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    Questions About the Missile of Flight 175
    Updated - January 5, 2011

    I sent a New Year's letter to 9/11 researcher Dr. Steven E. Jones, which I decided to make an open letter:

    Dear Professor Jones,

    All the best wishes for 2011, which I hope will be a great year for 9/11 truth.

    This morning, the first thing I did, even before getting out of my pajamas, was examine a photo that has bothered me for some time (as it sits on my desk). It is the attached photo (No. 0879 from the Here is New York website).

    Photo 0879 from Here is New York website shows the view from the North of the plane striking South Tower.

    What bothers me is the fact that the fireballs seem to be exploding much too quickly to be merely jet fuel. As you know, I am of the opinion that depleted uranium tipped missiles preceded the entry of each plane, by a few milliseconds of impact. This is apparently what caused the white flash seen as each plane impacted the tower. The depleted uranium warhead would have created a super-heated space inside the tower which would have detonated any pre-placed thermate charges on the floor (for example in the large "battery" racks in the computer room, which were "never turned on," according to a person who worked there) and ignite the dispersed jet fuel. The DU-tipped missile was the trigger of the spectacular fireballs witnessed by millions.

    Both planes were guided to fly directly into secure computer rooms in which large amounts of thermate were probably concealed in un-used battery arrays. The white-hot penetrator of a depleted uranium warhead would have detonated this thermate, creating the spectacular fireballs and destroying most of the aircraft - and the evidence.


    A missile fired from a pod under the fuselage can be seen in images of the plane striking the South Tower. The missile would have had much greater velocity than the aircraft. If this missile exceeded the speed of sound did this cause the sonic boom reportedly heard by witnesses?

    The white-hot burning object (seen on right) shows the characteristics of a depleted uranium penetrator. The dense uranium penetrator obviously has much greater velocity and would have acted as the detonator for the thermate explosion that ignited the jet fuel. The buildings were about 67 meters (220 feet) on each side. The white burning object has passed through the steel-framed tower and flown about 150 meters further. There are no parts of a Boeing 767 that would burn white-hot like this. Did this white-hot burning object crash into another building or did it land on the street, like the engine on the corner of Murray and Church streets?

    The light orange flame and white smoke of the fireball coming from the entry hole on the South Tower are indicative of thermate explosions while the darker orange flames and soot are from the burning jet fuel. Both planes flew into secure computer rooms in which large amounts of thermate could have been placed. The thermate explosions would have destroyed most of the aircraft, although the more durable parts like landing gear and engines were recovered, but not identified by its numbered time-tracked parts...

    like those of the engine found on Murray Street. This appears to a part from a small engine, less than 1 meter in diameter, and may be only 2 feet depending on the length of the carpenter's square that has been laid on top. If this is the high velocity object that is seen leaving the white smoke, it is probably from the missile - not the aircraft. It is too small and flew too far after hitting the South Tower.

    The white-hot burning object evidently hit the Burlington Coat Factory on Park Place (in red circle). We are told that the damage to this building was caused by parts of the landing gear and fuselage of Flight 175 but no photos were shown of these parts. The Wikipedia article on the Burlington Coat Factory building says this: "In 2001, in the 9/11 attacks after hijacked Flight 175 penetrated through a tower of The World Trade Center, part of the plane's landing gear and fuselage came out the north side of the tower and crashed through the roof and two of the floors of the Burlington Coat Factory at 45–47 Park Place, between West Broadway and Church Street, (600 feet (180 meters)) north of the former World Trade Center. The plane parts destroyed three floor beams, and severely compromised the building's internal structure." The only problem is that these parts of a Boeing aircraft would certainly not burn white-hot and would probably not carry that far. The damage to the Burlington building was not caused by landing gear. No landing gear was seen flying in that direction.

    The engine that landed on the corner of Murray Street flew an estimated 1,200 feet (400 meters) after hitting the wall of the South Tower. It is highly unlikely that a jet engine from an aircraft flying some 800 km/hour (about 223 meters/second) could fly that far after passing through a very densely framed steel building like the tower. Most (if not all) of the aircraft did not even pass through the tower. Source: Jon Carlson

    The two objects that are seen in the second photo have long been of great interest to me. I think (and have written) that the object seen leaving the blackish trail of oxides is the depleted uranium warhead, which Marion Fulk, a former scientist at Livermore Lab, also thought was possible.

    The two objects showing incredible inertia are seen in this photo. Note the difference in their oxide trails. The white-hot object leaving the black oxides is probably the depleted uranium penetrator while the object leaving the white trail is probably the engine and fuel that propelled the missile.

    This morning it occurred to me that the second object, the one leaving the white trail, is probably the rocket burning off its unspent fuel. Since the rocket was only fired as the plane neared the tower, this rocket engine has only flown about 250 feet by the time it passes out of the tower. It certainly has the mass and velocity - and unused fuel - to be out ahead of the blast along with the DU warhead.

    The two objects that have incredible velocity are way out in front (of the parts of the aircraft) as can be seen in this photo...

    and the DU penetrator burning white-hot and leaving behind its trail of dark oxides is clearly seen in this photo.

    Can you help me with the physics of this a little bit, or do you know anyone who can? The plane was flying about 500 mph when the rocket would have been launched from the pod beneath the body of the plane. I assume the rocket would have accelerated to about 500 mph on its own as it passed through the building. Roughly, I estimate that the heavy parts of the missile, i.e. the rocket and the DU tip, would have been going about 1,000 mph as they passed through the tower. The white hot DU tip would have been disconnected from the rocket engine and both of them may have been deflected somewhat from their original trajectory, although both are pretty much on their original course. I would assume that the more massive DU tip would be the part least deflected.

