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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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What if:
The Twin Towers were not hit by commercial airliners?
The WTC was brought down in a controlled demolition?
The Pentagon was not hit by a 757?
Flight 93 was shot down?
What if?

·  Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition And 'In - LINK - A former chief economist in the Labor Department during President Bush's first term now believes the official story about the collapse of the WTC is 'bogus,' saying it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent Building No. 7.

·  San Diego FBI disputes report about hijackers - LINK - FBI officials in San Diego, weary of accusations that agents bungled chances to intercept two Sept. 11 hijackers living under their noses, lashed out yesterday at the same conclusions in yet another report. - "How were we supposed to find them when we didn't know we were looking for them?" said William Gore, who was in charge of the San Diego FBI office on Sept. 11, 2001. "If we'd have known, we were trained investigators. We would have picked up the phone book and found him (Alhazmi)."

·  Memo on 9/11 Plotters Blocked - LINK - New disclosures show that CIA information in 2000 about two Al Qaeda operatives in San Diego was squelched before reaching the FBI.
TVNL Comment: More proof that it was permitted to happen.

·  Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? - LINK - Professional demolition, by contrast, can explain all of these facts and more. Demolition means placing explosives throughout a building, and detonating them in sequence to weaken "the structure so it collapses or folds in upon itself" (p. 44). In conventional demolitions gravity does most of the work, although it probably did a minority on 9/11, so heavily were the towers honeycombed with explosives.

·  Acquittal of 9/11 suspect upheld - LINK - Germany's federal appeals court has upheld the acquittal of Abdelghani Mzoudi, a Moroccan who was accused of links to the 11 September attacks.

·  9/11 Whitewasher Grilled By Informed C-Span Callers - LINK - During the course of the Washington Journal show they took around a dozen calls. Over half of them raised salient points pertaining to government involvement in 9/11.

·  U.S. to N.Y.: Return $44M in Sept. 11 Aid - LINK - A congressional inquiry has found New York failed to follow instructions from Congress on the spending of $44 million in Sept. 11 aid and should give the money back or get lawmakers to pass a law allowing the expenditure.
TVNL Comment: How about using some of this money to pay for the medical care of the people who now suffer from severe lung problems following the attacks; people like ME!

·  NY Attorney General Ignores Citizens' 9/11 Criminal Petition - LINK - Eight months after outraged NY citizens demanded a criminal probe into Bush's 9/11 ties, virtually nothing has been done; Citizens now may have to convene their own grand jury in order to get the wheels of justice turning.

·  Hustler asks "What if Everything You Know about 9/11 is Wrong?" - LINK - Imagining Dr. G's national magazine debut in Hustler may cause a bit of cognitive dissonance, but his truths will now go out to a huge audience among our troops. While many may find the surrounding XXX scenery outrageously raw or offensive, the presentation of Griffin 's interview is extremely sympathetic, lengthy and well done.

·  Qazi says 9/11 was a planned conspiracy to crush Muslims - LINK - The events of 9/11 were designed to crush Muslims all over the world, said Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) president and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) ameer, on Saturday.

·  Investigators Blow Whistle On Constrained Non-Investigation - LINK - MASSIVE complaints have been made by the VERY INVESTIGATORS hired by FEMA to INVESTIGATE the twin towers' destruction; to the effect that they (investigators) were being deliberately obstructed on nearly EVERY FRONT in efforts to determine conclusively -- NOT SPECULATE - precisely why the buildings collapsed. Major amounts of KEY EVIDENCE have ALREADY been destroyed; investigators are being PREVENTED from actually EXAMINING any remaining evidence; and they're receiving THREATS saying to back off from probing too deeply.

·  9/11 Pilot's Widow Denied Pension by United Airlines - LINK - I can't help but to ask myself at what point are companies allowed to take away so much from the lives of dedicated employees and their families? At what point does our Government step in and stop atrocities such as this before they are allowed to irrevocably change the lives of so many?

·  Reply to Scientific American's Attempted Debunking of 9/11 Skeptics - LINK - Shermer suggests that the official story of 9/11 is (almost as good as) a scientific theory which has been built "on a convergence of evidence assembled from multiple lines of inquiry." But an examination of this claim clearly shows that it is false: the official story of 9/11 has nothing to support it except the claims of US government employees (many of whom are known liars) and one or two people claiming engineering expertise but whose claims don't stand up to criticism.

