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The American Legacy: Iraqi Genocide
by Greg Anderson
Mon May 30 2005

Poisoning is one of the worst ways to die, both slow and painful.
Radiation poisoning coming in the form of consumed and breathed in
uranium dust is doubly worse.

It means adult diapers, unbearable and unimaginable pain. Cancers and
tumors. There is no treatment and there is no cure to uranium poisoning.
It is slow, accumulative, and it may take you years to die with symptoms
as varying and diverse as the cancers it causes.

Uranium is being used in the ammo of American troops. It vaporizes and
turns to dust upon impact with it's target. It explodes in a shower of
sparks and burns. The uranium, however, does not dissappear. The uranium
and uranium oxide dust linger in the earth and the air long afterwards.
The US generals are adviced and trained to avoid targets hit by uranium
bullets. Several miles around the targets should be cleaned to make it
safe, according to US military advisories.

This ammo is considered invaluable to the performance of the US military.
It is deemed necessary by the generals, in order to destroy the ragtag
Iraqi opposition and resistance forces. - Serves to work like the grinding
down of a nuclear reactor core to dust and spreading the dust into the
wind. It is intended to be consumed and enmeshed in the unwanted
population and their food chain for ever. Millions of rounds of DU have
been used and continue to be used to this effect in Iraq . Uranium's
superior penetration ability to destroy it's targets is, after all, only
second in it's ability to kill and destroy the people who consume it.

The lingering uranium dust, though of depleted uranium, still serves as a
super toxin in a human body. Called depleted, because it no longer
releases massive dosages of active beta radiation that carries far in the
air and environment. It becomes virtually undetectable in the environment.
All forms of uranium still release deadly alpha-radiation that carries
only millimeters in the air and body. It doesn't carry or reach far in the
air, but inside the human body it is a satanic super-toxin that both
poisons and irradiates the victim. It destroys cellular structures and
damages the DNA in the short range. It causes ionization, the releasing of
cancerous free radicals and causes mutations in the cellular DNA of the
human body. It is due to this that the consumption of uranium is so
deadly. It means mutant babies. Or blobs of flesh, as sometimes that is
what results of pregnancies, - beings that can no longer be called humans.

Depleted uranium dust, though not immediately deadly, is one of the worst
mutagenous substances ever invented by man. As the dust it is slowly
consumed, eaten and breathed by everyone, and everything. Enriching in the
body. Like Agent Orange, with it's millions of victims to day, it is a
gift that keeps on giving to the people who got it. With a half life of
4.5 billion years, DU will be there to stay. The uranium will not
deactivate itself, or remove itself from the biosphere, or cleanse itself
from the land once the war for oil is over. It is there to stay, as

The Iraqi people will be living with the uranium dust left by Americans,
long after the era of oil wars is finally over, for billions of years to
come. If you can call them people at that stage anymore. The permeating
presence of cancerous and mutagenous substances will most likely
extinguish the long term prospects and sustainability of human form life
in the Iraqi region altogether.

What will remain is uncertain, but one thing we do know: human beings can
not survive in the DU-encrusted environment of Iraq . This fact is
beginning to gather massive amounts of evidence behind it, as the Iraqi
population has begun to give births to numerous mutants. Child mortality
has more than doubled since the American invasion, and cancer rates are
through the roof. Failed pregnancies are through the roof. Iraqis, who
once had the lowest cancer rates and child mortality in all of the Arab
lands, are now the worst suffering people.

In the long term, the Iraqi population of 50 million people is effectively
doomed, whether they know it or not, thanks to US military's use of
uranium ammunition.

The fascism and racist nationalism now apparent in many major US
newspapers and web blogs, tells stories of how the majority of americans
are welcoming this, even openly call for it, as some advocate for the
poisoning of Iraqi water and food supplies with uranium dust to further
and speed the poisoning of the people.

Likewise numerous blogs of mostly republican americans recount how they
took it upon themselves to buy a copy of Quran, urinated on it, and use it
as toilet paper or feed it to their pigs just to spite the Arabs. Even
Quran toilet paper is being sold at regions in USA now. Fascist rantings
of a racist people that seek to aggravate hatred and justify the genocide
being committed in their feverish evangelism of "christian" values.

