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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Three Part 9-11 Talk by Joe, the Webmaster


The following titles are links to three talks given by Joe,

the Webmaster, summarizing some of the most important

facts that clearly do not support the "Official Conspiracy Theory"

but do clearly support the "Conspiracy Theory" that the Bush

administration planned and orchestrated 9/11.



1. 12 Minute Introductory 9-11 Talk by Joe, Webmaster.

Joe talks about the Political Landscape and Circumstances

Leading Up to the Bush Administration's "False Flag" Attack

on Our Country on 9-11-2001.


2. 15 Minute Talk about the Attacks on the World Trade Center

Joe talks about the evidence that clearly supports the "Conspiracy

Theory" that the World Trade Center Towers and World Trade

Center 7 Building were destroyed by controlled demolitions.


3. 15 Minute Talk about the Attack on the Pentagon

Joe talks about the attack on the Pentagon and that the evidence

does not support that the Pentagon was struck by a Boeing 767.