·  White House, N.Y. Face Off Over 9/11 Funds - LINK - New York has yet to spend $125 million for workers injured in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and their aftermath. Tired of waiting, the federal government wants the money back.

·  HALFTIME REPORT ON JIMMY WALTER 9/11 EUROTOUR - LINK - The Re-Open 9/11 European Tour organized and publicized by American philanthropist Jimmy Walter – now approaching its halfway mark – has already scored a significant success in moving world public opinion on this issue.

·  Al-Qaeda terror threat 'growing' - LINK - France's top anti-terrorism judge, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, has warned that al-Qaeda is now more fragmented and a bigger threat than before. - Judge Bruguiere stressed the importance of identity cards to prevent terrorism. - He also said the courts should be allowed to consider evidence gathered by wire-tapping - as in France , but unlike the UK , where it is inadmissible.
TVNL Comment: This is by design. The controlling factors need the boogie men to scare the public so that their police state laws get public support.

·  How Strong Is The Evidence For A Controlled Demolition? - LINK - The destruction of the World Trade Center has never been subjected to the scrutiny it deserves as a crime and as an unprecedented engineering failure, and an enormous amount of information crucial to a proper investigation has been irrevocably lost.

·  Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; same parts found at Pentagon - LINK - Two civilian defense contractor employees--told to remain silent--say other workers quietly retro-fitted missile and remote control systems onto A-3 jets at Colorado public airport prior to September 11 when similar A-3 parts much smaller than a Boeing 757 were found at Pentagon - Presidential candidate says scores of retired and active military and intelligence officials would testify before current grand jury probing government involvement in 9/11 attacks

·  The 9/11 COMMISSION v. 19 NAMED MUSLIMS: A TRIAL IN ABSENTIA - LINK - If it is shown that the government deliberately suppressed such evidence, I will ask you to consider that as evidence not only of the innocence of my clients, but of the guilt or complicity of the Commission and the government in the a cover-up as to what really happened, as I consider it reasonable to ask you to look at those who hide evidence as having a malevolent purpose in so doing.

·  The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie - LINK - In discussing my second 9/11 book, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, I have often said, only half in jest, that a better title might have been “a 571-page lie.” (Actually, I was saying “a 567-page lie,” because I was forgetting to count the four pages of the Preface.) In making this statement, one of my points has been that the entire Report is constructed in support of one big lie: that the official story about 9/11 is true.

·  Re-open 9/11 European Tour 2005 - LINK - Prominent September 11th Truth activists take to the road on a tour of European cities including Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, London and Manchester, starting on 19th May and concluding in Manchester on 4th June.

·  911 and the Precautionary Principle: Aircraft Parts as a Clue to their Identity - LINK - The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view. The hard evidence would have included hundreds of critical time-change aircraft items, plus security videotapes that were confiscated by the FBI immediately following each tragic episode.

·  Pentagon Plot - LINK - They say a Boeing 757 was never found at The Pentagon, that only one engine was found and that engine does not seem to match the engine from a 757, that airplane crashes leave wreckage, they mess up the ground -- Not at The Pentagon.

·  WTC 7 Smoke & Mirrors On 9/11 - LINK - Three days after 9/11, The Albuquerque Journal interviewed Demolition Scientist Van Romero.

·  Worldwide Christian, Muslim, Jewish Alliance Pray Every Friday At Noon For Truth To Be Revealed About 9/11 - LINK - While President Bush is praying against the "forces of evil," tens of thousands of people worldwide are praying every Friday at noon that our Texas gun-slinging President "come clean" about government complicity in 9/11.

·  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and 9/11 - LINK - Extensive excerpt from Everett 's absorbing psychohistorical analysis of movers and motives behind the 9/11 tragedy.