    This is what I have been thinking about on the first day of 2011. I think it will be a great year. I am hot on the trail of the guys who destroyed the steel from the WTC and you know better than I why this was such an important part of the crime...

    With many thanks and all the best wishes for 2011,

    Christopher Bollyn

    The theory of pre-placement of thermate in the computer rooms into which the planes crashed at the World Trade Center is supported by the differences in the damage caused when a B-25 bomber crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. The culprits of 9/11 knew that because large-body passenger aircraft crash into skyscrapers so rarely they could allow for spectacular Hollywood special effects like the thermate fire balls seen coming from both towers on impact. They knew there would be no test done afterwards to see if what was observed on 9/11 could be duplicated.

    The 1945 crash of a B-25 bomber allows for some comparison on the structural damage to the different towers.

    The force of B-25 on the building has been calculated here. It is important to note that the 15-ton bomber flying at an estimated 400 kph came to a rest 20 meters into the building. (See Bomber Crash into Empire State Building) If the plane that struck the South Tower was flying twice as fast, how far would the wreckage pass through the building? Twice as far? Given the amount of steel that blocked its passage, most of the aircraft debris would have not exited the tower on the far side. None was seen with the exception of the two objects flying out ahead of the explosion. The main reasons for placing thermate explosives in the computer rooms into which the planes were guided was probably to destroy by an extremely hot explosion as much of the plane debris and evidence as possible to prevent identification of the remotely-guided planes.

    Note: I have written about the evidence that DU-tipped missiles were fired into each tower before impact by the planes since 2004, after having learned about the characteristics of depleted uranium from Doug Rokke and Marion Fulk.

    Marion Fulk, former staff scientist from the Manhattan Project and Star Wars program, tutored Bollyn on the properties and dangers of depleted uranium at his home in Livermore, California. Fulk said he felt obliged to inform the public about the dangers of uranium to human health.

    Were DU Missiles used on the World Trade Center?

    by Christopher Bollyn
    23 October 2004

    The video, "911: In Plane Site," by Dave von Kleist, examines the video evidence and shows that there was a white flash before United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11 struck the towers.

    In the case of the South Tower, the von Kleist video shows the underside of the plane, seen from from four different cameras and angles, with a cylindrical pod and a mysterious white object being fired from the pod before the plane hits the tower. This object impacts the tower before the plane, creating a bright flash.

    A similar white flash can be seen in the video, made by the Naudet brothers, of Flight 11 crashing into the North Tower.

    The white flashes are similar to the flashes that are seen when depleted uranium (DU) penetrators hits their target. DU is a spontaneous pyrophoric material, i.e. it inflames when reaching its target generating such heat that it explodes.

    If DU missiles preceded the impacts of Flights 175 and 11, then there is the question of what happened to the DU penetrators? One would expect that they traveled through the towers and carried on into the streets of New York or into other buildings.

    Unless they impacted sufficiently dense objects to stop them, they should have continued through the buildings, and be seen flying ahead of the flames and debris. After all, uranium is 1.7 times more dense than lead.

    A photo in Eric Hufschmid's book "Painful Questions" [p. 39, seen above] shows two objects passing through the South Tower, ahead of the flames. One of them displays the characterics of burning uranium [see above photos].

    In the main photo, seen below, two objects are visible passing through the South Tower. One is black and leaving a white smoke trail; the other is burning with a bright white flame and leaving a black trail.

    The color of the flame and the color of the oxides [smoke] are important. The color of the flame indicates the substance that is burning and its temperature. The bright white flame is indicative of a reactive metal, such as magnesium or uranium.

    I contacted Marion Fulk, a former staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, to ask about the photos seen below. After studying the photos, I asked Fulk if the object in the photo could be uranium.

    "Yes," Fulk said, "It is possible." Asked if the black smoke could be uranium oxides, Fulk said, "Yes, it could be uranium oxide."

    Fulk went on to describe the "dirty" olive green, brown, and black colors of the 21 different phases of uranium oxide.

    The gap between the burning object and the black smoke trail was explained by Leuren Moret, geo-scientist and international radiation expert, who said that the gap is where the uranium gas and vapors are so hot they are still invisible. As the vapors cool, they condense into visible uranium oxides.

    Asked how the piece of uranium could be burning so hot, Moret explained that some of the kinetic energy from the uranium missile would be converted into heat.

    If this is a DU penetrator, it could explain Moret's claim that the World Trade Center rubble was radioactive.

    Were DU missiles used to ignite the fuel in the airplanes to create the spectacular explosions that were used to explain the pre-planned demolition of the twin towers?

    Video Evidence of DU on 9/11
    Christopher Bollyn presented evidence that debunked the official version of events of 9/11 at a meeting in Los Angeles in October 2004.

    He showed this video about the possibility that uranium was used during the attack at the WTC and the Pentagon: www.erichufschmid.net/ForBollynsSpeech23Oct2004.wmv

    The photo below from the Pentagon clean-up shows the extensive decontamination procedures that were followed after 9/11. Such procedures and precautions were not done at the World Trade Center. What were the people at the Pentagon so concerned about? Was the site hot from depleted uranium?

    Sources and Recommended Reading:

    "WTC Jet Engine Confirmed NOT From Boeing 767", by Jon Carlson, April 4, 2005

    Bollyn, Christopher, "9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both Towers," January 11, 2007


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