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    Hijackers of 911
    How it might have gone down
    by Stewart Ogilby

    A plot developed among a group of Muslims, possibly as far back as 1994. These were followers of Osama bin Laden, young Arab men intent upon preserving and restoring fundamenalist Islamic society throughout the Arab world by any means necessary. We will call this initial group "plotters".

    The plotters viewed leading Saudis as hypocritical, especially with regard to their relationship with the US, the latter viewed as arch enemy of Islam by virtue of Western life-styles and support of Israel.

    These men, dedicated to their cause, possessed more enthusiasm than experience for carrying out a sophisticated terrorist attack in the US for which Saudi Arabs would be blamed, resulting in a schism between the two countries. In the ensuring turmoil they planned the overthrow of the Saudi Royal Family, a long-standing objective of Osama bin Laden, and installation of a fundamentalist Taliban government.

    The plotters' first step was to establish false identities consisting of suitable young Saudis (15), UAE (2), Egypt (1) and Lebanon (1) nationals. During this phase of their operation the plotters were discovered and infiltrated by state intelligence operatives of Germany, Israel, and the US. Sharing information, these state agencies began to monitor the idealistic young plotters, aware of probable terrorist activities.

    Elements of The US government's CIA and FBI, and neocons, whose Project for a New American Century necessitated a "catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor", understood public-opinion advantages that a domestic attack could create to enable their achieving ambitious geopolitical ends both domestically and internationally. We will refer to these as "rogue" in contrast to their conventional colleagues.

    The Israeli government, through its Mossad, working with rogue CIA and FBI elements saw an opportunity to turn US public opinion strongly against their traditional Arabic enemies. The Mossad, whose motto is "For by deception thou shalt make war...", together with top Israeli politicians and dual-nationality Israelis in top US government positions, confident that Zionists controlling US mainline media would cooperate, began working with their US intelligence contacts, giving separate and frequently conflicting intelligence briefings to both rogue and conventional contacts.

    Mossad operatives infiltrated and monitored the plotters. Israelis in the US, using cover as art students, movers, kiosk venders, etc., gave assistance to the relatively unsophisticated plotters, including large financial backing through laundered sources. The Mossad duplicated and even triplicated, as in the case of Mohamed Atta, identities assumed by plotters.

    The plot involving using commercial airliners to attack symbolic targets was generated. It became apparent that unreliability inherent in the human factor rendered the success of such an ambitious plan problematical. The goals of attack and destruction, and the identification of Saudi perpetrators could be achieved, the plotters were persuaded, by letting sophisticated state intelligence resources go to work on the problem.

    The job of the plotters, and particularly, of their doubles, was to follow directions and to make such a splash of themselves that persons whose identities had been used would be blamed for the terrorist attack. That as many as half of the original identities would turn up alive and well was unexpected. The amateurish Arab plotters had simply failed to properly cover this contingency. The true planners may have felt that, by creating major confusion using duplicate and triplicate identities, such a problem would simply merge with so many others that their cleverly designed scheme would not be exposed anyway.

    Arabs designated to board planes were to be picked from voluntary suicide plotters and from voluntary duplicates, some of whom were brought into the country shortly before the event specifically for that purpose. Some of these suicide terrorists, unable to speak English, carrying one-way tickets, and lacking plausable motives for travel, were actually refused entry to the US. Sophisticated technology employed aboard the aircraft as well as with NORAD and airline flight controllers, and its application, was not divulged to either plotters or duplicates. It many not have been divulged to US intelligence either, but only to one or a few very top US politicians needed to oversee the operation. The end result was what really mattered.

    Who was on those planes? What happened aboard the planes and in the skies? Which planes impacted? This confusion was as well orchestrated through years of planning as that of the identities of the terrorists. We may never know what really happened, although we have enough to discredit the immediate and simplistic official story of 911, particularly with regard to destruction of the targets and the provenance of the World Trade Center itself.

    The actions of US presidents and government regarding a responsible independent investigation of 911 reflect what police detectives refer to as a suspect's "guilty behavior". Truth seekers of 911 are growing in number and are not going to go away. It will be interesting to watch as plausable theories are proposed following forthcoming discoveries of documented and verifiable 911 evidence.
    Stewart Ogilby is a Florida retiree. He produces and edits two websites: The Big Eye at www.bigeye.com and NewsWatch at www.newswatch.org
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