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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11 Commission Members Have Major Oil Connections

By: Karl Schwarz

To fully understand 9-11 you have to follow the money and understand the human weakness of greed.  Money is not necessarily power, it is a demonstrated weakness in many humans and we have way too many in our government, major corporations and Wall Street that cannot think in terms of enough is enough.  


You also have to fully understand that the problem is on both sides of the aisle in DC for there are Republican Neocons and Democrat Neocons and they are all after the same things – money and power.


The Bible warns that the love of money is the root of all evil, and we have way too many punch-happy capitalists that prove the truth of that every day of their lives.  I call them Financial Terrorists, which is by the way a far more accurate description of their objectives, actions and end results.  Additionally, Financial Terrorism is the root cause of just about every form of terrorism there is for they deny hope, ruin lives, force people into corners and never give them a way out of hardships.


You can ask some of them how many billions, or tens of billions or hundreds of billions is enough, and they simply cannot give you a straight answer.  They cannot make that moral connection between their ears and let the words of truth flow out of their mouths.


If you saw the video “9-11, Confronting the Evidence” and my part of that, I mentioned some of the 9-11 Commissioners that had so many conflicts of interests that they should not only have not been sitting on that commission, they should not have even been considered to be on the commission.  That is, if truth were the objective.  That is, if unraveling 9-11 and bringing the true guilty parties to justice was the objective.


About two weeks before the 9-11 Commission wrapped up their faux investigation and handed the matter over to the White House and Congress, Schlumberger made their first quarterly report and admitted to record profits due to their activities in the Caspian Basin.  Prior to that, they hemmed and hawed about corporate performance but just before the 9-11 Commission investigation, if you can call it that, was completed they admitted to being involved in the Caspian and doing quite well.


That quarterly report is problematic because Democrat 9-11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick sits on the board of Schlumberger and they are directly benefiting from 9-11 and the events that led the US to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.  In addition to being on the 9-11 Commission and the board of Schlumberger, Ms. Gorelick was also General Counsel for the Department of Defense under Defense Secretary William Cohen – a Neocon – during the time that the Clinton – Gore Administration commissioned the 20 year war plan, initiated the CIA renditions, and laid out the groundwork for the Patriot Act.


What else could Bush have on her to hold over her head?  She was on the board of Freddie Mac and SEC was investigating it for a $9 billion scam.


The facts speak for themselves and so does the chronology and motives.  By taking over the Caspian Basin, a $12 + trillion reserve of oil and around $4 trillion in natural gas there are huge financial motives for some to never prove who did 9-11.


The reason I brought up Jamie Gorelick first is because of this recent 4th Quarter statement from Schlumberger, the company on which she sits on the Board of Directors.



Schlumberger Q4 earnings double



Friday January 20, 7:03 AM EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Schlumberger Ltd. (SLB), the world's largest oilfield services company, on Friday said fourth-quarter profit doubled, beating the most optimistic Wall Street estimates, as customers continued to spend heavily to boost oil and gas output.

The company also said revenue in 2006 should increase more than Wall Street was expecting.

Net income rose to $660.6 million, or $1.08 per share, from $329.8 million, or 55 cents per share, a year earlier.

Earnings from continuing operations before items were $1.05 per share. Analysts on average were expecting 96 cents, with a high forecast of $1.01, according to Reuters Estimates.

Operating revenue rose to $4.02 billion from $3.07 billion.

Profits at oilfield services companies have surged in the past 18 months as high energy prices have prompted oil and gas producers to spend heavily on services to increase their output.

The company said it saw more quarter-over-quarter growth in the Eastern Hemisphere than it did in the United States for the second quarter in a row, a sign of increased activity and stronger pricing there.

But Schlumberger said the global offshore rig market would remain constrained in 2006, with any rig count increases limited to onshore exploration.

Yet the company said it expected its 2006 top-line growth to be similar to what it saw in 2005. Revenue increased about 25 percent last year over 2004, and analysts were expecting an increase of about 18 percent for 2006.

The company's shares, which reached a lifetime high on Thursday, gained 16 percent during the fourth quarter, outpacing the 3.5 percent rise in the Philadelphia Oil Service Index .

©2005 Reuters Limited.


Then there is Democrat 9-11 Commission member Richard Ben Veniste.  His law firm is the one that kept Bridas Corporation tied up at the 3rd Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals [Case Number 02-20929, decided September 9, 2003]and US Supreme Court [Case number 03-1018, writ of certiorari denied, March 22, 2004] while he was sitting on that commission pretending to be searching for the truth.  


1.                  Firm shared an office in Uzbekistan with Enron, during the period of time that Enron was fleecing over $60 billion from unsuspecting investors; and

2.                  Firm has an expertise even stated on their own website about Special Purpose Entities, or SPEs, the exact vehicle that Andy Fastow and Enron used to bilk so many investors out of so many billions; and

3.                  Firm has positioned itself in the Caspian Basin to make billions in fees from oil, gas and energy deals alone in the three main Caspian Basin countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan; and

4.                  Firm worked overtime to keep Bridas Corporation tied up in court from about 1998 to 2003 at 3rd District US Court of Appeals and then represented Turkmenneft in the appeal to the US Supreme Court that was denied; and

5.                  Firm has billions in future Caspian Basin income as motive to not care an iota about 9-11 truth and who did it.


What else could Bush have held over Mr. Ben Veniste’s head?  In a nutshell, Enron wrongdoing by his law firm.