Freedom and democracy, the "superior values from superior people" appear
to be nothing more than superficial slogans, in reality delivering only
genocide and destruction, with servitude to corrupt and fraudulent people
placed in power. - When things like this are advocated and perpetrated by
priests in the name of a religion that preaches and teaches peace and
love, what should one think of it?

American pastors like Alan E. Pistle, can be quoted verbatim from the
Freehold Truth and Light Baptist newspaper for an example:

"I urinated on my koran (a holy Islamic relic looted from the Dome of the
Rock during the war...the monkeys don't even know it's gone) until the
covers fell off and I am using the rest for toilet paper. I tossed the
covers into the Landover farm and agricultural lot and the pigs ate them.
It's not very creative I'm afraid, but I enjoy wiping
my........ummm......wiping Allah's face in it every morning."

"Guardian May 18 2005, 11:57 PM My wife will be useing the pages to help
absorb her monthly flow !"

"I'll bet Muslim women still sit by themselves in a hot shack for one week
a month. Now I have another idea. Toilet paper with the koran preprinted
on it. Better yet if the military bought it for distribution in the middle

More of his rantings can be found at: The True Christian(tm) Bible Retreat

Clearly a considerate sort of people, the americans. One can only imagine
what they do to the Bible's and jewish holy books of Torah. It is hardly a
surprise that the United States recently denied any compensation and
apology to the millions of victims of the americans' Agent Orange
poisoning campaign in Vietnam , responsible for millions of birth defects
and mutants in the region. It would not do to pay attention to the
Americans' war crime of poisoning an entire nation. The same kind of
genocidal war crime that cost millions of lives, is after all, being
repeated right now by the same people in Afghanistan and Iraq , and it
would do to call unwanted attention to the crimes against humanity being
committed now.

So please, feel free to ignore this article and not to spread any of these
pictures or information around. But do not feel safe, the same fate seems
to be awaiting most of humanity if this madness continues. As to why,
here's a more scientific perspective into the problem: Why none of US are

Depeted Uranium Bill Introduced Into Congress

WASHINGTON , D.C.   Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA), a medical doctor, on
May 17 introduced legislation with 21 original co-sponsors in the House of
Representatives that calls for medical and scientific studies on the
health and environmental impacts from the U.S. Militarys use of depleted
uranium (DU) munitions in combat zones, including Iraq . The McDermott bill
also calls for cleanup and mitigation of sites in the U.S. contaminated by

The need is urgent and imperative for full, fair and impartial studies,
McDermott said. We may be endangering the health and lives of U.S.
soldiers and Iraqi civilians. All weve gotten so far from the Pentagon are
assurances. We need facts backed by science. We dont have that today.
Because of its density, the military uses DU as a protective shield around
tanks, and in munitions like armor piercing bullets and tank shells. DU
tends to spontaneously ignite upon impact, disintegrating into a
micro-fine residue that hangs suspended in the air where it can be inhaled
and falls to the ground to leach into the soil.

DU is a by-product of the uranium enrichment process; it is chemically
toxic. and DU has low-level radioactivity. About 300 metric tons of DU
munitions were fired during the first Gulf War, and about half that amount
has been used to date in the Iraq War.

I've been concerned about DU since veterans of the first Gulf War began to
experience unexplained illnesses, commonly called Gulf War Syndrome that
remain mysterious, McDermott said.

McDermott added that there are reports from Iraqi doctors and others today
of seemingly unexplained serious illnesses including higher rates of
cancer and leukemia, and even birth defects.

We pretended there was no problem with Agent Orange after Vietnam and
later the Pentagon recanted, after untold suffering by veterans. I want to
know scientifically if DU poses serious dangers to our soldiers and Iraqi

The Depleted Uranium Munitions Study Act of 2005 has 21 original
co-sponsors, all Democrats, including: Reps. Charles Rangel, Pete Stark,
Sherrod Brown, Peter DeFazio, Maurice Hinchey, Raul Grijalva, Jan
Schakowsky, Robert Wexler, Sam Farr, Tammy Baldwin, Robert Andrews, Bob
Filner, Jay Inslee, Jose Serrano, Lynn Woolsey, Earl Blumenauer, Bart
Stupak, Mike Honda, Tom Udall, Barney Frank and Ed Markey.