·  TED GUNDERSON AND THE FBI - PART 1 - PART 2 - In the FBI for 27 years, Gunderson retired as Special Agent-in-Charge with 700 agents under his command and a budget of $22.5 million. And then, as an independent investigator, he ran smack dab into the grotesque business the hidden FBI was involved in: blackmail, extortion, frame-up, cover up, MK-ULTRA, the Monarch Project. One case led to another: Dr. Jeffrey McDonald (see Failed Justice by Potter and Bost), The Franklin Cover-Up (see book by John DeCamp), and Johnny Gosch (is he Jeff Gannon?). Gunderson discusses the McMartin pre-school case, international child kidnapping, sex slavery, child auctions, satanism & the sale of body parts. Gunderson reviews FBI/CIA involvement in the Murrah Building bombing (included here: the actual sound of bombs exploding in the federal building) & Timothy McVeigh (who was visited in prison by CIA spook behaviorist psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West) as a mind-control victim. The former agent notes the FBI role in the 1993 WTC bombing, citing FBI operative Emad Ali Salem (who supplied the explosives, via the FBI). The former top level FBI man explores FBI involvement in 9-11 (the memos supplied by the still-imprisoned Michael Riconsciuto as well as the demoralizing impact on the concerned people still remaining in that organization (e.g., FBI agents Rowley, Wright and Frield) and how agents deal with cognitive dissonance & finally, Ted Gunderson’s insurance policy (2 parts).

·  NORAD's 9/11 press release is self-incriminating -and has now gone missing. - LINK - This press release reveals that something methodically emasculated our air defenses on 9/11, making them fail to follow standard operating procedure.
TVNL Comment: From 2004, but worth reviewing.

·  Codename Grillfire - LINK - I am United States Defense Department Intelligence Operative "Grillfire" aka US Government Federal Agent Timothy S. McNiven; in 1976 I took part in a Democratic - Republican Political Party US Congressional Commissioned Military Study to Improve US Air Travel Security while stationed on Strassberg Kasern in Idar-Oberstein,W.Germany assigned to C-Battery 2/81st FA, US Army 1975-76. The purpose of the Study was to Identify Security Lapses and Submit Corrective Actions to the US Congress; on September 11,2001 the Security Lapses that were used to carry out the Attacks were the same ones that were submitted to the US Congress for Correcting "25 Years" before.
TVNL Comment: Unconfirmed but very interesting!

·  'TERROR' BANKS TARGETED IN 9/11 SUIT - LINK - The family of the late FBI counterterrorism chief John O'Neill and others affected by 9/11 have filed new court papers accusing several Islamic banks, charitable groups and individuals with being part of a terror-racketeering conspiracy.

·  Three Big Stories Show U.S. Government Planned to Bring Down The Twin Towers Many Years Before 9/11 - LINK - Stories the government would like to forget, the mainstream media will never report and the 9/11 Commission ignored

·  Philadelphia Lawyer, Who Filed RICO Case Against Bush and Cronies, Embarks on European Speaking Tour to Spread Word About Government Complicity in 9/11 - LINK - Phil Berg says media has ignored his lawsuit but federal judge recently ruled against the government's motion to dismiss; However, case now transferred from Philly to New York federal court.

·  CBC 911 Video Secrets Revealed - LINK - Since the Boeing 767-200 airliner has no bulges on the underbody under the wings...and a conspiracy theory claims a 767 impacted the South Tower , many have speculated about the underwing bulges. - It is crystal clear that the Boeing 737 has bulges under the wings...
TVNL Comment: Very interesting!

·  Gagged, But Not Dead - LINK - In April 2004, after attorneys for a large group of 9/11 family members subpoenaed my deposition, the then Attorney General, John Ashcroft, made his next move: He invoked the state secrets privilege for the second time, and this time, he designated my place of birth, date of birth, my mother tongue, my father tongue, my university background, and my previous employments all State Secrets, Top Secret Classified, and matters of the highest level national security.

·  Two of the bin Laden Brothers Tell Unsuspecting American Couple in 1987 About U.S. Government's Plan to Topple the Twin Towers - LINK - Since then, they have been the target of CIA surveillance, interrogations and harassment in oder to keep their story quiet; Lawmakers and the 9/11 Commission have failed to assist or even listen listen

·  Major 911 Curiosity Completely Ignored By The Media - LINK - How could a building, especially the size of not just one, but two World Trade Towers, be so saturated with the obviously numerous and highly powerful explosive charges needed to bring them down via controlled demolition?

