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  • Sheen Blasts Cowardly Media Response To ‘20 Minutes’ Letter
     Sheen Blasts Cowardly Media Response To ‘20 Minutes’ Letter

    Actor labels corporate media shills “cockroaches” for completely failing to address 20 bullet points on 9/11

    Sheen Blasts Cowardly Media Response To 20 Minutes Letter 150909top2

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Charlie Sheen has blasted the cowardly corporate media response to his “20 Minutes With The President” letter, slamming the press as “hopeless lap-dogs” for failing to address a single one of his 20 bullet points on 9/11 while ignoring completely his challenge to publicly debate 9/11 truth debunkers.

    Sheen’s open letter to the President, which took the form of a fictionalized account of a meeting between the two in which Sheen grills Obama about the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11, received widespread media coverage and was featured in thousands of newspaper stories, online articles and TV segments. Awareness of the subject only increased after the subsequent release of a You Tube video in which Sheen personally appeals to the President to answer the questions.

    However, not one single mainstream media report adequately covered even one of Sheen’s 20 bullet points that were listed in the article and backed up by a substantial online bibliography.

    Indeed, scores of corporate media hit pieces completely fabricated the content of Sheen’s letter, attributing phrases to him that he had never made in an attempt to portray Sheen as abrasive and “insulting” to 9/11 victims and their families, despite the fact that the majority of family members share Sheen’s questions.

    Fox News was one of many corporate media outlets to claim that Sheen had stated “that Bush/Cheney planned it all,” when in reality he had said no such thing. The media merely manufactured this spin so that they could politicize the issue, make it partisan, and then attack Sheen as just another deluded Hollywood liberal.

    Claims that Sheen directly accused President Bush of planning 9/11 were erroneously carried by hundreds of media outlets despite the fact that the actor never made any such statement. The fact that the press had to invent a strawman stance and put words in Sheen’s mouth to then attack him on proves how scared the media is of the power of the actual questions that Sheen asked in his letter.

    In a statement released to Prison Planet.com, Sheen chastised the media response as nothing more than a “mendacious side-show” performed by journalists he describes as “hopeless lap dogs”.

    Sheen slams the press for following “a desperate, juvenile and transparent script” in response to his letter after they collectively “attacked the man and ignored the facts”.

    “We can no longer allow these cowards and shills to contaminate the reservoirs of truth. In addition to their slanderous folly, they have ignored my very public challenge to a debate on Larry King Live. If these cockroaches had but one shred of courage, they would embrace this opportunity,” states Sheen.

    Sheen also released to Prison Planet.com the e mails that he sent to the White House following the publication of his letter to Obama. After his request to meet with Obama was rejected by Obama’s staff, Sheen made another request to meet with Obama, this time accompanied by 9/11 family member Bob Mcllvaine who lost his son on September 11. Sheen has yet to hear back from Obama’s staff regarding his follow-up request.

    In a telling illustration that Obama has failed to even acknowledge Sheen’s “20 Minutes” piece not just because he is “busy,” the President did manage to find time to comment on the mindless antics of rapper Kanye West on MTV, according to an ABC News reporter.

    It seems that Obama is more concerned about a hip-hop star’s behavior at a music awards show than he is with serious questions about 9/11 that are shared by the majority of 9/11 victims’ family members.

    Police Train To Forcibly Draw Blood From Drunk Driving Suspects 270809banner

    Charlie Sheen’s full statement and his e mails to the White House are reprinted below.

    Another Bin Laden tape has surfaced this morning. I will be monitoring the FBI’s most wanted web site to see if this tape finally provides the Bureau with the evidence required to list “9/11″ in Bin Laden’s rap sheet. Thus far it has not.

    I must point out as well, that the mainstream media has once again followed a desperate, juvenile and transparent script in their response to my letter, “Twenty Minutes with the President”.

    Not a single member of this mendacious side-show has focused their attention, for one second, on the 20 bullet points chronicled in my letter. Instead, they have attacked the man and ignored the facts. If this is their definition of, “responsible journalism”, I urge all free thinking people to ignore these hopeless lap-dogs and responsibly do their own research. We can no longer allow these cowards and shills to contaminate the reservoirs of truth. In addition to their slanderous folly, they have ignored my very public challenge to a debate on Larry King Live. If these cockroaches had but one shred of courage, they would embrace this opportunity.

    As of 1 o’clock PM, PST, on Sep. 14th, I still await a formal response from The White House. The emails I authored are printed below.

    I thank you all for your patriotic support.
    Respectfully – Charlie Sheen
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