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Kissinger Fingerprints all over Suspicious Pre-9/11 Money Movements

December 14, 2006 -- On Dec. 11, WMR reported the following:


"WMR has learned from one of its sources in New York that the

-      Federal Reserve Bank of New York

actively Covered Up Massive Money Laundering

by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

United Arab Emirate branch through its branch in New York.


The money laundering consisted of questionable money movements

through Dubai that involved individuals linked to "Al Qaeda," including

those connected to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States."


We have now learned that the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago

was made aware of possible terrorist-related money movements

in a Federal Reserve Board of Governors letter sent to all

Federal Reserve Banks a little over a month before the 9/11 attacks.


The letter, dated August 1, 2006, requested all cognizant

Federal Reserve components, including the bank's Financial Payments

and Risk Analysis branches, to pay special attention to Suspicious

Activity Reports (SARs) being submitted by component banks.


In fact, some Federal Reserve Banks did Notice

< Something Very Suspicious prior to 9/11.> There was

a dramatic downdraft in Federal Reserve note currency holdings

in July and August 2001 (this is referred to as the M1 money supply).


In fact, the decrease in Federal Reserve note inventory was

35%, equating to billions of dollars.


Essentially, there was a run on cash at the banks in the months

< before 9/11, an event not seen since December 1999, >

in the weeks before Y2K, and in January 1991,

prior to the commencement of Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf.


In addition, there is also evidence that the run on cash was masked

by using Argentina, which was experiencing a banking crisis,

to evade detection by United States authorities.


The spotlight on suspicious cash transactions was

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) SpA of Argentina,

an Italian bank whose Atlanta branch featured prominently in the

BCCI and U.S. Iraq weapons transfer scandals of the 1980s.


In January 2006, BNL Argentina was acquired by none other than

HSBC, the subject of attention by UAE Central Bank authorities

for suspicious transactions prior to 9/11. In addition,


Kissinger and Associates employed

Timothy Geithner from 1985 to 1988.


Geithner is now the 9'th president and Chief Executive Cfficer

of the Second District Federal Reserve Bank of New York,

the entity that stands accused of covering up information

about suspicious "Al Qaeda" money flows

from the UAE, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia

for possible terrorist-related purposes prior to 9/11.


"BNL was a client of Kissinger Associates.

In addition, the late Democratic Rep. Henry Gonzalez of Texas

stated the following on the floor of the House on April 26, 1991:


 "Henry Kissinger was a Paid Member of the Banca Nazionale

del Lavoro Consulting Board for International Policy.


Mr. Kissinger held this position during the height

of the biggest banking scandal in United States history

- $4 billion in unreported loans to Iraq by the Atlanta branch of BNL . . .


Another interesting point to note is the timing of Mr. Kissinger's

supposed resignation from BNL on February 22, 1991.


That date is just days before the Justice Department announced

a 347 count indictment against the former employees of BNL

after an exhaustive 18-month investigation.

This is quite a coincidence.


BNL was actually a client of Kissinger Associates at the same time

BNL's former employees in Atlanta were providing

Iraq with billions in Unreported Loans.


This solidifies Mr. Kissinger's link to BNL

and raises the question of whether Mr. Kissinger

had knowledge of the BNL loans to Iraq.


As I stated last week, many Kissinger Associates clients

were doing business with the Iraqis as a direct result of

the unreported $4 billion in BNL loans to Iraq.


Volvo, whose chairman serves on the Kissinger Associates

board of directors, was doing big business in Iraq

and it was the beneficiary of BNL loans.BNL was also

the largest participant in the $5.5 billion CCC program for Iraq.


Between $800 and $900 million in BNL loans to Iraq were guaranteed

by the CCC. BNL was also the second largest participant in the

Export-Import [Eximbank] program for Iraq.


Over $50 million in BNL loans to Iraq were guaranteed by Eximbank.

Through these programs it became common knowledge in the export

community that BNL was Iraq's prime banker in the United States.


I also reported last week that Mr.Lawrence Eagleburger had ties

to BNL. While he was serving as president of Kissinger Associates,

Eagleburger was a board member of a Yugoslavian bank

that had a substantial and even incestuous relationship with BNL.


BNL was a main factor in the growth of that

Yugoslavian bank's operations in the United States.


Despite the many linkages between Kissinger Associates and BNL,

Mr. Kissinger still maintains that he had no knowledge

of the $4 billion in BNL loans to Iraq.


The fact that BNL was a client of Kissinger Associates a

lso solidifies the link between BNL and 2 very high ranking

Bush administration employees, NSC Director Brent Scowcroft

and Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger.


Mr. Lawrence Eagleburger and Mr. Brent Scowcroft were both

high ranking employees of Kissinger Associates during the period

BNL was a client of Kissinger Associates.


In other words,

part of their paychecks was derived from fees paid by BNL.

The fact that BNL was a client of Kissinger Associates also raises

the question of how Mr. Eagleburger and Mr. Scowcroft reacted to

the BNL scandal once it became known to them in the fall of 1989.


I wonder if either thought it necessary to recuse himself from

making decisions on Iraq once the BNL scandal was uncovered?"


Eagleburger is a member of the Iraq Study Group,

replacing Robert Gates, Defense Secretary-designate, who was

CIA deputy director at the time of the BNL loans to Saddam Hussein.


Scowcroft is a close friend of group chairman James Baker.

There are still many questions about the strange suicide death

earlier this year of Phillip Merrill, the head of the Eximbank

under George W. Bush.


We have also learned their was a dramatic spike in diamond market

transactions prior to 9/11. Diamonds have been used by "Al Qaeda"

and the Russian-Israeli Mafia to launder cash to evade detection

by financial surveillance authorities.


Many of the diamond transactions occurred in West Africa,

a center for terrorist-related financing according to a former chief

of the Mossad, who spoke to the editor on background.

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