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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Depleted, it ain't!


So-called Depleted Uranium, that is!

George Lakoff, guru of "reframing." Lakoff suggested

relabeling the issue: "radioactive weaponry."  The name

"depleted uranium" was carefully selected to imply

harmlessness. "Radioactive weaponry" raises a red flag.

by Bob Nichols

Project Censored Award Winner


( Oklahoma City , Red State of Delusion) The term "Depleted Uranium" is misleading, on purpose. So-called "Depleted uranium"  results from making hydrogen bombs. The CIA tries to deceive us all, all the time. They have succeeded for 55 years. George Lakoff blows the lid off the "Big Lie" about uranium weapons use.

Processing natural uranium removes about half of the bomb making material. It is then called "depleted uranium" by the powers that be, because it can no longer be used to make H-Bombs; but, it is used to make uranium bullets, shells, land mines and regular bombs instead.

The so-called "depleted uranium" is 88% as radioactive as the original uranium. There is a huge amount, about 1.5 billion pounds, of "depleted uranium" at H-bomb factories in the US .

The word depleted does not mean the uranium is safe or OK to use, it means it has been used to make H-Bombs, that's all.

A less deceptive name would be George Lakoff's "Radioactive Weaponry." 

Or "12% depleted uranium;" but, Lakoff's term "Radioactive Weaponry" better describes what the US Military is currently widely using in Iraq and Central Asia .