·  MULTI-MILLIONAIRE JIMMY WALTER LAUNCHES 911TRUTH EUROPEAN MEGA-TOUR MAY 19 TO JUNE 5 - LINK - There are two types of events associated with the tour-- Video Presentations and Panel Discussion/Forums. Some cities have multiple presentations, so read date and format infromation carefully to ensure you don't miss it.

·  Demand 911 Truth From Your State Rep In Congress! - LINK - There exists a vast amount of information available which overwhelmingly disputes the 911 Commission's explanation of that day's events, specifically data on how the WTC skyscrapers collapsed.

·  Suspect in Madrid trial denies 9/11 role - LINK - The accused financial mastermind of an alleged al-Qaida cell, suspected of helping to plot the September 11 attacks in the US, has said he never gave "a single peseta" for jihad.

·  DAVID RAY GRIFFIN : ALMOST PERFECT ABOUT 9/11! - LINK - We firmly believe that those people who fully believe the conclusions of the Kean Commission have never seen or heard any of the compelling evidence to the contrary. - These people never permit the complete picture to be painted for them. - They never allow themselves a chance to look at any of the information about 9/11 that has been revealed. They simply do not want to know that it exists.

·  Ex-FBI translator plans appeal to Supreme Court - LINK - Edmonds alleges there were security breaches, mismanagement and possible espionage within the FBI's translation service in late 2001 and early 2002.

·  Former German Minister Confirms CIA Involvement In 911 - LINK - Alex Jones Interviews Andreas Von Buelow

·  Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of ‘mistaken identity’ - LINK - THE capture of a supposed Al-Qaeda kingpin by Pakistani agents last week was hailed by President George W Bush as “a critical victory in the war on terror” - Yet the backslapping in Washington and Islamabad has astonished European terrorism experts, who point out that the Libyan was neither on the FBI’s most wanted list, nor on that of the State Department “rewards for justice” programme. - Another Libyan is on the FBI list — Anas al-Liby, who is wanted over the 1998 East African embassy bombings — and some believe the Americans may have initially confused the two

·  An Appeal from 9/11 - LINK - I need 7 minutes of your reading time. I hope you can spare these few moments, for what follows is the strongest strategy available to stop the many atrocities of the Bush administration and stop them all at once.

·  Odigo says workers were warned of attack - LINK - Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.

·  The 9/11 WTC Collapses: Questions the Media Won't Address - LINK - Courtesy of

·  9/11 Suspect Claims Pressure to Implicate - LINK - An accused Islamic militant who says he is simply a martial arts and physical education instructor burst into tears Wednesday as he denied belonging to a terrorist cell that allegedly helped plot the Sept. 11 attacks.

·  Sneak Preview - 911 Pentagon Tapes - LINK - FOIA actions against the FBI has the FBI claiming that the Virginia DOT tapes and the Citgo Station tapes were confiscated but not the Sheraton Hotel tapes. However, plaintiff Bingham interviewed Sheraton employees who verified the FBI confiscation of the hotel tapes.

·  Update on Pentagon Camera FOIA Lawsuit - LINK - UPDATED 5/3/5

·  Watch/Download David Ray Griffin's CSPAN Lecture on 911: A Must See - LINK - Save/copy it before it is pulled from the internet. Please forward this widely.

·  UK 9-11 Skeptics Pay Tony Blair A Visit - LINK - In an unprecedented move, 17,000 "Confronting The Evidence" DVDs were distributed to the voters of Sedgefield in an attempt to educate Blair's constituency about the 9-11 cover-up and to contribute towards efforts to unseat the Prime Minister.

·  Air Force Col. speaks out on Pentagon impact - LINK - "I didn't see any damage on the sides of that hole, anything that would say that an airplane that size could have gone through a 16 or 18 ft. hole."

·  Shareholder Proposal: Insurer to Investigate 9/11 - LINK - A proposal by a small shareholder to withhold approval from the Board of Directors for failure to investigate signs of insurance fraud on 9/11 has been published on the website of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurers, in preparation for its May 4th annual meeting.

·  Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report - LINK - The federal judge overseeing the prosecution of admitted al Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui has blocked an attempt by the Justice Department's inspector general to release a report on FBI missteps prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, according to a ruling unsealed yesterday. - Without explanation, U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema denied the request by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, who completed the report last July but since has been unable to get permission to provide an unclassified version of the document to the public.

