The Truth will prevail, but only if we demand it from Congress!

9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Unduly elected neither a true majority nor an authorized administration make.  The problems 
of a perceived "majority" in Congress, consisting of, in part, unduly elected, and of a, 
likewise, unlawful and illegitimate administration, have reached epidemic proportions and 
constitute an international crisis.  With a strategic 30-year business plan in place and at 
its pinnacle, which has long promoted secretive, non-transparent, unsecure and controversial 
voting systems, we now have unduly elected strategically placed in power positions, presiding 
over vast citizen resources and due process in legislatures throughout the country, in Congress, 
in Washington, D.C., and the Executive Branch.  This extends, as well, to appointees of the unduly 
elected.  Such actors, reportedly known as "change agents," have, by way of questionable elections, 
commandeered America's agenda - both domestic and foreign - and are severely and adversely impacting 
the safety and well being of the world community and world events. If they are devoid of legitimate 
mandate, by consent of the governed, they have no business being where they are and doing what they're doing.
Unduly elected create chaos daily in America and must no longer be tolerated from day to day.  
Such persons must be removed from the floor of Congress and elsewhere at the earliest possible opportunity.
It is high time for the careful investigation of anomaly elections, and for the prompt removal 
from office of the unduly elected.  Such investigations should be undertaken and overseen by 
proven earnest citizen-patriot investigators.  Not by those who are, themselves, questionably 
elected or appointed by - and beholden to - the unduly elected. And, not by those with a need 
to retain or acquire some great house on a hill. 
Some of the many noted anomaly elections are as follows:
Some Seemingly Stolen Elections
(If the elections are stolen, what are they doing in office on our dime?)
Wayne Allard (R)
****Poll by MSNBC/Zogby on Nov. 3 for Colorado Senate
Tom Strickland (D) 53%
Wayne Allard (R) 44%
** "Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on Nov. 5
Tom Strickland (D) 46%
Wayne Allard (R) 51%
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 14%.
Norm Coleman (R)
****Minneapolis Star-Tribune Poll on Nov. 3 for Minnesota Senate
Walter Mondale (D) 46%
Norm Coleman (R) 41%
** "Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on Nov. 5
Norm Coleman (R) 50%
Walter Mondale (D) 47%
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 9%.
Saxby Chambliss (R)
****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution Nov. 1 for Georgia Senate
Max Cleland (D) 49%
Saxby Chambliss (R) 44%
**"Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on
Nov. 5
Max Cleland (D) 46%
Saxby Chambliss 53%
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 12%.
* Although a GOP smear campaign against him certainly did not help, veteran Max Cleland, 
who lost his Georgia Senate seat in 2002, may have been harmed more by insecure electronic 
voting machines. Several were stolen before the election; 67 unprotected memory cards, 
used to make Diebold-ordered programming changes, vanished Election Night. A week before 
the vote, a poll showed Cleland leading 49-44.
M.J. Andersen: Scary scenarios for upcoming elections,
Providence Journal (RI), Friday, August 27, 2004
Sonny Perdue (R)
****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution/WSB-TV of 800 likely voters on Nov. 1 For Georgia Governor
Roy Barnes (D) 51%
Sonny Perdue (R) 40%
** "Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on Nov. 5
Roy Barnes (D) 46%
Sonny Perdue (R) 51%
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 14%.
Articles on Perdue:
by Dandelion Thursday May 27, 2004
John E. Sununu (R)
****Poll by Concord, NH Monitor on Nov. 3 for New Hampshire Senate
Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47%
John E. Sununu (R) 46%
**"Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on Nov. 5
Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47%
John E. Sununu (R) 51%
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 5%.
Sen. John Kerry (D)
For United States President, 2004 N.H. Primary Election, January 27, 2004
**"Official Results"
(reported the night before votes were officially fully tallied in Concord)
John Kerry (D) 36%*
Howard Dean (D) 24%
"...Martin Bento published online an interesting analysis of New Hampshire's election 
results based on the voting systems used.* It's been getting a lot of attention. According 
to Bento, Howard Dean lost to John Kerry by only 1.6% when the ballots were hand-counted, 
9.7% when ES&S optical scanners were used, and 14.7% on Diebold scanners." Though Bento 
withdrew from his assertions soon after, serious questions remain.*
* From Lynn Landes 2/10/04 article, "Questions Mount Over New Hampshire's Primary,"
One eyewitness account of campaign activities in New Hampshire, prior to the January 2004 
New Hampshire Democratic Presidential primary, attested to the following in the field:
"In my opinion, Howard Dean had new Hampshire.  Gov. Dean's crowds were regularly electric, 
and to capacity, with high energy, enthusiastic response, people often pouring out of the doors, 
and fire inspectors routinely keeping people out for over-crowding.
