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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11 on Trial Cracks Mainstream Media! 

by Victor  Thorn                                                             

On Thursday, March 10,  2005, 9-11 truth finally made a  breakthrough into
the mainstream media when a State College,  Pennsylvania newspaper - The Centre
Daily Times - owned by  Knight-Ridder (the third largest newspaper chain in
the United States)  published a 650-word Op-Ed article by Victor Thorn. This
publication, with a  daily circulation of approximately 30,000 readers, allowed
Thorn to discuss  his latest book, 9-11 on Trial, which lays out a solid, 
thoroughly-researched case that the government’s official story regarding  how
the WTC towers collapsed could not possibly be true. This article appears 
below - please disseminate far-and-wide! (Lisa Guliani)

-----  Victor Thorn article -----

What if you  discovered that the government official explanation for the
World Trade Center collapse on the morning of 9-11 was not exactly true? In
addition, what if their official version of events could be disproven
solely on the basis of physics, mathematical equations, scientific formulas,
physical evidence, and expert testimony “without the use of a single
conspiracy theory? Would your perspective on 9-11 be dramatically altered?

This is precisely what is illustrated in 9-11 on Trial, a book that shreds
the  government official story “ and credibility “ beyond repair. Did you
know, for instance, that never before in the history of the world has a steel 
building collapsed due to fire? Yet on 9-11, three of them did just that in 
seven hours “ with WTC 7 not even being hit by an airliner.

Furthermore, it  takes a temperature of 2,795 degrees to melt construction
grade steel, yet the  highest temperature jet fuel can reach is 1,517 degrees.
Plus, all the jet fuel burned off within two minutes of the towers being
struck, while two  independent studies proved that the fires within each tower
never rose above  500-600 degrees. In fact, FEMA revealed in their final report
that, The heat produced by burning jet fuel does not by itself appear to have
been sufficient to initiate the structural collapse.

Also, the WTC towers were designed to withstand the impact from a Boeing 707
(similar to a  Boeing 767), and each floor was designed to hold 2,600,000
pounds beyond its  own weight. Likewise, the steel used in these structures was
rated to hold five-times its normal load. MIT professor Thomas Eager admitted
as much when declaring,The impact of the airplanes would have been
insignificant in toppling the towers.

Also, how do we explain the pools of molten steel which were found bubbling
70 feet beneath the towers five weeks after 9-11? Incidentally, a temperature
of 5,182 degrees is needed to transform steel into a liquefied state. Do you
think fires that FEMA admitted would have burned at, or below, temperatures
typical in office fires could have produced such extremes? Even NYFD
audiotapes of firefighters who reached the South tower at impact point reveal that
they judged the blazes to be manageable and were easily extinguishable in
less than an hour.

Even more interesting is the South Tower . Even though it experienced a less
forceful hit than the North Tower and had smaller fires, it fell in only half
the time of its counterpart (56 minutes). It takes five-times that long to
cook a turkey!  Plus, the South Tower ’s cap, which initially tipped 23 degrees
past vertical, suddenly reversed direction, then dropped vertically, defying
Newton ’s First Law of Motion.

Most incriminating, though, is the resistance-free speed (a mere 10 seconds)
at which the towers collapsed. To put this matter into perspective, if you
were standing atop the WTC towers, and at the precise moment when they began
to fall you dropped a football over the side, you and the football would have
hit the ground at nearly the exact same moment. In other words, 200,000 tons
of steel, 425,000 cubic yards of concrete, and all the walls, desks and
floors provided no resistance whatsoever. Not only does such a collapse defy 
Galileo’s Law of Falling Bodies, it is physically impossible unless all 
resistance was removed via a controlled demolition.

Of course there is more (seismographic data, the ridiculous pancake &
truss-bolt theories, and the complete vaporization of nearly all the concrete into a
fine microscopic dust), but I will close with this question: considering that
9-11 was the most traumatic event of the 21st century, if there was even a
one-percent chance that the government’s official story was false, shouldn’t
we do everything humanly possible to discover what the truth ultimately is? 
Because, if the search for truth and justice doesn’t it matter to us in regard to
9-11, what does?