·  Simple Math demonstrate that the Official 9/11 Account is a Fabrication - LINK - It can be demonstrated by two straightforward mathematical techniques that the official acccount on 9/11 is simply not true.

·  Another Lost Opportunity - LINK - A convicted terrorist was providing U.S. officials with very specific information about a terrorist attack three months before 9/11. - In the spring of 2001, one of the U.S. government’s most valuable terror informants gave the FBI a far more alarming account of Al Qaeda plans to attack inside the United States than has ever been publicly disclosed, according to newly available court documents.
TVNL Comment: This is an MSNBC Web Exclusive. How can they decide NOT to report this on their TV network? Can anyone tell me how this is not deception? Can anyone tell me how this is not shilling for Bush? Cam anyone tell me how this is not assisting in the cover up?

·  David Ray Griffin, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions - LINK - on C-SPAN Book - Saturday, April 30, 10:30 AM.

·  Al-Qaeda suspect 'had envoy's passport' - LINK - A Swiss-based businessman accused by the US Treasury of providing financial help to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda carried a Saudi diplomatic passport, according to copies of documents contained in a book published today in Paris.

·  Journalist Defends 9/11 Hit Piece On The Alex Jones Show - LINK - We feel that, unlike the Popular Mechanics hit piece, which was a carefully orchestrated government operation with clear links to Homeland Security, Sanders is just ignorant and his article betrays journalistic lethargy. We don't think Mr. Sanders is necessarily evil, just deluded. - Sanders clearly knew nothing about 9/11 and labelled every piece of evidence Alex raised as 'yet another coincidence'. Mr. Sanders is clearly a coincidence theorist.

·  Evidence Destruction - LINK - A pattern of systematic destruction and disappearance of evidence runs throughout the official response to the 9/11/01 attack. All of the crime scenes were mopped up with systematic efficiency, while farce investigations provided cover.

·  Campaign coffers profit from 911, coke and courts - LINK - FBI linguist won’t deny intelligence intercepts tied 911 drug money to U.S. election campaigns

·  Close-Up of WTC-7 Collapse Footage Shows Unmistakable Demolition Charges - LINK - Looking at the upper right-hand corner of the building we see a rapid series of small explosions travelling upward just as the building itself begins to fall. The size, placement and timing of these "puffs" is very consistent with squibs from cutting charges of the type used in professional controlled demolitions, and in fact nothing but small explosive charges could create such an appearance.

·  911 and the Precautionary Principle: Aircraft Parts as a Clue to their Identity - LINK - The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view.

·  WHY AMERICANS REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE 9/11 EVIDENCE!!! - LINK - The attacks of 9/11 were so unthinkable that most Americans would refuse to believe the complicity of their own government, even if presented with a mountain of evidence. - Very simply, it is possible to escape blame if you do something that nobody in the world believes you could do.

·  Former RNC Insider And Bush Strategist Says He Has 9/11 'Smoking Gun,' Proving Government Complicity - LINK - A former Republican Party insider turned Bush basher thinks he has "stumbled across" what may be the "smoking gun," proving the U.S. government’s official story about the WTC attacks is an "unequivocal lie."

·  The Rest Of The 911 Street Engine Story - LINK - In the Rense article, Is Popular Mechanics Hiding 911 NYC Engine In Street Photo?, the street engine was identified as a CFM56, the sole powerplant of the Boeing 737 after the 737-200 series. HOWEVER, UA175 that was alleged to have crashed into the South Tower was a Boeing 767-200.

·  FBI PROTECTS OSAMA BIN LADEN’S “RIGHT TO PRIVACY” IN DOCUMENT RELEASE - LINK - Judicial Watch Investigation Uncovers FBI Documents Concerning Bin Laden Family and Post-9/11 Flights
TVNL Comment: The Patriot Act was only meant to eliminate the rights of Americans, not the PNAC CIA assets.

·  9/11 - ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED! - LINK - Some things are so disturbing that they are almost impossible to believe. That is why, in the 9/11 enigma, less is more. - Until these questions are answered there is no need to establish more doubt. What we have here is solid undisputed evidence that we were never told the truth.