"By comparison, John Kerry's crowds, pre-primary, were, often, 65% or so of Dean's turnout, 
at best.  The response, generally lukewarm, and with few, if any, problems with over-capacity 
crowding, with the exception of a number of the firefighters' "chili feed" functions.  People 
would stand or mill around, listen to Sen. Kerry, contemplate, ask questions and applaud politely, 
but palpable electricity, as was the case with Dean's crowds, was often tempered or absent from Kerry events, early on.
"Until just before the New Hampshire primary, there was rarely the attendance at Kerry events, 
of the hundreds and hundreds who regularly turned out, with excitement, to hear Howard Dean.  
It was really not until after the media proclaimed John Kerry New Hampshire's front runner, 
just prior to the primary election itself, that electricity at Kerry events began to noticeably 
build, and that behavior of the press shifted - perceptibly - toward Sen. Kerry."
George H.W. Bush (R)
***Poll by Gallup, for United States President, 1988 N.H. Republican Primary
Robert Dole (R) Ahead of Bush by 8%
George H.W. Bush (R)
**"Official Results"
Robert Dole (R)
George H.W. Bush (R) Ahead of Dole by 9%
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 17%.
George W. Bush (R)
For United States President, 2000 U.S. General Election
**"Official Results"
V.P. Al Gore (D) Won Popular Vote of Nation by 543,895 Votes
Gov. George W. Bush (R) Won Election by 537 Votes
George W. Bush (R)
For United States President, 2004 U.S. General Election
***Exit polling firms Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International on Election Day, Nov. 2
Sen. John Kerry (D) ahead and winning by 3%
**"Official Results"
George W. Bush won by 2.5 percent
Anomaly swing to the GOP = 5.5%
The explanation for the discrepancy that was offered by the exit polling firm - that Kerry 
voters were more likely to participate in the exit polling - is an "implausible theory,'' 
according to the report issued Thursday by US Count Votes, a group made up of about two dozen 
statisticians. Twelve - including a Case Western Reserve University mathematics instructor - signed the report.
There are many more likely unduly elected to be identified.  Supporting information is readily 
available in the public domain.  Let's all identify and directly address the critical issue of 
the unduly elected.
Here in America, unduly elected, strategically placed in power positions, have long created 
chaos in Congress and our country. We need only look around us to note the cumulative adverse 
effects.  Unduly elected operatives frequently represent the swing votes on such critical matters 
as those involving major cuts to health care for our veterans, to programs benefiting the elderly 
and infirm, single mothers with small children, and first responder police officers and firefighters.  
Unduly elected may be sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee, deciding the fate of the PATRIOT Act 
and Americans, in secret, behind closed doors.
With the advent of the "Help America Vote Act (HAVA)"* and widespread electronic "vapor" voting, in the 
absence of parallel paper audits - and in many cases, without auditable paper trails at all -- this 
problem is quickly compounding.
Further, we must carefully examine the involvement of covert ops in election engineering and the 
"proprietary" mystery pre-programming of voting machines and memory cards by unknown and very likely 
partisan interests, which are powerfully impacting America's (and overseas) elections.  Such conditions 
are making a mockery of the democratic process and the American people.
Why should we continue to tolerate such foul conditions in Congress and in our democratic elections?  
When will we, in America, stop playing the game of pretend and see to this travesty?  Might it be time 
to overturn the tables and to toss the moneychangers out of the temple?  How much more fiscal and 
geopolitical chaos must be created before this critical matter is corrected?  
If one is unduly elected, do the rules of impeachment apply?
May We the People of the United States of America have your assistance in seeing to clearing the 
unduly elected from Congress and the Executive Branch?
We, of the election justice community, will gladly continue to offer our sincere assistance in 
restoring integrity and sanity to America's voting systems.
Thank you.
Sharona Merel, Co-founder
National Ballot Integrity Project
New Hampshire Ballot Integrity Task Force
Member, Democracy for New Hampshire Fair Elections Committee
Founder, Concerned Humanity (an online network) 
* Re: Covert Ops in America's Elections, See "Overview of America's Elections:
An Inspired Vision Off Course -Correcting Our Course," Election Assessment Hearing Testimony, 
Houston, Texas, June 29, 2005 (Updated August 7, 2005), by Sharona Merel, Co-Founder, National 
Ballot Integrity Project;
See also: "Eternal Vigilance: Why America Must Say NO! - Right Now - To Electronic Voting, 
Pt. 1 of 3," 
"Eternal Vigilance: Why America Must Say NO! - Right Now - To Electronic Voting and the 
"Help America Vote Act" (HAVA), Pt. 2 of 3,"
"Eternal Vigilance & Protecting Our Elections: Why America Must Say NO! - Right Now - to 
Electronic Voting and the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), Part 3 of 3 - Red Flags -Unduly 
Elected & Covert Ops In America's Elections," by Sharona Merel, Co-founder, National Ballot 
Integrity Project & New Hampshire Ballot Integrity Task Force; http://www.ballotintegrity.
The above articles and series first appeared in the "Liberty For All" Libertarian Online Newsletter:  (A slightly earlier version)  (Original, Pt. 1 of 3)  (Original, Pt. 2 of 3) 
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