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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Keepers at the Gate
Newsweek and the Silence of the Lambs
Bush Neutralized NY Times and Post
The corporate media's threat to freedom
Mindless American
Honoring our journalistic heroes




Keepers at the Gate

He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses

By Manuel Valenzuela

In this age of modernity and technology, where the television monitor has become

the center of the average American household, from cradle to grave acting as surrogate

parent, teacher, role model and as influencer of human thought, it should come as no

surprise that entire populations can be controlled with such facility and efficiency, turning

once thinking humans into grazing sheeple. For in todayís day and age, he who controls

television controls the masses, and he who controls the masses controls the nation.

Television has become, quite simply, the greatest tool of mass manipulation and thought

control civilization has ever seen, an incarnation of the myriad of myths, fables, fictions,

story telling, theologies and all other forms of Ďbread and circusí historyís elite have concocted

from which to retain power and control the lower echelons of manís corrosive pyramid of

hierarchy. In the television the elite have found the greatest weapon of mass control, seemingly

able to dictate culture, politics, events, thought and destiny from the moment of birth to the

time of death. It can even be said that it is they who can determine reality in twenty-first century

America, magically making history disappear, altering the past, changing the present and molding

the future. Reality is what they want it to be, shifting culture to their dictates, conditioning minds

to fit their goals, pushing society in the direction that most benefits them and erasing from memory

any manifestation that does not correspond to the reality they wish to create.


Newsweek and the Silence of the Lambs

David McReynolds

14 December 2005

Newsweek's current issue, December 19th, now on the stands, has a cover

showing George Bush in a bubble with the heading: "Bush's World - The Isolated

President: Can He Change?" For months Doug Thompson's blog - Capitol Hill

Blue - has been circulating on the internet, with many of us more curious about

Thompson than about Bush. Thompson's charges were outrageous - reports of a

President who wandered the White House yelling at his aides, accusing those around

him of betraying him - surely Thompson was on a private rant of his own. (Thompson

is not a left winger - if anything, he is a libertarian, so his reports carry more sting than

something written by a liberal).

Now, with this long article by Evan Thomas and Richard Wolffe, running for ten pages

(with a terrific follow-up column on the "Imperial Presidency" by Fareed Zakaria), it is

clear that Capitol Hill Blue was reporting the reality. What is most interesting about the

article is not what is in it, but what is not in it. Where other articles discussing past Presidents -

Clinton, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan - would have been able to quote "named sources", what

we have here is almost entirely anonymous. Take this example: "A White House aide, who

like virtually all White House officials (in this story and in general) refused to be identified

for fear of antagonize the President..." or "White House officials, as well as one of his

closest friends (also speaking anonymously so as not to complicate relations with the President )...."





Ok, did the WH set out to neutralize the two top newspapers in the country or

did it just work out that way? Let's back up for a minute, remember what happened

with 60 Minutes in its report about Bush's National Guard records -- egg on the face,

tail between the legs, and reduced credibility along with long term timidity. Humm,

pretty good results from a classic Rovian strategy.



Mike Whitney: 'The corporate media's threat to freedom'

Tuesday, November 15 @ 09:55:21 EST

Mike Whitney

There is no similarity between the corporate media and a "free press." The corporate

media operates according to its structural make-up, which requires it to serve the interests

of ownership and maximize profits. Its top-down style of management ensures that it will

align itself with the political centers of power which create the opportunity for greater

prosperity. This explains why the media giants have consistently concealed the Bush

administration's attacks on civil liberties, supported the expansion of executive power,

and paved the way for global war. After all, they are just acting in their own best interest,

accommodating the political establishment to allow for more consolidation and expansion.

One hand washes the other.


The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making

As a result of nine-elevenís jarring impact upon our nation, journalists have discovered a near

paranoid rise in retaliation against individuals attempting to expose governmental malfeasance.

By: Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.


October 9, 2005


Bernard Weiner: 'Before the Plamegate deluge: 

Honoring our journalistic heroes'
Date: Wednesday, October 12 @ 10:14:30 EDT
Topic: Liberals And The Left

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

A political and media onslaught is about to be unleashed with the
indictments of a whole host of key White House officials (including
you-know-who) caught up in the Plamegate coverup. The unraveling of this
potentially treasonous scandal -- which began with the outing, for political
reasons, of a covert CIA officer -- could well provide the tipping point
that will allow the Democrats to retake the House in the next election,
initiate Congressional investigations of Bush Administration crimes, and
possibly even pass an impeachment resolution.

So, before all the craziness begins, it might be useful to remind ourselves
how far we've come in the battle to remove the extremists who currently rule
so recklessly and incompetently in our names. And how the work we've all
been doing in the political trenches, unearthing the corruption and
incompetence and dangerous initiatives of the Bush Administration, has
helped weaken that crowd of crooks and liars to the point where impeachment
is a serious possibility. Of course, the Republicans these days -- with
their never-ending exploding scandals and bare-knuckles infighting -- are
not doing such a bad job destroying themselves without our help.