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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Simple Math Demonstrate that the Official 9/11 Account is a Fabrication
Paul Andrew Mitchell
Just a few quick comments,
based on forensic analysis
of photographic evidence:
  (1) the hit on the second WTC
tower shows most of the jet fuel
combusting OUTSIDE that building,
where it was mostly NOT in touch
with the steel frame and hence
unable to tranfer sustained
high temps into that steel;
  (2) the FDNY never had enough
time to wire WTC7 with demolition
explosives;  they must have been
in place PRIOR TO 9/11;  Larry
Silverstein admitted on PBS
that he gave his permission
to "pull it" i.e. detonate the
explosives to effect a controlled
demolition;  FDNY do not normally
respond to a multi-alarm hi-rise
fire with the [large] quantity of
explosives required to demolish
a 47-story steel frame building
(not a good idea to place so much
explosives so close to a fire);
  (3) numerous Pentagon photos do
show aircraft debris, most notably
the P&W JT8D engine that came to
rest OUTSIDE the Pentagon:
  (4) the telltale "fingerprints"
on the diesel generator reveal
a lot, e.g. starboard engine
intake cowling and underwing rocket
pylon fit the damages quite well;
geometry of a Boeing 757 is quite
different and a "bad fit";
  (5) the collision with the diesel
generator lifted the right wing,
causing the attack jet to roll
to the port, in a counter-clockwise
  (6)  at a ~45-degree angle of
incidence, the starboard JT8D
and starboard wing tip hit the
Pentagon facade at almost
exactly the same instant;
elevated wing tip hit at
the second floor, port wing
tip hit at the first floor,
because of this slight roll;
  (7)  at maximum velocity exceeding
400 feet per second, the kinetic
energy of the starboard engine
was greatest, causing a clear
pattern of damage to 2 bearing
columns on the first floor, and
just missing the bearing column
immediately to the right of those
2 bearing columns;  E=1/2mv**2
  [kinetic Energy equals one-half mass
  times velocity squared]
also F=ma
  [Force equals mass times acceleration]
  (where "a" is the rate
of instantaneous deceleration here);
  (8) the 5 published frames from
the Pentagon's cctv camera were
subsequently altered with image
processing software;  these
alterations are most obvious
in frame 1, e.g. the fuselage
to the left of the tail section
was "air-brushed" with a pixel
color taken from an entirely
different region of that frame;
this modification of murder
weapon evidence was a felony,
in and of itself;
  (9) the collision of a modified
A-3 Skywarrior "best fits" the
pattern of damages that are
documented in detail in the
available digital photos;
  (10) an air-to-ground missile
appears to have been launched
from under the port wing,
just prior to the jet hit;
  (11)  we have received unconfirmed
reports that a Russian satellite
photographed the launch of
the attack jet from the
deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier
stationed off the Atlantic coast;
A-3 Skywarriors are fitted with
landing gear designed for flight
deck operations.
  For more background on our
investigation, see:
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness:  18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)
  All Rights Reserved without Prejudice