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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004

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With a lot of luck, this may be the beginning of the end for the Bush 

Administration. I have decided to create a new page on my web site 

specifically for the news regarding this memo and the reaction of the 

Congress and the people of this country to the news that George Bush 

lied about intelligence in order to support a war against Iraq that he had 

always intended to wage.


'Downing Street Documents' -

Confirmed and Corroborated!

Leaked Top-Secret British Documents Revealing Bush Intended to Launch

a War on Iraq -- No Matter What -- Have Been Proven Legitimate and Correct

John Conyers' Latest Report Provides a Point-by-Point Verification


Complete Set of Downing Street Documents


Downing Street Memo: 'Twisted intelligence; Distorted facts' 

Posted June 8, 2005

The following was released by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) on the 

Downing Street Minutes this morning. Kennedy becomes the first 

senator to raise the issue in the Senate, after earlier reports that 

Massachusetts ' junior senator, John Kerry, would speak about the 

minutes in Washington .

 “The contents of the Downing Street Minutes confirm that the Bush Administration was 

determined to go to war in Iraq , regardless of whether there was any credible justification 

for doing so. The Administration distorted and misrepresented the intelligence in its 

attempt to link Saddam Hussein with the terrorists of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, and 

with weapons of mass destruction that Iraq did not have.


When “Old News” Has Never Been Told U.S. media produce 

excuses, not stories, on Downing Street Memo

Extra! July/August 2005

Julie Hollar and Peter Hart

Journalists typically condemn attempts to force their colleagues to disclose 

anonymous sources, saying that subpoenaing reporters will discourage efforts 

to expose government wrongdoing. But such warnings seem like self-puffery 

after one watches contemporary journalism in action: When clear evidence of 

wrongdoing emerges, with no anonymous sources required, major news outlets 

can still virtually ignore it.



British, U.S. lied about justification for pre-war Iraq airstrikes

08/04/2005 @ 11:58 pm

Special to RAW STORY. Michael Smith writes for the London Sunday Times.

He broke the Downing Street Memo story.

Britain and America ’s reasons for stepping up bombing of Iraq in the ten months

 leading up to the war in Iraq was a sham, official figures released by the British

Ministry of Defense show.

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Geoff Hoon, his UK counterpart,

said the stepped-up attacks by U.S. and Royal Air Force aircraft patrolling the

southern no-fly zone were a response to increased attacks by Iraqi air defences.

The minutes of a meeting of Tony Blair’s Iraq war cabinet on July 23, 2003,

leaked to the London Sunday Times, record Hoon as saying “the US had begun

spikes of activity to put pressure on the regime.”



Dragging the Media Down Downing Street
By David Swanson, 
The U.S.corporate media has begun to awaken to the fact that top Bush 
adviser Karl Rove exposed an undercover CIA agent's identity and then 
lied about it. But reporters, editors, and producers remain slow to pick up 
on the heart of the story, namely that this was part of an extensive 
campaign to deceive the media, the public, and the Congress about the 
justifications for an unjustifiable war. 

Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast


Canon Fodder What's Behind the London Attacks?

By Matt Hutaff

July 7, 2005

Only one word sprang to mind when I heard about the bombings that 

claimed the lives of dozens of Londoners today be convenient.

Is there anything convenient in death, or in thousands of lives destroyed 

from catastrophe? No be and words cannot express the sorrow I feel for 

the men and women changed by today's events. But governments with 

skeletons in their closets have a great deal to gain from a national tragedy 

bolstered by "terrorism."


Stupidity Versus Logic in the Latest "Terror" Attack

By Anthony Wade

July 7, 2005

Just this week, it was reported that England had drafted plans to pull out their troops, 

gone, see you later, victory for al Qaeda, right? So we are to believe then that the 

orchestrated response to these plans was to blow up a double decker bus, in England

Now, can you guess what the most likely response to such an event would be:

1) Pull the troops out faster
2) Galvanize public support, thus keeping the troops in Iraq

Those of you that selected number one, I will assume you work for the Bush 

administration. Those of you that selected number two, good job. Now that we 

have established the enormous stupidity in the England bombings, the next logical 

front to examine is here in the United States .


