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  • Israeli State of Extortion

    Israeli State of Extortion
    06:16:34 am

    By: Peter Chamberlin

    We are faced with the ever-present and ever-growing problems presented by the state of Israel. The entire world has been given the most sinister ultimatum of all time (and Barack Obama is fully supporting it)- we either make Israeli interests the paramount issue concerning the world today, or else Israel will single-handedly start World War III.

    If we do not take military actions to preserve Israel’s outlaw nuclear edge in the Middle East, then, according to Israel’s supreme leader, Israel will use those nuclear weapons upon Iran (Israel can only do the job with nukes). If the leadership of the world does not alleviate Israeli leaders’ greatest fears through limited, though intense military actions, then Israel will unleash WWIII in the Middle East, effectively destroying the oil-based international order.

    The new American leadership is the most craven, sniveling, and condescending to Israeli demands, of all previous administrations. Never before has an American administration had to publicly reverse itself because of demands openly made upon it by the Zionist state, concerning illegal settlements and other ethnic cleansing measures. To then be forced to announce to the world the reversal of the defense and arms control strategy of the previous administration, to make protecting Israel more important than protecting Europe, is a stinging indictment of Obama Administration loyalties.

    The missiles were never really there because of Iran, merely a tool to antagonize Putin. By reversing the Bush deployment policy for ABM systems (allegedly intended to protect Europe from Iranian missiles), moving those missiles which represented no real threat to Iran, to positions between Israel and Iran (on ships in the Persian Gulf and from missiles based on Arab soil), the only superpower was humiliated before the world, while billions of American defense dollars were shifted to investing in protecting the world from the actions of the shitty little mad dog state.

    The US military is helping making Israel immune from rocket and missile attack, while there are no such defenses for the either the United States or the European Union. If Israel were really either an island of “democracy” or an outpost of freedom in the Middle East, then it might merit such unprecedented world protection—but it is neither.

    In point of fact, the Zionist state is the opposite of both of those ideals. Ruled by a small ruthless minority, the “state,” which has stolen every square inch of property from a powerless unarmed populace, proceeds to destroy every conceivable avenue of change for the better, even that of peaceful coexistence, in order to follow a similar path calculated for gain and furtherance of the secret goal. That goal is the establishment of “Greater Israel,” an un-Biblical concept, used to claim Biblical “divine right” allegedly promised to the real descendents of Abraham.

    The Obama Administration represents nothing short of a “gold mine” for Israel, because of the great policy changes that are being made in their favor. We are seeing the pay-off from the heavy Zionist stacking within the Obama Administration that exceeds the record number of Zionists in the previous two administrations. Bush had become an obstacle to Israeli designs in the region, simply because they would take no action against Iran, the only obstacle to complete Israeli domination of the region.

    Obama has served his Zionist overlords very well. Obama’s theatric ultimatums to Iran have distracted the world from the building international pressure that was being generated for war crimes investigations by public reactions to the fascist war of ethnic cleansing in Gaza. The “Cast Iron” campaign of terror was giving substance to legitimate comparisons being made between the fascist Israeli actions and those of the Nazis, leading also, to the Goldstone Report on war crimes in Gaza. The war against Iran, which the Israelis are demanding, can only be avoided by a total confrontation of those demands.

    Over the years, the American people have stood in silent witness, as this Constitutional Republic has been slowly reshaped into a police state by the subversive financial powers. The population has been conditioned through a series of psyops, staged dramas, intended to accept familiarize the people with the encapsulated plotline. We have been encouraged to believe in the inevitability of a militarized world. Every medium screams that Brave New World is an inevitability, never mentioning that those who are sounding the warning are the same ones who are planning it all.

    Since the days of WWI, powerful forces within the United States and Europe have created war as an instrument for social change. The people could be convinced into accepting all sorts of bad things in the name of “self-defense.” Wall St. financiers first bankrolled the Bolsheviks of Russia, repeating the same successful formula a few years later by funding the National Socialists of Germany. The “Islamist militants” are merely the latest model of America’s perennial pre-fabricated enemy. The “Islamist” psyop serves the interests of the Zionist world financiers today and no one else.

    The problem with Israel is that the Zionist leaders there have taken the lead role in the psyop and they don’t intend to let anyone else call the shots. In this respect, Israel is in partial rebellion to its master, the American ruling class. The Mossad hand in the creation of the international “Islamist” network gives them an inside track to effect the outcome of planned terror events. Israeli agents, stationed strategically throughout American government, the press, academia and the military, maintain their chokehold on America. America will serve one last time, as Israel’s attack dog, until the once proud Nation strangles on its own vomit and wallows in its own feces, as it struggles for life, dangling at the end of the chain over the side of the cliff, after it has outlived its usefulness.

    The parasitic Zionist bankers and the system that they have used to drain the life from this Nation and the world, fully intend to use the full power of the massive military-industrial complex that they have created to seal the global arrangement that they have also created. World War III, just like the two world wars before it, were unnecessary, planned events. Americans never catch-on, because they are too trusting, our fatal weakness.

    After the dust settles from the next unnecessary planned world war, the inhuman bankers will have a stranglehold on food production for the surviving remnant, with their genetically modified seeds and industrial farms. They will have the same death grip on all fuel and shipping resources, in addition to control of the world bank and the world government.

    Government action is already in play in the former American Congress to cause all of this. Israeli-owned senators and representatives have already given the president the necessary emergency powers to enact the destruction of the Republic. They have legislation waiting until Obama’s Iranian ultimatum passes in October, to carry-out the necessary military strangulation of Iran, as well as the major military actions planned to pursue the imaginary enemy “al Qaida.” That will start the ball rolling. “Hate crime” legislation will then pass swiftly, as part of the next escalation of emergency powers, beginning with a broad suspension of all civil rights under “Patriot Act III.”

    The only thing that will prevent all of this is millions of bodies in the streets, either dead ones, or alive ones. We really are “the change that we have been waiting for.” If we don’t pour into the streets now, while we are still somewhat free, we will have to do it later with our Second Amendment rights in our hands.

    There will be a second revolution in America, a revolution against a different hidden, colonial power. We have the privilege of shaping that revolution into something that the survivors can all be proud of, instead of one that none can take pride in. If we cannot unseat the Zionists within our own government in a peaceful national protest against where they are taking us against our will, then whoever comes after our time will make no such distinctions between the political Zionists and the Jewish-American community which they have historically abused in order to maintain their illegitimate criminal power.

    Our only remaining decision in the matter is what form that revolution will take. If we fail to make a peaceful revolution now, then the option will be taken from our hands by the real “anti-Semites” who are sure to follow.

    The Peoples Voice @ thepeoplesvoice.org

    By: Peter Chamberlin peter.chamberlin@naharnet.com
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