obama;

    A country where the President and Congress tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    A country where the President and Congress are not in the pocket of the military industrial oil private central banking complex.

    A country where foreign policy in the Middle East is determined with the best interests of this country and the world as a whole in mind instead of the best interests of the military-industrial oil private central banking complex and Israel to the detriment of the people in this country and the world.

    A country where the truth about 9/11 being an inside job is exposed by the President and the guilty parties prosecuted.

    A country where the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and its control of the economic policy of this country and the scam that is is exposed.

     A country where the truth about electronic voting machines being used to steal presidential and congressional elections is told and corrected by the use of paper ballots only.

    A country where President Obama breaks from the tradition of letting the president's predecessor off the hook for his administration's crimes. For the Bush administration that would be for Mass Murder, war crimes and treason together with a long list of other felonies.

    I do not expect to receive any real honest, direct response. However, please surprise me and show me that you know what I am referring to in my comments above.

    If you need information regarding what I am talking about (which I hope you do not), please go to my website which is www.911inside job.net.

    Here's hoping