Democrats Blow Chance to Hold Bush Accountable

for Iraq Policy

Friday, July 1, 2005

Greens press Downing Street Memo and evidence of massive deception, 

responsibility for thousands of dead Iraqi civilians and U.S. troops, and 

the need for impeachment, while Democrats cautiously criticize Bush's

Iraq strategy.

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624,
Nancy Allen, Media Coordinator, 207-326-4576,



Time to Impeach a War Criminal

From Capitol Hill Blue

The Rant
Time to Impeach a War Criminal
Jun 20, 2005, 08:26

Slowly, but steadily, the Downing Street Memo is getting the public
attention it deserves and making the case that President George W.
Bush should be removed from office.

The memo, dated July 23, 2002, is a summary of a meeting between
Richard Dearlove, the head of British intelligence, and senior Bush
Administration officials. This was before Bush started making his
public case to invade Iraq but, according to the memo, the decision
had already been made:

"The intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The
[National Security Council] had no patience with the UN route, and no
enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record.
There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after
military action."


Secret No More: Downing Street Memo

Posted July 2, 2005

Published June 3, 2005



Sir Richard Dearlove, head of Britain 's foreign intelligence service] reported

on his recent talks in Washington . There was a perceptible shift in attitude.

Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam,

through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD.

But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC

[National Security Council] had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm

for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in

Washington of the aftermath after military action.


Downing Street Memo Mostly Ignored in U.S.

Posted July 2, 2005

By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

WASHINGTON — A British government memo that critics say proves the Bush

administration manipulated evidence about weapons of mass destruction in order to

carry out a plan to overthrow Saddam Hussein (search) has received little attention

in the mainstream media, frustrating opponents of the Iraq war.

The "Downing Street Memo" — first published by The Sunday Times of London on

May 1 — summarizes a high-level meeting between Prime Minister Tony Blair (search)

and his senior national security team on July 23, 2002, months before the March 2003

coalition invasion of Iraq .

The memo suggests that British intelligence analysts were concerned that the Bush

administration was marching to war on wobbly evidence that Saddam posed a serious threat to the world.


Ann Wright on the Follies of Bush’s War


On March 19, 2003, President George W. Bush([search]), Jr. launched the illegal, unjust and

immoral Iraqi War. On that same day, Mary A. “Ann” Wright submitted her resignation to

the then-Secretary of State, Colin Powell. A distinguished career diplomat for the U.S.

government for over 16 years, with 29 years of honorable service in the US Army/Army

Reserves, as well, she “disagreed with starting a war with Iraq([search]) without the authorization

of the UN Security Council.” She also underscored her strong opposition to the administration’s

“unbalanced policies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the lack of policy on North Korea and

the unnecessary curtailment of civil liberties in the U.S. under the Patriot Act.” (1)


More Leaked Documents Add Credibility to Downing Street Memo

That Bush 'Doctored' WMD Reports

The new documents shed light on Bush's early decision to invade Iraq and

force regime change without WMD threat and contrary to international law.

More than 150,000 Americans and 89 Congressmen have signed a letter

addressed to Bush demanding accountability and anwers.

June 14, 2005

By Greg Szymanski

The heat is on the White House to explain the infamous Downing Street Memo as President Bush may be tip-toeing on hot coals with the release of at least six more confidential documents, adding credibility he "doctored" WMD intelligence reports to justify an Iraqi invasion.

A letter signed by over 150,000 Americans and 89 Democratic Congressmen, led by Rep. John Conyers, is demanding answers. But six weeks after the explosive memo hit London newsstands and the underground American press, President Bush and the mainstream media have remained strangely silent regarding the accusations.