Then we have Democrat 9-11 Commission member Tim Roemer who has taken money for his former political career from just about every major firm that is benefiting from Bush GWOT policy.  


Firms such as:


1.                  the Carlyle Group; and

2.                  Chevron Texaco; and

3.                  Van Scoyoc & Associates that lobbies for many of the major oil and defense contractors and even hired a former Bush appointee to the Pentagon in Defense Department procurement; and

4.                  Citigroup; and

5.                  many others


Then we have Democrat 9-11 Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton, Director of The Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.


The Wealthy Elite that finance the Woodrow Wilson Center are also trying to dominate and direct the course of nanotechnology for the benefit of their Wealthy Elite backers.  In many instances, the persons and companies behind the scare tactic reports {the nanotech boogeyman that must be regulated by our less than honorable US government] are the same ones that are at the same time trying to dominate nanotechnology in the coming years.  Our company, Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC, is not buying it nor are most of the foreign nations that have no intentions of playing second fiddle to the United States in a new science.  The goals of such people are somewhat akin to the United States claiming sole rights to music, physics, chemistry, math, etc.  In a word, their goals are ludicrous, and the word desperate fits too.


I have been asked by many why we are putting our plants outside of the United States for now.  Simply stated; efforts such as the Woodrow Wilson Center to glean information so their Wealthy Elite buddies can control it.  I was born, but not yesterday.


Kissinger is intimately involved with the Wilson Center as are many of the Wealthy Elite that are behind such policies as we see out of Bush Co.  Oh, before I forget – Lee Hamilton was part of the Congress intelligence committees during the period of time that Clinton – Gore launched the Patriot Act, 20 Year War Plan and CIA renditions.


U.S. Congress, Ninth District, Indiana
January 1965 - January 1999

Chairman, Ranking Member, and Member, Committee on International Relations; Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Member, Joint Economic Committee; Chairman and Member, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Chairman, Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress; Chairman, October Surprise Task Force; Chairman, Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran; Member, House Standards of Official Conduct Committee; Member, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council; Vice-Chairman, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States; Co-chairman, Independent Task Force on Immigration and America's Future; Commissioner, Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform;
Member, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board


Then there is Republican 9-11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean, also a board member of the Amerada Hess oil company.  That company is directly involved with Saudi owned Delta Petroleum and was actively seeking the pipeline that we took over in 2001 in the attack on Afghanistan.


Then we have Republican Fred Fielding, former member of the Bush transition team during 2000 and 2001 during the hand off of all Patriot Act, 20 Year War Plan and CIA renditions from Clinton – Gore to Bush – Cheney.  Fast Freddie also serves on a board with Diane Allbaugh, wife of former Bush Cheney 2000 campaign manager and former FEMA direction Joe Allbaugh.  Mr. Allbaugh left about three weeks before the Iraq invasion to set up Newbridge Strategies, LLC, a consultant and lobbyist for companies wanting in on the Really Big Bucks Show in the rebuilding of Iraq and takeover of the natural resources of that sovereign nation with an illegal war.


Next we have Republican James Thompson, former Republican governor of Illinois.  He was during the 9-11 Commission matters chairman of the powerful law firm and DC lobbyist Winston Strawn and a member of the Board of Directors of FMC.  That company just happens to have an oil and gas equipment subsidiary that is doing quite well due to Bush GWOT policy and the takeover of the Caspian Basin.  Many of the powers that be that are profiting from Bush GWOT policy are directly benefiting for that policy and the diligent lobbying efforts of Winston Strawn.  Senator Reid of Nevada was after Winston Strawn for fraud on the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage site and some apparent wrong doing there that went away.


And finally, Republican John F. Lehman, president and CEO of J. F Lehman & Company, whose partners include former Boeing, Lockheed and other Big Defense related companies.  During our research we learned that the Lehman Company tried to takeover MDA [MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates] in Canada.  That firm developed the War Games software that was being run the morning of 9-11 that was in part responsible for NORAD not seeing the attack for what it was.  Lehman was the former Secretary of the Navy and his buddies over at Lockheed, Northrop Grumann, Boeing and United Technologies are just loving the huge amounts of cash flow coming in due to U.S. war policies.  Make sure you read tomorrow’s email update for it will drive this point home from you.


Any way you cut it, Bush stacked the deck and appointed an 8-2 majority that is highly motivated [bribed might be a better word] to suppress the truth and play along with a complete and total 9-11 cover up.


By the way, this is all in One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas but we are making it available to those that have not seen the PowerPoint or read the book.


Was 9-11 an inside job?  Yes, and you can bet all you have on that.  Odds are better than buying stock from any of the Wall Street firms.


Was the 9-11 Commission a cover up?  In my opinion, yes it was.  All of the above information says these 8 people had no reason to seek the truth lest they hurt their own companies or those they sit on the board of or represent or are dependent on for major contributions.


Such is our government and the sleazy people that think they own it.


How much Caspian Basin oil as a motive?  Over $12 trillion and climbing with each terror alert and manipulation of the market.


How much Caspian Basin natural gas as a motive?  Over $3.5 trillion and climbing with each terror alert and manipulation of the market.


In short and in summation, the biggest motive in the history of humans on this planet.  For want of a pipeline, all of that oil was useless so they fabricated a reason to go take over the pipeline.  The energy companies had already invested billions and did not have a way to turn that into cash flow, until they took over that pipeline.


Bear in mind that these are the same 9-11 Commission members that keep holding press conferences and urging Bush and Congress to implement their proposals, to finish the cover up.


Best regards,