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"White House Memo" Drives a Stake into the Heart of White House Lies
By Bob Fertik

Created 2006-03-28 01:19

Something remarkable happened Monday: the Corporate Media finally
got sick of Bush's endless lies about Iraq, and started to tell the

The immediate cause was a front-page New York Times story about
the "White House Memo," a 5-page report on the White House meeting
between George Bush and Tony Blair on January 31, 2003 - seven weeks
before the invasion of Iraq.

At that time, millions of us were protesting around the world. We
all knew Bush wanted war - that's why we were protesting! - but Bush
insisted publicly that he did not, and the Corporate Media let him
get away with his lies.

The "White House Memo" proves that Bush was lying - saying one thing
in public while saying the opposite in private. In private, he told
Tony Blair that war was inevitable, and that it didn't matter if
WMD's were found or if the U.N. adopted a resolution actually
authorizing the invasion.

In fact, Bush was so desperate for war that he proposed painting a
U.S. spy plane with U.N. colors and flying it over Iraq to provoke
an attack. But even if Saddam refused the bait, Bush told Blair the
bombing would begin on March 10. Bush wanted war, no matter what.

The Times article caused White House reporters to challenge Scott
McClellan at the morning press gaggle. And in the evening,
the "White House Memo" was featured on two key cable shows -
Hardball with Chris Matthews and Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Why is the truth finally breaking through? Because of us - all of

We marched by the millions before the war and predicted misery and
horror, and we were right. When the Downing Street Memos proved Bush
planned war all along, we created our own media
( to tell the story the Corporate
Media refused to tell. When we got tired of being ignored, we
commissioned our own polls and began a grassroots impeachment
movement ( to tell Congress and the media that
we would ultimately hold Bush accountable for his lies.

And now we have reached a turning point in our "long march" for
Truth. Everyone in the world knows in their heart that Bush lied.
Soon everyone will say it out loud: Bush Lied. When millions of
Americans say those two simple words - and the media finally joins
us - Bush's reign of fear will come to a crashing halt.

That day cannot come soon enough for the people of America and the

Let's seize the moment we've demanded for five long years. Call your
favorite talk shows. Write letters to your favorite newspapers. Call
and write your Representatives and Senators. Our message is simple
and clear: Bush Lied so he must be Impeached.

The Bush Era must end so peace and justice can finally begin. To
honor the thousands who have died for Bush's lies, we cannot settle
for anything less. Now is the time for truth.