June 26, 2005

How the leaked documents questioning war emerged from ' Britain 's

Deep Throat'
It started with a phone call and has now swept across America : Michael

Smith tells the tale of his ‘ Downing Street memo’ scoop

It began with a phone call from a friend nearly 10 months ago — somebody

well-placed who had given me a few stories before. But he wasn’t really a

journalistic source, though he has now been dubbed “the British Deep Throat”

by some of the US press.


What it Means to "Support Our Troops"

By Peter Daou,

Tue Jun 28th, 2005

In anticipation of Bush's sure-to-be-platitudinous Iraq speech, bloggers on the

left are in full battle mode, aided by a front page WaPo story on the Downing

Street Memos. From the American Street: "President Bush is making his Iraq

 war speech on Tuesday night. He will drape himself around the troops and

use them to try and sell the nation on a bad war that needs a little love.... The

“We’re fighters, not quitters,” nonsense will be spewing out of his mouth as

mumbled and pointed as ever."

And of course, certain bloggers on the right will employ the double-barreled tactic

of attacking liberals as traitors and expressing "support" for the troops, as though

supporting our troops is as easy as typing a couple of paragraphs about "honor"

and "sacrifice." You'll hear little about what it really means to "support our troops"

 which is to make sure that the living hell they go through on our behalf is backed by

the highest moral and ethical behavior by those of us who stay home and benefit from

their courageous actions, including - and especially - by the leaders who send them

to battle. I'd rather support our troops by demanding honesty, integrity, and morality

of myself and my government than by slapping a bumper sticker on an SUV or

vicariously sharing in their glory by waving a flag and tossing off a blog entry about

how my fellow countrymen and women are lily-livered traitors for demanding that

we go to war based on only the most solid and righteous ethical justification.



POSTED JUNE 20, 2005

Symbolman from Take Back the Media

Travelled to Washington DC to Videotape

the Downing Street Minutes Hearing, the Rally, 

and Representative Conyers Delivering the

Petition and Signatures 

to the White House.


Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans

By THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer

Posted June 20, 2005

When Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief foreign policy adviser dined with

Condoleezza Rice six months after Sept. 11, the then-U.S. national security

adviser didn't want to discuss Osama bin Laden or al-Qaida. She wanted to

talk about "regime change" in Iraq , setting the stage for the U.S.-led invasion

more than a year later.



Rally in DC about Downing St. Memo

Streaming Video of Rally on June 16, 2005


Conyers Hearings on Downing Street Memo-June 17, 2005

Very Powerful Streaming Video of Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star Families for Peace

This hyperlink will bring you to the Home Page of Crooks and Liars Website.

You will have to locate this particular streaming video on this page.



Conyers’ Hearings on Downing St. Memo-June 17, 2005




This hyperlink will bring you to the Home Page of Crooks and Liars Website.

You will have to locate this particular streaming video on this page.


Congressman Conyers Response to Washington Post Article

Posted June 18, 2005

Dear Sirs:

I write to express my profound disappointment with Dana Milbank's June 17 report, 

"Democrats Play House to Rally Against the War," which purports to describe a 

Democratic hearing I chaired in the Capitol yesterday. In sum, the piece cherry-picks 

some facts, manufactures others out of whole cloth, and does a disservice to some 

30 members of Congress who persevered under difficult circumstances, not of our 

own making, to examine a very serious subject: whether the American people were 

deliberately misled in the lead up to war. The fact that this was the Post's only coverage 

of this event makes the journalistic shortcomings in this piece.


Conyers Issues Statement in Advance of Hearing; 

122 Dems Onboard


Filed by RAW STORY

Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) issued this statement in advance of his 

hearing on the Downing Street documents: Few issues are more important

under our constitutional form of government than the decision to go to war and

place our soldiers lives at risk. It is no insignificant matter when in the fall of 2002

President Bush told us that war would be his last resort. It is not unimportant when

on March 6, 2003, the president promised us, "I've not made up [my] mind about

military action." Over the last two months, the veracity of those statements has -

to put it mildly -- come into question.


Downing Street Memo: 'Twisted intelligence; 

Distorted facts' 

Posted June 8, 2005

The following was released by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) on the 

Downing Street Minutes this morning. Kennedy becomes the first 

senator to raise the issue in the Senate, after earlier reports that 

Massachusetts ' junior senator, John Kerry, would speak about the 

minutes in Washington .

 “The contents of the Downing Street Minutes confirm that the Bush 

Administration was determined to go to war in Iraq , regardless of whether 

there was any credible justification for doing so. The Administration distorted 

and misrepresented the intelligence in its attempt to link Saddam Hussein 

with the terrorists of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, and with weapons of 

mass destruction that Iraq did not have.  


The War to Deceive America Into War -- And the War to 

Cover Up the Deception

Posted June 7, 2005
Before America went to war with Afghanistan , another war was underway -- 

against its own people: the war to deceive America into attacking Iraq . This is 

no longer a theory or conjecture; it is a documented fact.

Those in the Mainstream Media, including the New York Times and Washington

Post, who choose to ignore this reality, or couch it in qualifying terms

(such as "unproven assertions") are no longer trying to debunk a conspiracy,

because the deliberate deception that forced America into war with Iraq is not a

conspiracy theory.

In fact, the evidence is so abundant and damning, it is those who deny the

reality that the Bush Administration intentionally deceived America into a

ruinous war based on calculated lies who are part of an untenable conspiracy theory.


Video-Powell and Rice in 2001 State that 

Iraq Is No Threat

Posted June 6, 2005



Special to BuzzFlash

By Greg Palast

Posted June 6, 2005

Here it is. The smoking gun. The memo that has "IMPEACH HIM" written 

all over it.
The top-level government memo marked "SECRET AND STRICTLY 

PERSONAL," dated eight months before Bush sent us into Iraq , following a 

closed meeting with the President, reads, "Military action was now seen as inevitable. 

Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action justified by the conjunction 

of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."


Administration's Offenses Impeachable
    By Robert Shetterly
     Bangor Daily News

 Posted June 5, 2005

    Let's consider an item from the news of about two weeks ago:

    A British citizen leaked a memo to London's Sunday Times. The memo was of the 

written account of a meeting that a man named Richard Dearlove had with the Bush 

administration in July 2002. Dearlove was the head of the England's MI-6, the equivalent 

of the CIA. On July 23, 2002, Dearlove briefed Tony Blair about the meeting. He said 

that Bush was determined to attack Iraq. He said that Bush knew that US intelligence had

no evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no links to foreign terrorists, 

that there was no imminent danger to the US from Iraq. But, since Bush was determined 

to go to war, "Intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy." "Fixed" means faked,

manufactured, conjured, hyped - the product of whole cloth fabrication.

    So we got aluminum tubes, mushroom clouds imported from Niger, biological weapons

labs in weather trucks, fear and trembling, the phony ultimatums to Saddam Hussein to turn

over the weapons he didn't have and thus couldn't. We got the call to arms, the stifling of

dissent, the parade of retired generals strategizing on the "news" shows, with us or against us,

flags in the lapel, a craven media afraid to look for a truth that might disturb their corporate

owners who would profit from the war. Shock and Awe. Fallujah. Abu Ghraib.

    It was all a lie. Many of us have said for a long time it was a lie. But here it is in black and

white: Lies from a president who has taken a sacred trust to uphold the Constitution of the United States .

    So, what does it mean? It means that our president and all of his administration are war

criminals. It's as simple as that. They lied to the American people, have killed and injured and

traumatized thousands of American men and women doing their patriotic duty, killed at least

100,000 Iraqi civilians, destroyed Iraq's infrastructure and poisoned its environment, squandered

billions and billions of our tax dollars, made a mockery of American integrity in the world,

changed the course of history, tortured Iraqi prisoners, and bound us intractably to an insane

situation that they have no idea how to fix because they had no plan, but greed and empire, in the first place.